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Chapter 13

In the End

A few days had passed since that day. Sakura hated to even think about it. Sasuke was hurt, quite a bit, and Naruto… She didn't even want to think about it. She didn't know the pain of lost well, but now she did. She had felt what Naruto and Sasuke had felt since their childhood. She hated it.

She stood over the burial, now back in Konoha. Her eyes set on a grave that she herself had seen being put. Why she was here she didn't know. She just needed to come, alone, to think about what had happened. And the effect that it had on her, and those around her…


He wasn't breathing. And was bleeding nonstop. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed as much chakra into it to cure him, but she was nearly out. She had used to much on that fight.

Naruto wasn't responding to anything, he was dying. "No Naruto. Don't die on me, just open your eyes. Don't die!"

As she screamed Sasuke tried to stand up and walk there, but he couldn't. 'Naruto.' Was all he could think about before going blank.

"Naruto! I love you. Don't die on me… Please."

She was crying now. "You promised me you'd bring back Sasuke-kun. And you did, you did what everyone thought was impossible. But you still succeeded. For me."

Still he didn't response. She wasn't sure herself if he was even alive. No, he had to be, he couldn't just.


As she burst into tears on his chest, much like she had done with Sasuke all those years back she heard three people arrive there. The first was Kakashi, followed by Ino and Hinata. Seeing what had happened Kakashi quickly rushed at Naruto and Sakura. "Sakura! Is Naruto?"

Sakura just hugged Kakashi and kept on crying, there was no more she could do. Kakashi ordered Ino to go help Sasuke and Kakashi tried to see if Naruto was even alive. Ino did what she was told and took Sakura with her, trying to calm her down. Hinata just sat on the ground and burst into tears herself. Even Kakashi was starting to get scared. He was no Medic nin.

"We need to get him medical attention quick."

Sakura signed as she placed flowers on the grave and gave a faint smile. 'At least it's not as bad as it could have been.'

Sakura turned to her teammate, Sasuke, who was looking at the grave himself. He was better now, all he needed was three days of sleep. On his side, or rather clinging from him, was the boy she almost lost.

"Naruto, Sasuke. Let's go." Sakura spoke looking at both of them. Yes Naruto had been revived, almost literally, by a group support. Hinata had given most of her chakra to Sakura, and alongside Ino they both had managed to make the bleeding stop and get him back to Konoha. Once there Tsunade managed to fix him up, thanks to the Kyubi's powers.

Naruto nodded as he looked from the Third Hokage's grave towards her. The girl who had saved him, whom he loved. She looked beautiful.

"What are you staring at?" She spoke, in a calm manner. Naruto smiled. "Just a beautiful girl." Sakura smiled as he smiled back. "Sakura-chan, I love you."

"I do too."

"I'm still here." Both were snapped out as they were brought back to reality by Sasuke statement. Blushing at it.

After Naruto healed Kakashi had taken Sasuke apart. "Sasuke." He spoke. "I trust in your maturity, in your growth."

Sasuke gave a puzzled look. "Okay."

"Those two ninja were sent by none other than Itachi, the reason I tell you is because I trust your judgment. " Sasuke's eyes widened, but quickly controlled himself. Sasuke nodded.

"Are you going to say good-bye to them?"

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke now stood at Konoha's gate. Sasuke had gotten permission to get information on Itachi, but was told not to confront him until reinforcement arrived. Sasuke had agreed.

"Hey Sasuke-kun." Sakura spoke. He looked at her. She had a worried look on her face. "Take care of yourself."

Sasuke smiled. "Take care of him." He spoke looking at Naruto, who blushed. Sasuke turned as he walked away but was stopped by Naruto, now standing by himself. "Hey Sasuke."

Sasuke turned. "What."

"Wait until we get there, Don't do anything stupid. Like you always do." Naruto expected an insult for an answer, but Sasuke had seen through Naruto's words. 'Don't die Sasuke.'

Sasuke smiled.

Taking something from his back pocket he placed it on Naruto's hands. It was his old Leaf headband, the one Naruto had scratched. Whom he head given back to Sasuke the day he returned. Naruto just looked at him.

"When Hokage-sama sends you to find me. I want this back, better give it to me loser."

"I promise."

As Sasuke walked away both he and Sakura just watched him got until he was out of sight. "He better not die. Or I'll kill him."

Sakura laughed at this as she placed both arms around his neck. "We'll go after Tsunade-sama sends us to help him. He can take care of himself. Besides…" She trailed of, as he face got closer to his. "I need you to keep me company."

After saying this she placed her lips on his and allowed both of them to do what the had wanted to do for a long time. Just simply love each other. Naruto and Sakura. Just like that. After they separated Naruto smiled. "Damn, I love you Sakura-chan."

"Don't tell me, show me."

As the both kissed again they both knew they would have to face more dangers in the future. They would be sent in a few days to help Sasuke, along side the not just Ino and Hinata, but the rest of the "Rookie 9". But for now, it was just the two of them. As it should be.

"Even the most aggressive woman can be tender to the man she loves" -Shikaku Nara