Hey Fanfiction fans, new story I made. This takes place after Sasuke comes back from Orochimaru. This, infact is my first multi chapter romance only story. The other one I made was a one-shot. Hope u guys enjoy. Read and Review!

Chapter 1


Sakura signed.

She was waiting, as usual, for her teacher to arrive. Kakashi always arrived late, who knows why. She was sitting on the ground deep in thought. She looked to the side where Sasuke was sitting. Ever since he had returned, things had seemed to return to normal. He was still the same guy. She looked to her other side. Naruto, who had risked his life to bring Sasuke back, was as cheerful as ever. Naruto and Sasuke were as good as friends as ever, as good as they can be with all their rivalry that is.

"Hey Sakura-chan, what's up?" Naruto said eagerly. "You ok?"

"Fine Naruto." Sakura tried to be as nice as possible. He was annoying, true, but he had been the only one who stood by her side all the time. And as usual, the one who protected her no matter what.

"Do you want to do something later?" He asked hopefully.

"Naruto. You know I…"

"Love Sasuke-kun, the idiot who never pays attention to me." Naruto interrupted mockingly, in a friendly way. "I know that, I'm asking you to a get together, not a date. I think…"

Sakura had a combination of anger and laughter inside that she just decided to keep quiet.

"So… do you want to do something later?" Naruto was always eager.

"Naruto. I…"

Before she could finish Kakashi arrived. "Your late!" Naruto and Sakura simultaneously shouted. Sasuke just looked at him. "Sorry about that, I had to…"

"Who cares sensei, we've heard them all. Just tell us what to do." Naruto said, in his usual high pitched voice.

"Ok… I can safely assume you all have plans for tonight. Correct?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto looked down and back at Sakura. Sakura looked at him and signed. "Yes, I have plans with someone." She looked at Naruto and said. "But, it's not a date." Naruto smiled from ear to ear and jumped up. "Oh Yeah, I got a d… A get together with Sakura-chan!"

Sasuke just signed. "Why the interest Kakashi?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, we've been selected for a mission to the Land of Waves. You all have three days to prepare, so I'll leave you those days to relax and do as you please. Since the mission will be tough. Coming along with us will be Ino and Hinata."

"Ino-pig's coming, great." Sakura joked, although they were still rivals, they had became friends in the last years. As the once were.

"Hinata-chan too. Cool." Naruto said.

Sakura looked at him and thought, 'Perfect, then hopefully she'll keep him busy. If she doesn't faint that is.'

"Get prepared and well meet in three days at the gate."

Kakashi left as Sasuke stood up. Naruto looked at him and said. "Hey Uchiha, bet I'll be the one who competes the mission."

"Dream on Uzumaki." Sasuke left with no sign of joy whatsoever, but Naruto could tell he had changed and somehow enjoyed their rivalry.

Sakura stood up, cleaned her bottom and said. "So Naruto, where are you taking me?"

Naruto smiled. "Can't you guess?"

Naruto took Sakura to his favorite place, The Ramen Bar. "Should have guessed. It is Naruto after all."

"Two pork ramen, three spicy shrimp and… oh… two more pork ramen. That's it for me, what do you want Sakura-chan?"

Sakura smiled. "I'll have a spicy shrimp too." Naruto turned to the cook and said. "One more shrimp please."

Naruto took a seat as Sakura sat next to him. She looked at him and noticed he had gotten way taller that her. He was about a feet higher. 'Damn he's tall.' Inner Sakura said.

Naruto looked as she stared at him. "What's up Sakura-chan?" "Huh, oh nothing."

The ramen was delivered to them as Naruto took his seven ramen bowls and Sakura hers. Naruto was so hungry he could eat the plate, but used his manners, as much as he could anyway, to eat. Sakura just thought of what had happened before.


"Sasuke-kun, come back to us." Sakura cried.

"I have chosen my path Sakura, you would be wise to choose yours, it not concerning me." He said emotionless.

"Why?" She asked, in tears.

"Why, because I need power. Leave, go before I am forced to hurt you." Sasuke looked behind as Orochimaru stared from behind, hidden. Sakura had no idea he was there. 'Leave Sakura, damn, I don't want to hurt you.' he thought.

"Sasuke-kun, I know you, your not like this, you wouldn't."

"Knock her out now, Or I'll kill her." Orochimaru said to Sasuke, which Sakura was unable to hear.

Sasuke made a hand sign and said. "Forgive me, Sakura."


Before he could even move Naruto appeared in front of Sakura. "Naruto!" she cried.

Sasuke just stared.

"If you hurt her, I'll kill you!"

Flashback ends

Sakura was brought back to reality as Naruto snapped a finger in front of her. "Hey Sakura-chan, wake up." Sakura looked at his bowls which were all empty. "Huh?" she said. Naruto looked at her plate. "Are you going to eat that?" Sakura pushed he bowl over to him and said. "You can eat it."

Naruto smiled and said. "Feed it to me." In a second Sakura's fist had gotten from her lap all the way to his face, throwing him off his seat. "I told you that was a one time deal." Naruto sat up, still on the floor, with one hand behind his head and said, laughing. "Just a hopeful, I guess." Sakura stood up as he grabbed the bowl she had given him and ate it in a flash. "Tasty."

Naruto and Sakura walked out of The Ramen Bar. They walked until they reached a spot were Sasuke was standing. "Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke looked at both of them. "Hey Sakura, do you want to train with me tomorrow?" Sakura gasped. Sasuke had gotten a bit softer lately, probably he was still feeling bad for having hurt her so much before. "Of course Sasuke-kun!" she nearly screamed. 'Hell Yeah, Sasuke just asked me out!' Inner Sakura said.

Naruto just looked down. He knew in her eyes he would never compete against him. Sakura looked at him. "Naruto, maybe you and I can do something afterwards." Naruto looked at her. "uh… sure."

As team seven split up to go to their houses Naruto had only one though in his head. 'Sakura asked me out? Even after getting asked out by Sasuke.'

Sakura, also had a similar thought in mind. 'I asked Naruto-kun out, even after Sasuke-kun asked me out? And wait, did I just call him Naruto-kun?'

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