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Saphira quietly built a sandcastle in the park. She was almost done when Fred Artchers climbed inside the sandbox. "Oy midget! Say goodbye to your sandcastruin!" Fred taunted as he stomped on Saphira's sandcastle. Saphira gave a low growl as she stood up. "Hey! Leave her alone!" a voice shouted. It was a girl named Lucy and she was one of Saphira's friends.

"Why should I?" Fred taunted as Lucy caught up. "Because…" Saphira started slowly. "I shall call upon giants to stomp on you. You may not know it, but I have magic powers." Saphira replied as she bent down a bit to get a handful of red ants which, conveniently, were eating behind her. She winced a bit because they bit her hand as she straightened herself up.

"Hah! You can't do more magic than a cockroach! Prove it!" Fred exclaimed. Saphira rose up the hand with ants, opened it, and blew the ants all over on Fred. "AAAAHHH! THEY'RE EATING ME!" Fred shouted as her ran out of the sandbox. "Thanks Lucy." Saphira said. "No, you did all the work. Don't you think you have been too hard on him?" Lucy asked.

"Yes… But still, he shouldn't destroy other people's sandcastles." Saphira replied. "Hey, would you like to come over for dinner?" Lucy asked. "Sorry. My father is taking me to my cousins' house." Saphira replied. "Oh well. Maybe you can come the day after that." Lucy said. Later… "Kids, your uncle, Professor Kirke is coming to visit with his daughter." Mrs. Pevensie said.

"Daughter?" Peter asked. "Yes, she has been away when you four visited." Mrs. Pevensie replied. "So the Macreedy was lying when she said that there were no children living in the house." Lucy whispered. "Mansion." Edmund corrected. Soon… Ding dong! "Hi Professor! Welcome to our-" Lucy said as she opened the door and she stopped. In front of her was her uncle, Professor Kirke, and beside him was Saphira.

"Oh! Lucy, what are you doing here?" Saphira asked, surprised. "I live here!" Lucy laughed. The Professor smiled humorously. Soon… "That was a nice dinner." Saphira said. "You don't care much about the vegetables do you?" Susan asked. "Sadly, no." Saphira replied. The all went to Lucy's room to discuss about Saphira being Professor Kirke's daughter.

And… "Actually, I'm not really his daughter. You see, the Professor found me outside his mansion, looking as I would have fainted. He asked me my name and I was only able to say 'Saphira' then I fainted. When I woke up, I forgot what happened in my past. I was dressed up in rags and the only thing else I had was a small yellow stone in my hand. After that, the Professor adopted me." Saphira explained as she showed the four children the stone.

Suddenly, there was a flash and everything disappeared.

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