The White Fang

"Obito... you sacrificed your life for me, me, the guy who always used to push you around, call you a crybaby... you sacrificed your entire life for me, the future you might have had with Rin, all the missions you could have had, and you gave it all up.

"For me.

"But why? Was I really worth it all Obito? Really, deep down inside, was I worth everything that you lost? Even if I'm not, I'm still trying my hardest, I really am... and I still remember... it doesn't matter if I'm called 'trash', my companions are worth more... than anything in the world. Anything.

"Right, Obito?

"Rin... she's long since gone her seperate way... I hope she's alright, but I have other things to do now, another set of comrades, my own students, I suppose. But now... now there's someone different, and I hope you won't be angry but... well, you probably knew already anyway.

"Speak of the devil, here she is now. I guess I'll talk to you later, Obito."

Kakashi turned his head slowly, not quite completely out of his somber mood, this feeling he always got when he was visiting the memorial of heroes and reading Obito's name over and over again. Obito Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, reading it so many times that if sight were abrasive Obito's name would be rubbed off of it, which was another reason Kakashi was glad eyes weren't abrasive. His good eye, his right, widened just a bit, then sank back into its usual laziness and he felt a flutter in his heart, just a small one, and a lump rise in his throat that wasn't so small.

"Ah... Ketari... um... you're looking... nice... today," he said, rather lamely, and he inwardly kicked himself. Nice? What the heck was he thinking? She smiled at him and blushed a little, little pink spots coloring her cheeks, and Kakashi felt heat rise to his face. Come on, come on, say something... anything! Anything that's not stupid... "So... what are you doing here?"

"Visiting Obito... same as usual, Kakashi. Like you. You come every day, don't you?" She asked, crossing over to stand next to him and kneeling down to lay flowers in front of the memorial. Daffodils and sakura... Obito's favorites. Kakashi fiddled with his headband nervously. "Ketari... how've you been?"

"I've been okay... I guess," she murmured, and her blue eyes seemed to glisten for a moment, but then they were clear again. So quickly was the change that Kakashi started to doubt if it had happened in the first place. She ran her hands through her long dark hair, still looking at the memorial. "It's been hard without Obito... and... well... I'm getting better at medicinal jutsu, that's for sure... maybe I could help you one day, Kakashi, when I get better."

"Sure... that would be... great!" Kakashi felt his resolve beginning to weaken as more heat sped to his face, and he hoped his face was covered enough that she wouldn't notice. "Ketari... are you busy, say... tomorrow?" She looked up at him innocently.

"I don't think so... why?"

"Uhm... I was wondering if maybe you'd-"

At this point, Naruto fell onto Sakura's head. Inner Sakura cursed loudly and Sakura whacked Naruto over his head.

"Good job, Naruto, I just missed what Kakashi-Sensei was about to say!"

"Awww... we could just tail him, Sakura! What did you hear him say?" Naruto asked through a mouthful of cup-ramen.

"I heard him ask her if she was busy tomorrow and she said no!"

"So we'll just tail Kakashi-Sensei tomorrow, shouldn't be too hard!" He said, swallowing his mouthful.

Sakura had a brain wave and grabbed Naruto's hand. "Quick! We'd better get back to our meeting-place before he does!" Naruto nodded and bounced after her, still wondering how he'd been convinced to spy on Kakashi-Sensei... oh! He remembered. He had been wanting to play a prank on Sensei anyway, and Sakura had given him that look. He couldn't resist.

Sakura's hurrying was in vain, however, because Kakashi still didn't turn up for another hour.

When he did he was definitely humming and taking his time, a dreamy faraway look in his eye and his hands absent of the dreaded book, "Make Out Paradise". All in all, he was acting very strangely. As the day progressed, it turned out that he couldn't concentrate enough to block Sasuke, or even Naruto's attacks, and he didn't correct Naruto's incorrect verbalization of the ninja codes.

He checked the sun and his humming increased a bit in pitch, then he looked back at the very frustrated Sasuke, the confused Sakura, and the totally oblivious Naruto, and winked his good eye. "Alright, you guys did good enough, now go home!" He hopped up into the branches of a tree and when he was a little further away, burst into random song. Sakura sidled over to Naruto.

"There's definitely something going on here, we have find out what!"

"Yeah, well it can wait until tomorrow can't it? I want some more ramen! Lots of it!"

Sasuke said nothing and went away. Party-pooper.

Kakashi stood in front of his closet, chin in his hand, legs spread apart, shoulders back, head tilted, wondering what on earth he would wear. Let's see. Jounin vest... no. Jounin vest... no. Jounin vest... no! Dammit, is this all I wear? Anbu outfit... different, but no. Another Jounin vest! A nerve stood out in his temple and he tossed all his Jounin vests aside. I have to have more to wear than that! He checked his pants. Green... no. Green... no. Black... no. Black... no. Green and black... no! Ah! A blue! I actually have a blue! And is that a white over there? Yes, it is! He held up the white pants for inspection, then threw them in a basket. Pee yew, needs washing. Who knows when the last time that thing was washed... The blue pants looked good enough, so he tossed them onto his bed.

Back to the problem of his tops... there was nothing except a sole Anbu outfit, the rest were Jonin vests and thick black shirts. He didn't want to go outside with Ketari in his regular uniform! He needed something different... he was even contemplating taking off his headband and his mouth covering for that special day, but he hadn't decided yet. He needed a shirt!

Now where to get one... he'd just have to search around the village.