(Definition: Three distinct separate parts that when together can be considered whole)

This is a sequel to my story Frequency of Evil. It will help if you read that one first to find out all that has gone on before. I like for my titles of my stories to have a bit of word play in them. The first story Frequency of Evil not only referred to the vibratory energy of evil but also to how often the evil shows up in that story. Trio also has a double meaning hidden in it that will become evident later in the story.

The first part of this story deals with Ron, Kim and Shego's beginning relationship. The action part of the story is coming but will show up later.

Obligatory disclaimers: I do not own any of the characters from the show Kim Possible, Evil Dead movie franchise, Friday the 13th movies or Nightmare on Elm Street movies. This story is not being written for profit but for the sheer enjoyment (mine in the writing and hopefully in the readers who read it)

Chapter 1

Playing House?

Shego shook her head slightly in wonder. No less than two weeks ago she had plotted and planned alongside Dr. Drakken on ways to get rid of Kim Possible and her side-kick.
Now she was putting serious mental effort into thinking of ways to get both Kim and Ron to fall in love with her or at least into bed with her.
"Life can really throw you some pretty strange curves." Shego thought to herself.

Staring across a kitchen table at Kim Possible, Shego allowed her eyes to freely roam over what was visible of the young woman's body. "And it can also throw you some damn nice curves too." She mentally added as she noticed that Kim was developing quite nicely.

Kim was doing her best to not let her head fall to the table and fall asleep while her and Shego waited for Ron to finish his shower and come down to the kitchen and start cooking for them. Being the daughter of a doctor, Kim had worried about what germs they might have picked up from the extra dimensional invaders they had recently fought off so even though they were all bone tired she insisted that they all take turns cleaning up. She also insisted that their clothes they had worn while in contact with the silent Gentlemen freaks and the Cenobites be destroyed.

To save time Shego had volunteered to shower with Ron or even with Kim. She didn't really care which one. She had even suggested that all three of them shower together. A suggestion that nearly caused poor Ron to hyperventilate for several moments till Kim assured him that Shego had been kidding.

Shego hadn't been but she reluctantly agreed with Kim so Ron could regain his breathing patterns before he passed out.

So Ron had gone up to shower first. Kim had located him some of her father's pajamas so he would have something to wear when he came back down and then having Ron hold out his old clothing from the safety of the bathroom door, she quickly stuffed them in a metal barrel outside the back door and poured some fluid from a bottle from the garage on them.

"Lighter fluid?" Shego had asked in curiosity.

"Rocket fuel." Kim had said with a shrug. "I'll wait till all our clothes are in there and then burn them together in case there is some kind of contamination on them."

"You aren't going to burn my jacket." Shego stated clutching what was really Ron's windbreaker that he had given her when her jumpsuit jacket had been destroyed by one of the silent creeps when they tried to cut her heart out of her body.

"Especially that jacket." Kim muttered to herself. She had seen the way Ron had looked at Shego while wearing his jacket. The shape of Shego's breasts was clearly visible beneath the light wind breaker material and Kim firmly believed that Ron had plans to make the jacket into a secret shrine when he got it back from Shego.

"You know Kimmie." Shego said more to keep themselves awake than to start any real conversation with Kim at the moment. "Why don't we do the cooking? It doesn't seem quite fair to make Ron do it after his shower. The poor guy is nearly unconscious from fatigue like we are."

Kim blearily opened her eyes to look over at the ex-villain. "Can you cook?" She asked.

"Um, well not really. You?" Shego asked.

"My cooking is so bad I can set water on fire." Kim replied.

"There is something the 'Great' Kim Possible can't do?" Shego asked in mock surprise.

Kim frowned. "Cooking is about the only thing I fail at completely. Ron has tried to teach me and when he is standing right behind me and helping me I can make some of the more basic snacks but that is about all."

"Oh I think I could do some real 'cooking' if Ron was behind me." Shego said with a smirk.

Kim narrowed her eyes at Shego in warning. "Don't talk like that around Ron. I know you are only playing but Ron might take you seriously and it would hurt him deeply when you later reject him."

"What makes you think I would reject him?" Shego replied in complete seriousness.

That woke Kim up completely. "You are Shego and Ron is, well Ron." She said as if that explained everything.

"You think you know me Kimmie? You know at one time I was a hero with my brothers and something caused me to leave them and become a villainess but other than that what do you really know about me Princess?" Before Kim could start to form an answer Shego answered for her. "You don't know anything about me. You don't how long it has been since someone has looked at me like I'm a woman instead of some remote controlled weapon. Do you know that in every lair Drakken has ever had that my room had no less than five locks on them? And I mean on the inside, not the outside. And do you know why?"

Kim had to shake her head no. She had never seen this side of Shego before. The woman looked upset.

"It was because the goons that Drakken hired once tried to drug my food so they could take advantage of me one night. I woke up as they were trying to tie me down to my own bed. My metabolism that lets me throw fireballs around also flushes out chemicals pretty fast or I would have been raped while I was asleep."

Kim was horrified. She couldn't imagine working somewhere, where you had to be always afraid that someone was going to try to drug you or molest you when you were incapacitated. "What did you do to them?" She couldn't stop herself from asking.

"I made damn sure that none of them would ever try that again with a woman." Shego replied with a vicious smile but then shrugged. "That of course got around the lair and even the few decent morons that Drakken hired wouldn't even look at me after that. They were terrified to even talk to me. Of course later Drakken went almost entirely to using synthodrones. They maybe stupid but at least they don't get 'ideas' around women but that also means no much chance for a little light romance either."

"What about you and Dr. Drakken?"

Shego made a face. "Come on Kimmie! I was promised some food soon. Don't make me sick to my stomach before I get a chance to eat. Drakken? I mean while I was under the moodulator I thought he looked kind of cute but he's still Dr. D. a man who can't even tell his mommy that he is a villain and has plans to take over the world and he also tried this very night to sacrifice me to a painful death just so he could escape. And even before tonight, Drakken isn't comfortable with touchy feely emotions. I think the closest he gets to a romantic thought is how lovely a death ray laser light looks reflecting off the consoles in the lair. He's just definitely not fantasy romance material."

"And you think Ron is?" Kim asked with annoyance clearly audible in her voice.

"Don't you? I saw you jump through those chains at the school tonight to go with him Kim. Are you going to sit there and tell me that you don't feel anything romantic when you look at Ron?"

Kim bit her lip for a moment before letting her head slump forward to land on the table with a thump. "I just don't know." She said without raising her head. "I mean I've known Ron since we were little kids together. He's always been there for me but he was more like a brother to me than potential date material. He knows things about me that my own parents don't. Trying to think of him as some hot boyfriend material is…" Kim paused.

"Wrong?" Shego asked.

"No, not wrong. Just akweird." Kim quickly replied. "I mean when he puts my arms around me while we are on a mission I've always felt safe and protected, its just that tonight I also felt like I was going to melt when he hugged me. And then he kissed me…" Kim suddenly stopped as her face went bright red with embarrassment. She had just revealed a very intimate detail of her life to what was very recently her worst enemy.

Shego chuckled quietly. "That boy does know how to kiss well doesn't he?"

Kim sat back up in her chair and shot a look of pure jealousy at Shego.

Shego just chuckled again. "I mean I kissed him back at Drakken's lair and he wasn't even trying and it nearly melted my socks. I can only imagine what it must be like when the boy is really trying."

A smile broke out on Kim's face. "Oh yeah. When he really puts his attention to it Ron is simply awesome."

"Ron is simply awesome at what?" Ron asked as he came in drying his hair with a towel. He was wearing a pair of light blue pajamas that were nearly too small for him. To Shego's eyes it looked like the material in the pajamas was silk and they clung to every square inch of Stoppable.

Ron stopped drying his hair when he noticed it was now quiet enough in the kitchen to hear a pin drop. Looking around he saw Kim and Shego were staring at him with glazed eyes. "Awww come on tell me what I'm awesome at? The words Ron and awesome aren't put together that often and I want to know what it is that I do well."

"Um, cooking. Yeah that is it." Kim finally said. "You are one awesome cook."

Ron smiled in pleasure. "It is one of the few areas that I really do well isn't it? Speaking of... It's about time I get to cooking us something to eat before we crash out for the night. Say Kim, do you know where Rufus got to?" He asked as he looked around the kitchen.

"Rufus?" Kim asked with her eyes growing wide.

"Yeah. I mean he's my best bud of course but I don't shower with him. I left him down here in the kitchen with you guys."

Both Kim and Shego with nervous looks turned as one to glance down the table they were sitting at. There sitting on the table at the other end was the pink naked mole rat and Shego could swear the thing was smirking at both of them.

"Don't you dare tell Ron what we were talking about." Kim mouthed at the mole rat.

"Cheese?" Rufus carefully mouthed back.

Kim sighed but then noticing that Ron was about to turn back to the table she vigorously nodded her head at the mole rat.

Rufus merely held a thumbs up gesture at Kim.

"There you are Rufus." Ron said finally spying his pink buddy. "What were you and the girls talking about while I showered?"

The mole rat looked over at Kim and Shego and then squeaked. "Cooking."

"Wow you guys must really be hungry. I'll start on some food now." Ron said. Bending over he pulled some pans out from under a cupboard.

Shego watching could see the silk pajamas tighten around his butt as he bent over and she had to take a deep breath.

"I'll take Shego up so she can shower while you are cooking Ron." Kim replied as she also noticed Ron's butt and more importantly Shego's reaction to it.

"A nice cold shower." Shego muttered to herself but then looked over sharply at Kim. "Wait. Why don't you take the next shower and I can stay down here and help Ron in the kitchen? I can take the shower after you."

"Leave you down here with Ron? Alone? I hardly think so." Kim replied folding her arms across her chest.

"Now Kim, Shego is no longer our enemy. She's turning over a new leaf. You don't need to worry about her jumping and attacking me while you take a shower." Ron said without turning around from what he was doing to look at the two women.

Shego smirked over at Kim and carefully mouthed. "I might jump him but it won't be to attack him."

Kim's eyes flashed with anger at Shego but she replied to Ron sweetly. "But she's a guest here Ron. She should be allowed to shower next before all the hot water is gone."

Looking over Kim watched as Ron bent low to get some fruits out of the refrigerator. The pajamas still slightly damp from Ron's hasty drying outlined the firm muscles in his butt and his legs.

"I'll take the cold shower." Kim said. "It's the least I can do." To herself very faintly she added. "And I could do with some ice cold water."

"We could always shower together Kimmie." Shego once again suggested. "That way we would both have hot water and be done with our showers when Ron is finished cooking and he won't have to wait for us."

Hearing a clattering noise they both looked over and could see that Ron had dropped a metal spatula into the sink and was trying to pick it back up but it seemed to have problems with his hands shaking causing the spatula to keep slipping out of his grasp.

Shego her smirk growing wider replied even louder. "I mean you must have showered many times with your cheerleader friends. This would be almost exactly like the same thing. Just your shower will be a little tighter and closer and we'll have to stand very near one another and take turns under the shower head. We could take turns washing each other's backs."

Ron just couldn't seem to catch that wayward spatula and after a few more moments of fumbling he finally just gave up on it and settled for reaching into a cupboard and getting a glass and with shaky hands filled it from the tap and drank deeply.

"No Shego. I am not going to shower with you. You can go first and then I will go second and then we can both come down to the table TOGETHER." Kim said putting emphasis on the together part.

Shego was confusing poor Kim. First she talked of practically molesting Ron and now it was like she was coming on to her as well.

Did Shego like men or did she like women? And why did the thought of showering with Shego almost make her heart beat as fast as seeing Ron's silk clad butt a few moments ago?

As Kim lead Shego from the kitchen Ron pulled a chair away from the table and sank into it over near the stove.

"Oh man." He muttered to himself. "Kim and Shego, a house with no parents in it and me wearing Mr. Dr. P's silk pajamas." Ron looked over at Rufus who was still sitting on the table. "This is going to be the death of me old buddy. Either I'm going to keel over with a massive heart attack or Mr. Dr. P is going to rocket me off to a black hole. Either way I'm a dead man."

Rufus looked over as if trying to think of some kind of advice but finally he just shrugged, then turning around he curled up on the table and went to sleep.