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"I guess we'll have to leave soon to rescue Susan." Saphira said as she placed her head down and faced the others. "Yes. We need to go immediately." Lucy said as she stood up. "Wait a second, Lu. Remember, we still need supplies. We don't want to starve on the journey." Peter reminded. Lucy frowned and sat down again. "But we need to hurry. Susan must be terrified by now!"

Meanwhile, the crows have locked Susan up in a cell in a very dark cave. The crows placed a tray in the cell with only lumpy porridge and bitter wine to make sure their hostage won't starve. "These kinds of crows seem too smart. The crows we found years ago were brainless and now, these kinds know how to make porridge…" Susan muttered as the crows dumped her in the cell.

"Even though, they're horrible cooks." Susan said after a while, disgusted as she tasted the porridge. "Hello? Is anyone there who can hear me?" a voice asked from a cellar next door. "Yes. Who are you?" Susan asked. "My name's Sara. I'm a…" the voice trailed off. "What are you?" Susan repeated. "I'm also a crow." the voice sighed. "WHAT!" Susan practically shouted.

"Then why are you locked up?" Susan asked after five minutes of calming down. "I helped a dwarf." Sara replied. "What!" Susan asked, trying to hold back her laughter. "Look around. There are lots more prisoners. You might even be able to recognize some of them." Sara said. Susan decided to obey the voice and took a peek through her cell bars. She gasped when she saw how many were locked up.

She saw nymphs, fauns, centaurs, dwarves and many more. She also saw the lion that Edmund drew spectacles and a mustache on. The all looked very sad in their cells. "How long have you been here?" Susan asked. "A year, I think. We never get to see the daytime, except the times they dump a prisoner in here. It's horrible." Sara replied. "Are they going to set you free?" Susan asked. There was a pause.

"You ask a lot of questions, don't you?" Sara asked. Meanwhile, the three children and the lioness finished packing up and were starting on their journey. "Lets see… We'd better start off to Elderadel. It's a town about five miles away." Peter said as he read a map a friend of theirs gave them before they left. "Five miles? That's a long way!" Edmund exclaimed. "But it's the nearest town.

We have no choice. That's the only route to- hey, where did you say the crow flew off to?" Peter asked. "I think it flew to the Mortain Mountains." Lucy said. "I think so too." Saphira agreed. "Alright. So… Whoa, the mountain is TWO HUNDRED miles away." Peter said, shocked as he rechecked the map. "In Narnian miles or in Earth miles?" Saphira asked.

"Narnian miles. And that's twice as long as Earth miles!" Peter groaned. "So… The town will be about ten miles for us." Lucy said. "Isn't it wonderful to have a lioness as a friend?" Saphira asked cheerfully then she turned to her lioness form. "Huh?" Edmund asked, confused. "Can the three of you get on so we can rescue your sister sooner!" Saphira exclaimed.

The three Pevensies glanced at each other then obeyed. And soon, they were whizzing past rivers, forests, and all things left a blur. "I can't believe you can carry all three of us." Peter said as he hung on to Edmund. The formation was like this, Lucy first, Edmund second, and Peter last. "I can see the town already! But it's really far. You can see anything on such a flat plain like this!" Saphira exclaimed.

"Edmund, open your eyes! You must have already gotten used to things like this when you rode with the Witch!" Lucy exclaimed. "I did. But I'm not used to riding a lioness who likes jumping around a lot." Edmund replied with his eyes shut tight. "Oh. Sorry." Saphira said then she avoided jumping around too much. Meanwhile, Susan was enjoying talking to her new friend.

"Oh! I forgot to ask you your name! What is it?" Sara asked. "M-My name? Err... My name's Susan." Susan replied, hoping that it wouldn't offend her new friend. "Oh! Were you named after Queen Susan the Gentle? She disappeared a few years ago." Sara said. "I am Queen Susan the Gentle!" Susan exclaimed. Sara chuckled. "Nice joke. But it would be impossible for Queen Susan to end up here!" Sara exclaimed.

"Impossible? Why?" Susan asked, grinning. "Well… Uhm… It's impossible because… Because…" Sara stuttered then she paused. "This place is too unfit for a queen?" Susan asked. "Yes! Yes, that's it!" Sara exclaimed triumphantly. Susan shook her head, smiling. "Sara, I assure you, even a queen can stay locked up in a cell." Susan said. "Can a queen talk to one of the kinds who have kidnapped her?" Sara asked.

Susan kept her mouth shut. Can a queen talk to one of the kinds who have kidnapped her? Meanwhile, the five children arrived at the town called Elderadel. Saphira changed to her human form so she wouldn't scare any of the town's citizens. They noticed that the townspeople had no respect for where they live. The houses were filthy, there were wilted plants everywhere, and Edmund was sure he smelled horse dung under their shoes.

"Wow, the people here are so impolite." Lucy said. "I agr- Hey!" Saphira exclaimed when one of the townspeople accidentally bumped her shoulder when he passed. The person- in Narnian case, centaur, said only, "Oh sorry! I didn't see you there!" but kept walking, not paying anymore attention to Saphira. "I heard the sarcasm." Edmund said. "Me too. Let's not spend a minute longer here and keep going." Peter said.

His companions agreed and kept walking. But the path was getting rougher and rougher. Citizens of the town were fighting everywhere they looked. "Yikes, I don't think we can go out of this town without breaking your head." Lucy said as she dodged a broken flower pot that was heading straight for her head. "Yes, I can't see the exit either." Peter said. "I hope there's a chance that we'll make it out of here alive." Edmund said when he saw a raven picking up a dwarf and dropping him in a lake.

"I think I see the exit. Come on, follow me." Saphira said. Meanwhile, at Mortain Mountains, Susan was still trying to argue with Sara that she was Queen Susan. "It's no use." Susan sighed then she looked around. There was only a small window at the corner of the cell. Susan walked over to it and looked out. "Wouldn't people be suspicious to see a window at a side of a mountain?" Susan asked.

"Mountain? This used to be a castle! But the citizens fled because of us. We've been living here ever since. But since the crows never took care of this castle, it soon became a mountain with a secret castle in it." Sara said. "Oh." Susan said as she watched unsuspecting town villagers happily do their daily chores. "How come there is a town here?" Susan asked.

"The crows never do come out often. And the villagers don't see the crows come out because the crows fly out the other side of the mountain." Sara replied. Suddenly, Susan had an idea. She turned around and looked around her cell. She saw a rope next to a skeleton of a dwarf. Susan didn't want to think of what the dwarf wanted to do with the rope and she just quickly got it.

She then looked at the size of the window and saw she could fit through it, only barely though. "Hey Sara, do the villagers know about the kings and queens too?" Susan asked. "Do dryads shed their leaves in winter? Of course! How do you think the villagers know the White Witch is gone?" Sara asked. Meanwhile, the three Pevensies and Saphira managed to get out of Elseradel, with only a few cuts and bruises.

"I'm glad we managed to survive through there. Shall we rest? I'm exhausted." Saphira suggested. The others agreed then they walked to find a good resting spot. Soon, they did find one. It was beside a lake with a groove of trees. "I wonder what Susan's doing right now." Lucy said as she and her companions sat down. "I don't know. But I hope she's okay." Edmund said. "Me too." Peter agreed. "Me three." Lucy said. "And me." Saphira said.

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