Chapter 14

Shego sat watching with some amusement as Ron consumed his third Naco, grande sized of course. The first one Ron basically inhaled it with hardly any chewing at all.

Shego didn't mind. She and Kim had eaten almost as fast. Close to 24 hours without food will tend to make anyone's table manners be a little sloppy.

Ron's second Naco he ate almost as fast but stopping every few bites as if savoring the flavor.

Now the third one he was eating with a knife and a fork very precisely and with perfect table manners. From the looks of amazement on Kim and Rufus's faces Shego figured this was a rare occurrence indeed.

Shego chalked it up to a desire on Ron's part not to gross out Kim since she had moved up from best friend status (basically you can get away with anything) to girlfriend status (Try to be at your best manners at all times).

"Or maybe he is doing this because he doesn't want you to be embarrassed or ashamed of him?" A tiny voice in the back of Shego's head suggested.

"Hell I wouldn't care if he pulled all his clothes off and dived head first into it like that naked mole rat did earlier with the one I bought it" Shego thought back to the tiny voice.

The tiny voice conjured a mental picture of a naked Ron diving into a vat of food while Kim and Shego held up signs with 9.4 and 9.7 on them.

Shego couldn't help a grin to appear on her face at the mental image.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" Ron asked her. Shego had placed herself right beside him as soon as they had ordered their food and had been staring at him the whole time.

The aftermath of the whole Global Justice thing had been swift and frankly a little unnerving and odd. With Jason on ice, both figuratively and literally, Dr. Director had called on the Global Justice knockoff of Wade's Kimmunicator and had called off the lockdown. With minutes agents flooded the Containment and Research area they had been in and began cleaning up.

Dr. Director had hustled them out of the G.J. headquarters telling them she would talk to them later. After being stuffed in one of those blasted travel tubes they had been shot out to appear right next to the local Bueno Nacho restaurant.

This brought Ron's musings right back to where he was at now, Shego staring at him and occasionally grinning and Kim sitting across the table picking at her food and looking moody.

Figuring he wasn't going to get a straight answer out of Shego, Ron looked over at Kim.

"Kim what's wrong? You've been very quiet ever since you went to talk to Dr. Director before we left G.J."

Kim picked at her second taco salad and at first Ron figured she wasn't going to answer him but finally she spoke.

"I overheard Dr. Racle and Dr. Director talking. Dr. Director was telling Dr. Racle that he was right once again that as a team you, me and Shego were unbeatable and Dr. Director added she was glad to have had such a definitive testing of our abilities."

This caught Shego's attention. "And you are wondering if Dr. Director deliberately held off calling in reinforcements to stop Jason so we would have to do it?"

Kim winced. "I can't help but think of those poor people Jason killed. I don't want to believe that Dr. Director could so callously sacrifice her own people to just test us."

Shego reached over and touched Kim's hand on the table top. "Look at it this way Princess. If she had brought her people back into the complex while Jason was running amuck, what would they have done? They would have tried to use conventional weapons and martial arts to try and stop him. And what would have happened then?" Shego paused for a moment to let it sink in and then added. "Jason would have slaughtered them. I don't like the idea of us being tested like guinea pigs either but there was less loss of life the way it worked out than if she had called in the cavalry."

Shego glanced back at Ron. "In either case its best to leave memories like those in the past. We have a future to look forward to."

Shego then took her hand off of Kim's and touched Ron's shoulder. "Want another Naco?"

Ron practically shivered at her touch even as innocent as it was. "Nope. I'm finally full." He replied.

"Well rested now too?" Asked Shego leaning a little closer to him.

"Um, yeah. Why?" Ron asked getting more nervous by the moment.

"Because now that you have eaten and are semi-rested, its time for the 'relaxation' part of the night." Shego practically purred.

Ron scooted away from Shego in the booth till he found himself pressed against the window. Ron having no where else to run to looked deeply into her eyes.

"Uh oh. There is that smoldering look again." He thought nervously. "That must be what it feels like to be a Naco when me and Rufus look at it." Ron thought as he noted the almost hungry predator look Shego was giving him.

Glancing over at Kim, Ron thought. "Help Kim! Sidekick in trouble over here!" To his near panic he saw that Kim had lost her gloomy introspective look and had her head propped up on her hands and was staring at him almost the exact same way Shego was. It was eerily the same look Kim had given him while under the moodulators that one mission. Even now that he wanted the same thing and knew Kim wasn't under anyone's control, the look was still freaking him out a little.

"Ron?" Shego asked drawing his attention back to her. "You look like you are about to jump out of your skin and make a run for it. You haven't changed your mind have you? You still want me and Kim right?" Shego asked and Ron could detect a note of insecurity in her voice.

Ron turned to stare out the window at the darkened parking lot of Bueno Nacho for a moment. He could feel without even looking that Kim was leaning across the table towards him waiting to hear his answer.

"It's not that." Ron said with a sigh. "It's just…"

"What?" Shego asked.

"Every guy has this deep dark secret fear in their life. That the first time he is intimate with a woman he loves that he will end up disappointing her." Ron said to the window, fearing that if he looked at either Kim or Shego he would break down. "Imagine how bad it is for me when I have not one but two women I love and fear disappointing." He added quietly.

Hearing a sharp gasp Ron turned to look at Shego and was shocked to see the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Shego! I didn't mean to make you cry! Please tell me what I said wrong and I will unsay it!" He stammered.

"Shut up you big goofball." Shego whispered. "I'm not crying..." Shego said reaching up and wiping at her eyes. "Well they aren't tears of sadness anyway. Say it again Ron, Please?"

Ron swiftly went over what Shego had said and what he had said mere moments ago. Finally his eyes widen with realization.

Turning to face her completely in the booth, Ron reached out with a hand and gently caressed her cheek with the tips of his fingers. "I love you Shego. I love you as much as I love Kim and I never thought there would ever be another I felt that way about. Kim is the right half of my soul and you are the left half."

Shego tried to joke to cover up how emotional she was getting. "It's obvious that math isn't your best subject Ron. If I'm half of your soul and Kim is the other half that would mean…"

"That without either one of you in my life, I am incomplete and if you were both to leave me I would be soulless." Ron finished for her.

Shego's eyes grew large and she looked over at Kim. "Damn, he's good." She said.

Kim nodded her head. "Um, let's get out of here and head back to my house?" She replied, her voice a little uneven with suppressed desire and lust.

"What about your parents?" Ron asked.

"They are supposed to be back tomorrow. Late tomorrow. They took the dweebs to that rocket camp for super geniuses. My father took mom and made an impromptu second honeymoon while the twins are at the camp. Tomorrow morning the rocket dweebs are going to give their final demonstrations of what they learned and then they'll drive back. They can't possibly be back here until sometime after 3 in the afternoon tomorrow."

Shego glanced over at Kim. "Then I better get you two home. As it is I will only have time to teach you about the half the things I plan to and that is only if we take very short breaks for sleeping to keep our strengths up." Shego said with a smirk.

Now it was Kim's turn to be nervous.

They left arm in arm in arm, Kim to the one side, with Shego in the middle and Ron on the other side. It was a perfect night. Nothing could possibly ruin it.

"Now Ron, Kimmie, I don't want to take control of this relationship completely. I want you both to feel free to suggest or tell me what you want me to do."

Kim blushed fiercely, while Ron seemed to be thinking it over.

"There is just one thing I want you do to Shego…" He said.

"What?" Shego asked eagerly.

"Come Shego!"

Shego frowned in confusion. "Well I doubt that is going to be much of a problem and I was planning on doing that a lot…" Shego stopped as she realized that last part didn't sound like Ron's voice and had come from behind them. Thinking about it she realized exactly who it sounded like.

"Oh…" She started to say.

"Snap." Both Kim and Ron finished as all three turned together to look behind them.

Sitting in a hover car above them was Dr. Drakken.

"Come Shego!" He demanded again.

"What are you doing here?" Shego asked starting to get annoyed.

"I've come to rescue you of course!"

"Do I look like I need to be rescued?" Shego demanded.

"Of course. Kim Possible and her buffoon sidekick have been holding you captive. I have searched this entire town all day long and now I've found you, I will rescue you from their clutches."

"Holding me captive? At a Bueno Nacho! And exactly how would they hold me captive when I have my hands free and my powers!" Shego shouted, letting her hands glow green as Ron and Kim stepped slightly away from her to show they weren't restraining her in any way.

Drakken blinked a few times. "Then this is some evil plot of yours? To capture Kim and the buffoon?"

Shego shot glances at Kim and Ron to see if they were now eyeing her suspiciously but to her relief they just rolled their eyes at Dr. Drakken.

"No, no evil schemes, no plots, no grand tricks." Shego shouted back. "I've quit the villain business Dr. D. I'm out."

"You quit? Since when?"

"Sorry I was going to send you a memo on it but something came up. What was it again? Oh yeah. YOU TRIED TO LEAVE ME TO DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH!" Shego yelled.

A Bueno Nacho worker came out the front door of the restaurant and stood looking up at the hover car containing Dr. Drakken.

"Here's your order sir! Two double Nacos grande sized and a giant cherry freezy"

"You weren't looking for me! You were ordering food through the drive through and just saw me in the parking lot!" Shego yelled.

"And what if I was? What are you planning on doing now Shego? Turn to be a good guy?" Drakken said with a laugh. "Who would trust an out of control guard dog like you? A smart mouthed, green skinned freak with anger management issues?" Drakken sneered as he lowered a hook and captured the takeout food bag and pulled it up to him.

Ron and Kim looked over at Shego expecting her to go into a rage and smash Drakken but to their surprise she was standing as if frozen. The green plasma playing about her hands but other than that she looked like a statue.

"Take my word for it Shego; you'll come crawling back to me within a week's time. Crawling back like a lost dog." Drakken said as he opened the bag and stuck his nose into it trying to see if they got his order right.

A sudden ball of energy impacted the side of the hover car nearly knocking Drakken out of it. Drakken with a yelp pulled his head out of the Bueno Nacho bag and accidentally dropped it over the side as he pulled on the controls of the hover car to dodge another energy ball. Only the energy ball wasn't one of Shego's glowing green plasma fireballs but a softly glowing blue energy sphere.

To Drakken's shock the blasts were coming from the buffoon. The buffoon who appeared to be on fire with a blue flames. Ron pointed at the hover car and another blue energy sphere shot from his hand hitting the hover car causing it to spin like a top.

"How dare you imply that Shego is some kind of dog! And you called her a green skinned freak! This coming from a man who looks like he is a giant mutant Smurf! You got 30 seconds Doc to get out of here or when I'm done with you, you'll fit in a Bueno Nacho bag!"

Drakken jerked on the controls to the hover car and it started to move off. Standing up he glared back at Ron and Kim.

"You think you are all that Buffoon but…." He had to duck as another blue energy ball sailed past his head and he settled for crouching low and pushing the hover car for maximum speed away from the Bueno Nacho parking lot.

Ron and Kim turned to look back at Shego. She was still standing rigid where she had been. The only difference they noted was her hands finally stopped glowing with green plasma. As Ron moved to her side to touch her shoulder he felt she was shaking.

"Uh oh!" He thought to himself. "She has entered a state of anger so deep she can't hardly move and she didn't blow up that idiot Drakken so that means she might blow up at any moment at all for the slightest thing."

Shego finally turned and started walking away. Ron was pleased at least to see that she was heading towards Kim's house.

As they reached Kim's house door, Kim raced ahead to open the door. The way Shego was walking without looking to either side Kim was afraid she would just rip the door off the hinges when she reached it.

Shego walked into the house and through it to the kitchen and then just sat down at the table.

"Um Kim? Do you think Shego is going to be all right?" Ron asked.

"I think I better handle this Ron. Shego is so mad right now at Drakken she may take it out on any member of his sex at the moment. Why don't you just go up to the guest room and lie down? I'll see if I can get her to calm down."

Ron sighed and then nodded his head.

Kim walked into the kitchen and opening the refrigerator pulled out two bottles of water. Sitting one down in front of Shego she took the other one and took a long drink. Shego stared at the bottle of water for a moment before opening it and taking a drink herself.

"I know you are angry right now Shego…" Kim started.

"I'm not angry." Shego replied in a dull voice.

"You're not?" Kim asked raising an eyebrow.

"No. Damnit. I'm just really really hurt." Shego said and then looked up at Kim. Kim could see tears in the corners of Shego's eyes. "There was never anything romantic or any crap like that between me and Dr. D., well outside of that one moodulator incident but I thought we were at least semi-friends! And then to hear tonight that he thought of me as some kind of semi-rabid dog that he kept around? All the stupid lairs we've been through together? The break-ins? All the world domineering plans? Through out all of that all he ever thought of me as, was just a slightly more useful tool than a synthodrone? Is that all I am? Someone not even worthy enough to be called a friend but just dumb rabid muscle?"

Kim sat down next to Shego and placed her arm around her. "Come on Shego, you know that is not true. We're talking about Drakken here. You know, a moron? Didn't you once tell me that he got lost in his own lair? And you are going to let that idiot's opinion bother you?"

"Um Princess, not so much with the helping since I continued to work for him for such a long time, I mean if he is an idiot what did that make me for staying with him so long?"

"It makes you loyal and more worthy of friendship and love than Dr. Drakken will ever be capable of." Kim said and then surprised herself by lightly kissing Shego on the cheek.

Ron went upstairs to the guest room and with another sigh started to get undressed. Moonlight was flooding in through the windows so he didn't bother to turn the light on. Sitting Rufus down on the dresser he slowly and with a few grimaces pulled of the borrowed suit jacket, shirt and pants. He glanced over at the pajamas he wore the night before but they were so constricting he decided, why bother?

In the pale moonlight bruises could be seen across his shoulders and lower back. With his Mystical Monkey powers Ron knew that they would probably be healed by morning but that didn't stop the injuries he got while fighting with Jason to feel any better at the moment. His muscles were tired and achy.

Sitting in the middle of the bed he faced the windows and took several deep breaths.

It was hard to believe that with all he had been through; it had just been one day long. From waking up in the morning with Shego and Kim clutching him to then fighting possessed Global Justice agents to almost losing Shego? And then to having to fight a hockey mask wearing corpse?

And to end the day with Shego and Kim basically promising to ravish him all night long and then have Dr. Drakken show up and piss Shego off so much that she might not even want to touch a man for weeks?

It was all pretty much too much.

Ron was tired, he was sore and he was…

Incredibly horny.

With another sigh Ron closed his eyes and tried to meditate to calm himself down.

As Ron shut his eyes, he suddenly found himself sitting on a mountaintop facing a very human looking monkey.

The monkey had a long white beard that denoted great age but also appeared to be extremely fit and youthful at the same time.

As little as a few months ago the sight of a monkey calmly sitting across from him would have freaked Ron out major league but after the day he had just had?

All the vision Ron did was just nod at the monkey.

"Hey monkey dude. What's up?"

The monkey nodded back at him. "It is good to see that you have started to master your fear of monkeys Ron." The monkey answered him back in a deep tone of voice.

"Yeah well after facing dead bodies that move and try to take your head off? Monkeys aren't so scary any more." Ron replied. "So what are you?"

"I am the personification of the Mystical Monkey power that you carry inside of you. You have reached a level where I can at last appear to train and teach you knowledge that you may use. I can tell you are upset and your mind and body are not in harmony."

Ron nodded his head. "Well yeah you could say that. What shall I call you? Just saying monkey all the time seems somehow disrespectful."

"You may call me M.M. if you wish." The monkey replied.

"Mickey Mouse?"

The monkey's eyebrow twitched. "Mystical Monkey."

"Oh yeah, right. Sorry. Been a really long day. I should just pass out. I should be dead tired but I feel kind of wired and tense."

"You yearn for the touch of your mates." The monkey said wisely.

"Mates? Oh you mean Kim and Shego?" Ron replied after thinking for a moment. "Well yeah but I worry about Shego. She is so angry all the time. I want to wipe all that away and bring her the peace and happiness she deserves and Kim? I am so afraid that I will do something wrong and end up ruining what we already have."

The monkey nodded his head. "You care and love both of your mates very much. It speaks well of you Ron."

The monkey looked around as if to see if anyone was eavesdropping on them even though this was all going on inside Ron's meditating mind. "You know Mystical Monkey teachings are not only all about fighting. The Monkey Masters also developed techniques of other more peaceful uses. Uses more situated for the bedroom."

Ron thought about that for a moment. "Oh you mean… Really?" He asked intrigued.

The ancient monkey nodded his head. "But I sense that Shego wants to be the one to teach you and Kim some things. If I were to impart the full wisdom of Monkey sex to you now she maybe disappointed that she wasn't the one to impart experience to you two. As it is in all life, there will be time for that knowledge at a later date."

"Aww man! You give this great buildup, hinting at secrets that can drive Shego and Kim wild and then tell me you won't teach me anything?" Ron whined.

The monkey looked at him and grinned. "I can teach you how to increase your endurance. I'm sure your mates would appreciate that very highly."

"Boo-yah." Ron replied with a grin of his own.

Down in the kitchen Shego was starting to respond to Kim's light kissing and hugging. Turning in her seat Shego brought her arms around Kim's waist and pulled her closer. Both women began to get more excited as their touches and caresses began to wander under clothing and their kisses became more and more heated.

Finally Kim pulled back.

"You know we are missing someone. Someone who really could use a good seducing right now." Kim said with a smile.

A smile Shego returned. "And I know just how to go about it Princess." She told her.

Shego tiptoed into the guest room. After the experience with Ron at Global Justice she figured he would notice her immediately but he had his back to the door and seemed to be deep in meditation when she entered.

Carefully she put candles on the dresser being careful not to wake Rufus who was sleeping there.

Using just enough of her plasma powers to ignite the wicks of the candles she lit them. Moving stealthily she approached the bed with Ron still giving no indications he knew she was there.

Ron suddenly felt warm soft hands caressing the tight muscles in his back and started to relax into the touches. With his mind no longer occupied with M.M.'s instructions he was able to sense Shego's warm green glow from behind him and he knew he was in safe hands.

The hands wandered across his shoulders and then started down the front of his chest as Shego caressed him from behind.

Ron's eyes flew open the moment he felt the press of naked soft flesh against his back and he realized that Shego was nude.

He started to turn but for the moment Shego held him still.

Shego began to nibble and lightly lick his neck and ears.

"Ohh Sheeegoo." Ron breathed out.

"I love hearing you say my name." Shego whispered. "I'm going to love hearing you moan it even louder later."

Finally Shego allowed Ron to turn around in the bed to face her.

Ron drank in the sight of Shego's beautiful lightly tinted green skin and let his hands wander across her shoulders, her back and finally across to her chest.

Shego moaned a few times before capturing his hands to stop the sweet torment Ron was putting her through and then she deftly moved back behind him again.

"Awwww." Ron whined having his hands and eyes once again deprived of Shego's lovely form.

"Shhh." Shego whispered to him. "The party is just beginning and the best part is coming."

Ron now facing the door to the guest room watched as it slowly opened. Revealed in the candlelight was Kim but instead of the clothes she had been wearing she was now wearing her cheerleader outfit.

She placed a cassette player on the floor near the door and turned it on. Instead of the normal cheerleader music she usually worked out to while wearing her outfit, a very soft slow music began to play.

Kim began to dance and Ron realized it was her cheerleader routine but just slowed down from the hectic beat of the normal routine down to a slow sensuous pace. Finally Kim did a slow hand stand and came down into the splits all the while removing her blouse. She tossed the blouse to the side and rose to her feet.

Slowly she slipped out of the skirt as the music playing stopped and she began to slowly stalk towards the bed.

The entire time Kim gave her 'cheerleader' performance, Shego continued to massage and lick Ron's back and neck.

As Kim reached the bed she crawled up on it and across it towards Ron. Ron couldn't help but think of the image of a large jungle cat about to pounce on its prey, a prey more than willing to be ravished and devoured by the fiery haired predator.

As Kim reached him Ron asked. "Kim?"

Kim launched herself the last few inches and claimed Ron's mouth with her own.

As Kim claimed Ron's mouth, Shego moved out from behind Ron and gently lowered him down till he was lying prone on the bed. As Kim moved slightly to the side, all the while refusing to give up Ron's mouth with her own, Shego began to lightly kiss and nip down Ron's chest.

Even though Ron was in sheer heaven exploring Kim's mouth with his tongue, his eyes grew wide as he realized where Shego's exploring would eventually lead her to. He moaned loudly into Kim's mouth as Shego reached her destination point and began to lavish it with great attention.

Over at the dresser Rufus woke up from the noises and standing up he blearily looked over at the bed. Cocking his head to one side and then the other he tried to make sense of the tangle of limbs and body parts he was seeing.

Finally his eyes grew large and he let out an 'eep' before diving back under the handkerchief he was using as a blanket and covered up his head.

Mrs. Possible sighed as the car pulled up into the driveway of her home. Her husband who had been doing all the driving was sitting stony faced. Her twin boys in the back seat for once were quiet and subdued.

Driving all night long to get back home with a very angry husband wasn't an experience she wanted to have again any time soon.

"I'll go upstairs and check on Kim and see if she has gone to school yet and then fix us something to eat." She offered.

Her husband nodded his head and then looked at the twins in the rearview mirror. "And after that I expect you boys to be in bed and get some sleep. We'll discuss your punishment later."

"Yes sir." The boys said at the exact same time.

As they got out of the car the twins started to quietly argue among themselves.

"I told you that you had the escape velocity vectors all wrong."

"I did not! You miscalculated the fuel ratio vs. the weight calculations."

As her husband and the twins made their way to the kitchen, Mrs. Possible climbed the stairs towards Kim's room. As she reached the second floor however she noticed the door to the guest room was open slightly and walked over to it.

As she stepped into the room and her eyes grew wide she quietly shut the door behind her.

Lying in the bed was her daughter Kim and there was obviously someone under the covers in the bed with her.

"Kimberly Ann Possible wake up. You have some explaining to do." Mrs. Possible said but in a low voice. She didn't want her husband coming up and exploding before she found out what was going on.

Kim sleepily opened her eyes. "Just five more minutes Mom." She mumbled.

Suddenly her eyes flew wide open and she sat up in bed. "Mom!"

The covers pooled around Kim's waist exposing to her mother that her daughter was indeed in the bed completely naked.

Even though Mrs. Possible was shocked, she secretly hoped that the other body in the bed belonged to Ron Stoppable. If her daughter had finally gone and given up her virginity to a boy she hoped it had been Ron. Ron grew up with the family and Mrs. Possible knew that him and Kim were meant to be and that her daughter would be hard pressed to find a more loyal and caring boy than Ron but she knew better than say anything like that to Kim.

Kim realizing she was flashing her own mother with her breasts grabbed the blanket and pulled it up tightly to her chin. This action caused the blanket to pull away from the person on the other side of the bed exposing the green tinted flesh of a woman's legs and thighs to be seen.

"Princess. You are hogging the blankets again. We talked about this last night. You keep wanting to hog the blankets and all the best parts to yourself." Shego's sleepy voice called out.

Shego pulled out from under the covers and took one look at a stunned Mrs. Stoppable at the bedroom door and a white faced Kim. "Well this is awkward." She finally said. Nudging something under the covers near her she added. "Wake up. You might as well join in this moment of intense awkwardness too."

Ron's head popped out from under the covers between Shego and Kim and he mumbled. "Ladies, ladies, the Ron man is willing but come on! We've been at it all night long. I need SOME rest."

Ron blinked a few times and then looked over at Mrs. Possible at the door. "Oh hi Mrs. Dr. P."

"Hello Ronald." Mrs. Possible replied evenly.

Ron's eyes grew wide and slowly he slid back under the covers until he was out of sight.

Shego looked across at Kim. "Our hero." She said dryly.

"Um I can explain everything Mom." Kim began.

"Oh good. I'm glad someone can." Ron's voice called out from under the covers.

Mrs. Possible held up a hand. "Right now your father is downstairs. He may come up to see what is taking me so long and while I trust your judgment and I'm very open minded; you know your father isn't Kimmie so here is what we are going to do. I want you and Shego there to get dressed and get upstairs to your room. I want Ron whom I am assuming isn't wearing anything either to get dressed and then all three of you are coming downstairs to the kitchen and explain what has been going on."

Kim's face turned pure white.

Mrs. Possible shook her head. "I don't mean this this, I mean what kind of mission lead up to this. I'm assuming it was some kind of mission anyway."

Kim visibly relaxed a little.

"You can explain this this to me tomorrow after your father and the twins have gone to work and school. I don't like keeping secrets from my husband but I think something like this is going to take a great deal of easing into before we can tell him." To herself Mrs. Possible added. "If we can ever tell him about this."

Kim nodded her head and started to get out of the bed clutching the blanket to her chest.

Ron's hands appeared from under the section of blanket he was at and clutched the blanket with a death grip.

"Ron I need to get dressed and I need the blanket to get to my clothes." Kim told him.

"Kim." Ron's voice sounded more than slightly strained. "Your mom has seen you naked before and she is a doctor. Which of us do you really want her to see au natural? You or me?"

Kim thought for a moment and then moving like lightning she did a flip and was in back in her cheerleader clothes in seconds.

"Wow. She got into her clothes even faster than she got out of them last night." Shego replied with a tiny smirk.

Shego ignored the glance she got from Kim and slowly she stood up and stretched before casually heading over near to the door where she had slid out of her clothes the night before.

Mrs Possible wasn't into women but she had to admit that Shego was certainly a healthy young woman and if her daughter was going to swing that way she could do worse than Shego.

Shego walked back towards the bed where Ron was still hiding under the covers.

"Come on Lover." She told him. "If you hurry you can fix them breakfast. Your cooking can help distract them from asking too many questions."

Ron relaxed his grip on the covers and peeked out at her. "You think so?"

"Yep." Shego said and then grabbing the blanket she hauled it off him and the bed with one swift pull. "So get dressed!"

Mrs. Possible standing in the doorway blinked several times.

"Ron sure has grown since the last time I saw him jump into a pool when he was 12 with Kimmie and lost his swim trunks. I can't believe I am almost jealous of my daughter. I can't wait to hear this story how Ron ended up with both my Kimmie and Shego. Or should it be that Kim ended up with Shego and Ron?"

Ron continued to lie on the bed exposed for several long seconds before; with a yelp he leaped over to where his clothes were and raced to get dressed. He glanced up at Mrs. Possible only once to see if she was still there and then couldn't meet her eyes.

"That was mean." Mrs. Possible said to Shego as she walked by.

"Just trying to help Ron and Kim get over their inhibitions." Shego replied with a shrug as she strolled out the door.

Kim told the story of The Gentlemen, The Cenobites, Deadites and finally Jason while Shego occasionally added bits of info while Ron cooked breakfast for her family.

Her father had his usual paper held up in front of his face while she related the story every now and then making the comment about when he was a kid they didn't have to worry about creatures from other dimensions showing up to raise havoc.

The twins were staring intently at Shego.

"So those silent creatures were going to carve you open…" One said.

"And take your heart out?" The other one finished.

"uh huh." Shego replied without looking at them.

"What were they going to do with it?" One of them asked her. She couldn't tell one from the other.

"Beats me. Maybe they were going to have lunch?" Shego replied casually.

"Highly unlikely." One of them said.

"Yeah the heart would be tough to chew and if they were going to eat one surely they would pick someone young and fresh and not as old and as dried out as you are." The other one finished.

Shego narrowed her eyes at them.

"Jim! Tim! Be polite to your sister's guest." Mrs. Possible corrected them.

One of the twins looked over at their sister. "So Kim, why is Ron dressed in some of dad's old clothing? What happened to his clothing?" He asked.

Kim started to blush and noticed her father had lowered the paper to look over it at her.

"I explained that after dealing with those creatures I thought it best we destroy our clothing because of the germs we might have been contaminated with." Kim explained again. "I had to get Ron something to wear so I got some of daddy's old things."

Mrs. Possible nodded her head. "Perfectly reasonable precaution."

The twin Jim looked over at his twin Tim. "She means she got cooties from cuddling with Ron."

"It's a good thing she burned the clothing then or we could have been facing a major outbreak of cooties and have to fumigate the house." Tim agreed.

"I wasn't cuddling with Ron!" Kim angry shot back.

Shego started to open her mouth to say something but was stopped as Ron quickly sat a plate down in front of her.

She settled for giving a not so secret smirk at Ron and began eating breakfast.

"So you never did tell me mom, why are you and dad back so early? I thought you wouldn't be home till this afternoon?" Kim asked.

Mrs. Possible gave her daughter a smirk that Shego would have been proud of; as if to say it is obvious you didn't expect us back. Kim blushed heavily again but fortunately the twins were too busy eating the breakfast Ron had made for them and her father was back behind his paper again.

It was her father that answered her though. "Jim and Tim decided that their final project in Rocket Camp wasn't impressive enough."

"We were supposed to launch this tiny rocket." Jim complained.

"Hardly an indication of our superior skills." Tim added.

"So we decided to up the project a little." Jim finished.

Ron sitting down at the table said. "Okay I know I'm going to regret asking this but what did you decide to try and launch instead?"

The twins looked at each other and then back at Ron. "Our cabin." They both said at the same time.

"Okay I know I'm not part of this family unit but I have to ask." Shego said. "You tried to launch the cabin you were staying in?"

The twins nodded their heads at her. "Yeah it would have been great too. We were going to put the cabin into orbit."

"But you didn't did you?" Mr. Possible asked lowering his paper to look at them.

"No sir." The twins replied downcast.

"The cabin reached a height of 20,000 feet and then crashed straight back into the camp. Fortunately it being a Space Camp they tracked the cabin and knew it was going to crash soon enough they were able to evacuate everyone from the camp. The damage however was so extreme I was called late at night to pick up my boys and leave the county and promise to never bring them back ever again." Mr. Possible said with a stern look at the twins.

"But what I don't understand is, if the projects were to be launched the following morning, why did you launch the cabin at night?" Ron asked.

Shego smirking answered for them. "I bet I know. You didn't have enough rocket fuel assigned to your project to launch anything nearly as large as your cabin so you went around that night and 'borrowed' the other rocket geeks' fuel didn't you?" What happened? You store the fuel under the cabin and something went wrong and the cabin launched before you were ready for it?"

The twins looked at each other in panic. Shego had figured out what their dad had missed so far. That they had stole the fuel from other campers' projects to try their project.

"Oh wow. Look we're finished with our breakfast and like…"

"Dad said earlier, we need to get some sleep!"

The twins said as they raced out of the room and up the stairs.

Mrs. Possible looked over at Shego. "How did you know they stole the fuel they used?"

"Dr. D. made the same mistake once himself, blew the lair sky high before Kim could even find us and do it herself." Shego replied with a smile that faded to a sad look that Mrs. Possible didn't quite understand.

Ron reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's just a good thing we got you away from him before Dr. D. had done something really stupid and got you killed."

Shego smiled and seeing that only Mrs. Possible was the only one watching them she took Ron's hand and kissed the palm of it.

Mrs. Possible glanced over at her daughter but if she expected to see Kim being jealous she was in for a surprise. Kim just nodded her head at what Ron had said and smiled when she saw Shego kissing his hand.

"So what are you young people going to do today since the school is closed for one more day?" Mr. Possible asked from behind his paper.

"Well I was thinking since we lost our clothing fighting things for Global Justice the least they could do is replace them." Shego said with a smile and reaching into her borrowed pants she pulled out a small gold card.

"Shego you promised not to abuse that credit card." Kim reminded her.

"I'm not going to abuse it. But fair is fair Kimmie! We saved the entire world twice two nights ago and yesterday Global Justice if not all of Middletown. I think a nice lunch and clothing spree isn't abusing the credit card."

So that is how Ron found himself being dragged into the one experience every male dreads, being dressed by your girlfriend and for him it was even worse than a normal guy has it. Since Ron now had in fact two girlfriends the torture was bound to go on longer than normal.

Monique watched as Shego and Kim played dress up with Ron being the human mannequin. Since school was closed for a few days Monique had gotten some extra hours at Club Banana to make a little extra cash.

Monique withstood it as longer as she could watching Kim pick some clothing and then Shego before they started dressing and commenting on Ron's clothes and in lower voices Ron's attributes. Finally she grabbed Kim by the arm and dragged her to the back of the store.

"Okay girl spill!" She ordered Kim as soon as they were out of sight.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked nervously.

"Oh don't you try to be playing that miss innocent act with me. I want to know what happened with you, Ron and Shego!"

"Really I don't know what you mean!" Kim said not looking Monique in the eye.

"Okay, let's take the first point. Shego the last I heard was your deadly enemy. You and Ron walk in here today with her as if you were all the best of friends." Monique said ticking the points off on her fingers.

"Second. Tara looked over at Ron when he came out wearing those leather pants Shego got him to try on. You gave Tara a look as if you were going to spring over there and scratch her eyes out. You scared that poor girl so much she practically ran out of the store and then Shego placed her hand on Ron's butt and basically cop'd a feel and told him the pants weren't tight enough in the butt. You didn't even blink but just agreed with her."

Kim blushed.

"Thirdly. You tried on that tight red low cut blouse and Shego said, and I quote. 'That blouse makes your perky breasts look even more adorable.' You blushed but didn't react in any other way and then Ron said, and I'm still in quote mode here. 'Nothing could make your breasts look any more adorable.' Girl I'm not sure what shocks me more, that you didn't freak out at Ron saying something like that or the fact that Ron said it in the first place!"

Monique sat Kim down on a box so she could stand over her and placed her hands on Kim's shoulders to make sure she didn't escape until Monique got some answers. "Now spill! Do you and Ron have something going on? Does Ron have something going on with Shego?"

Kim wouldn't meet Monique's eyes.

"Do you have something going on with Shego?" Monique asked in frustration and disbelief.

Kim blushed till she was the same color as her hair.

Monique's eyes grew wide. "Okay… Are all three of you got something going?"

Kim tried to get up to make a run for it.

Monique kept her firmly in place though. "Kim, talk to me. What is going on?"

"What you want details? You guessed it pretty much." Kim said quietly.

"Girl I don't just want details! I want diagrams and video tape if you got it! You , Shego and Ron? All at the same time or at different times?"

"Same time." Kim muttered.

"Get out! Really?" Monique practically squealed. Seeing how embarrassed Kim was getting Monique decided to let her off the hook, for now at least.

"Okay I only have two questions then I'll let you go."

Kim managed to look up at her. "What?"

Monique couldn't help the smirk that crossed her face. "Is Ron any good?" She asked.

Kim looked at her like a fish out of water with her mouth opening and closing in shock. Finally she nodded her head. "He's good. He's really good. He's really really good…"

"Okay baby girl I get it. Ron's fantastic. Second question. Is Shego any good?"

Kim with a dreamy smile nodded her head. "Yes. Shego is fantastic too."

"Which one is better?" Monique asked.

"You said two questions. That is three." Kim stated as she tried to leave.

"What you never watch politics? It's called a follow up question! It doesn't count. Come on Kim, who is better?"

Shego's voice called out from the door to the backroom. "I would say Ron is the best, but Kimmie once she gets past the goody goody stage is really a wild animal."

Kim and Monique spun around to look over and saw both Ron and Shego standing there.

"Don't you think Ron?" Shego asked wrapping her arm around his waist.

"All I know is Kim scratches more than you do, which frankly I'm grateful for. If you clawed me like Kim did last night I would probably need an ambulance."

"I didn't hear you complain last night." Shego replied.

"I tried to but my mouth was busy." Ron said.

Kim wondered how much a person could blush before they passed out. "Are you two trying to kill me with embarrassment? Monique doesn't want to hear about what we did."

"Uh huh! Monique sure does want to hear what you three were up to." Monique said with a wide grin.

"MONIQUE! I can't believe you are such a pervert!" Kim yelled.

"I'm the pervert? You did it. I just want to know how and how many times." Monique replied with a laugh.

Kim opened her mouth to say something but was saved when she heard her Kimmunicator go off. Shego was the one holding it because Kim had given it to her when she had tried on some clothing earlier.

"What's up Nerdling?" She asked Wade's image on the screen.

Wade blinked a few times. "Um, okay. Ron why is Shego still with you and Kim? I know she was trapped with you at the high school a few days ago but she's still with you?" He asked Ron seeing his face over Shego's shoulder.

"Get used to it. I'm here from now on." Shego told him.

Ron nodded his head for Wade to see. "Shego has decided to join us."

Wade looked at him through the Kimmunicator. "Can she be trusted?"

Kim took the Kimmunicator from Shego. "She can be trusted Wade." She assured him.

"You better believe it since her and Ron have had sex with her." Monique's voice called out.

"Monique!" Kim growled at her and then looked back at her Kimmunicator to see Wade blinking as if he had been hit upside the head with a baseball bat.

"Um, okay. I'm just going to make believe I didn't hear that last part for now." Wade finally said.

"Good plan." Kim told him. "So what's the sitch? Why did you call?"

Wade blinked a few more times before he snapped out of it. "You got a hit on your site Kim. Police in Springwood are requesting your help. There have been a series of brutal murders and the police are stumped."

"Simple murders?" Shego asked. "That is not really a job for Kimmie and Ron is it?"

"The murders are far from simple and all have been highly unusual. Teens being killed in locked rooms. Etc. In one case a teenage boy was killed in his bed. Police reports say it looks like his body was pulled down into the bed, his body chopped into little bits and then spewed out of the hole in his bed all over the ceiling."

"I think you should pass this time Kim" Ron stated. "Something tells me this is hundreds of miles of bad road."

"But Ron if we can save even one life and bring this killer into justice, we have to." Kim replied.

"Do the murders have anything in common beyond the strange way they were committed?" Shego asked Wade.

"Yeah, so far they have all happened on one street in that town. Elm Street."

"Set us up with a ride Wade. For three. We'll check it out."

"Bad road Kim, I'm telling you, bad road. I can sense that this is going to be nothing but a nightmare on this Elm Street." Ron warned her again as they left the store waving bye to Monique as they went.

The End?