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-blah- is song lyrics


-Dancing bears,

Painted wings,

Things I almost remember,-

He lifted his ax and swung again. More trees flew

apart under his blade. He could stop now. He leaned

his ax against the tree and wiped his forhead. It was

hard work but he enjoyed it. It kept his mind off

of..other things. But sometime unbidden they would

float to memory. He suddenly remember eyes like red

jewls and a speed like no other. He shut his eyes

against the memory,but in vain. "Hiei" He whisperd.

-And a song someone sings

Once upon a December.-

He lay in the tree. Despite the fact that he was the

heir to a territory he still preferred the branches of

trees to the rooms of the manor. Espiually on breezy

days and nights, he had always loved the wind

whisleing through the trees. It was almost like a

lullabye. But tonight he found little consolence in

the lullabye. He had heard of a newcomer that had been

working in the woods for the past 2 weeks in this

territory. Tall with blue hair and eyes and a mark on

his forehead that ran down the sides of his nose to

his cheecks. He carried an axe. "Bui" he murmerd to

noone in particular,everytime he thought of him an odd

feeling rushed thorugh him. warm and foregin,yet so


-Someone holds me safe and warm.

Horses prance through a silver storm.

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory...-

He could still remember the fight at the dark

tournament. It had been so exzilrating. Bui had come

at him with everything and yet he had been. He thought

of the smaller man's red eyes and spiked hair, how

many times had he dreamed of running his fingers

through it?. He bit his lip and picked up his axe. It

would never happen, hiei was a lord, he deserved

someone better.

But why couldn't he stop thinking about him?

-Far away, long ago,

Glowing dim as an ember,

Things my heart

Used to know,

Things it yearns to remember...-

Hiei looked at the stars remembering the dark

tournament. It seemed so long ago and yet it was so

fresh in his mind. He sighed as he remember bui's plea

to die and his own cold reaction. He hadn't wanted to

face the truth. He couldn't kill him, he had to

supress a shudder at he thought of running his sword

through the man's heart.

Just like a part of him didn't want to face the fact

that he wanted to see him agian.

-And a song

Someone sings-

As a shooting star fell across the night sky, both men

saw it and made a wish.

-Once upon a December-

A wish to see the man who haunted his mind...and


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