Mini Marauders

Summary: The boys get drunk, bad things happen, and Lily gets more responsibility.

Note- Please, if you would like to, read Little Lily before hand. This story will revise back to that story, but I guess it's not like a requirement.

Chapter One

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The sun shown brightly through the summer clouds, as Lillian Evans woke up to start her day. The weather was warm, and the morning seemed endless. She was almost ready to start the day.

She sat up, setting Roy and Royeta down off her chest, grabbed her daily clothes and a towel before hopping into the shower. Today was going to be a good day for her, she hoped, for today was the last day of her potion preparations. If all went good, she'd have her ministry job within the week.

Lily got out of the shower, dried her hair quickly with her wand, and went into the kitchen. At the moment she lived in a little two-bedroom muggle apartment, until she got this job. When she did, she hoped to live in a more wizard type area. If she ever got caught doing magic in such a muggle place, there goes her home and probably her soon to be job.

She checked the potion that was slowly brewing on the table. She didn't want it to be cooking while she slept, but in order for it even to work she had to. So she had turned it on to its lowest while she slept through the night. Luckily nothing happened.

She began getting things out of the fridge for her breakfast. It was August fifth, and things were looking brighter after that whole incident with the Marauders only two months before. She was happy to be getting her life in order. For at least a week, before she got to where she was at, she had to stay with her sister Petunia and her soon-to-be husband, Vernon. That wasn't such a pleasant visit, and she was very happy to be out of there.

She got her breakfast ready, and prepared herself for her day. Mostly it was spent in the house watching the potion closely, it seemed to be her life at the moment, but there were those rare occasions when they came over. It wasn't like she didn't like them, but they did tend to get rowdy at her apartment.

She smiled at what they did do though. It made her laugh a lot. She wondered why she hadn't got to know the Marauders sooner during school. There was James Potter, the charming and, though Lily didn't like to notice, flirtatious type. Sirius Black, the upbeat man, even though he seemed like a little boy, who loved to pull pranks. Remus Lupin, the quiet man who had a little viscous side to him and loved to read and play chess. And sometimes they'd drag along a guy by the name of Peter Pettigrew. Lily didn't know much about him, but he seemed nice. The sad thing was that they told her that he was drifting away from the Marauders ever since school ended.

Lily sighed and finished her plate. What would she do without those boys? For all she knew her life could have been in danger if it wasn't for their care. Or maybe it might have been even more of a risk for her to even be with them for that part of summer. But she came out good enough, so they must have done something good.

She washed her dirty dishes, checked her potion, and went out into the living room. The apartment was small, and good enough for her. But the bad thing was that she was a touch bit unorganized. It bothered her a whole lot. There were books spreads all around her living room, along with papers, pens, quills, parchments, a little black and white T.V and somewhere under all of it was a couch and a floor. She sighed, sometime that day she'd have to make herself clean all of it up, but for right now she felt like reading.

She picked up one of her many books and fished around it until she found her page.


Two hours later, Lily was snoozing on her couch. While she slept her arm moved to a pile of books. They fell, and Lily woke up in a daze. She hadn't known how long she was sleeping, but when she did fall asleep she did remember it being close to, maybe, eleven. She quickly looked at the clock and found it to be twelve-thirty.

'My potion!' Lily thought. She quickly set her book down, and went into the kitchen.

The potion lay brewing. She sighed, and sat down. She looked around till she spotted the potion book. She grabbed it off the counter, and sat back down. She flipped to the marked page, and read.

She then got up and looked at her potion. She smiled to herself, and turned off the little burner. It was complete! Now all it had to do was cool for some hours. She'd bring a middle sized vile to the ministry that evening, and finally get it off her mind. No regular eighteen-year-old girl should have to be cooped up in a house all this time. Even if she was a witch, not even all-young girl witches did what she just did.

She went back into the living room. Feeling more cheery, she started to put away books and parchments.

By three o'clock the room looked a lot better. You could see her couch, and the T.V stand, and the floor. It was hardwood by the way.

She dusted herself off, and wiped her brow. The heat had risen a lot and things were starting to get hot. She opened a window, now not having the worry of any papers blowing away, and sat on the couch. Within another three hours she'd have an almost secured job. But maybe she shouldn't feel so confident. What if she did so poorly on the potion she worked so hard on, that they wouldn't even think about her in their presence?

She shook the thought off. No use in getting so gloomy now.

She picked up her book, and started to read again, but with no luck she read no pages. Her stomach growled. She was very hungry.


Lily was back by seven o'clock. Things went great and the future looked very good for her. The ministry man she had given the potion to looked very pleased with the results. He said she'd receive an owl post soon.

She kicked off her shoes, and went into the kitchen. The walk back down was a little harder then the walk up. It certainly was hotter, and she felt dirty will all the sweat she sweated. She set the remainder of the potion aside onto the counter, and washed off the little mess that had arrived on the table. As she was cleaning she noticed a letter.

Suddenly she remembered she had left the window open all day. She didn't close it when she had left that evening. She went to her living room, quickly closed it, and went back to the table.

The letter was from James Potter. She opened it, and it read:

Dear Miss Lily,

We've come to celebrate something that you'll know about when we arrive at your house promptly at seven ten. Do not ask why we are coming at seven-ten we just want to.

We will see you then!

The Marauders

Lily glanced at her kitchen clock. It was nine minutes past. She quickly took out her wand and started making things unbreakable. There has never been a moment in her apartment when Sirius didn't love to touch her muggle things.

By the time she did the living room there was several rows of knocks coming from her door. If she didn't hurry up and answer them, there would probably be complaining from her neighbors.

She went to her door, quickly unlocked the locks, and opened it. There, standing inches from her face were two heavily drunk men, and a sober Remus. James gave Lily a very big slobbery kiss on the cheek and stepped in. Sirius hugged her, and followed suit. Remus sighed and stepped in.

"They got drunk before they got here?" Lily asked amazed.

"I'm sorry, Lily. It was kind of hard to control them." Remus said. He ran a nervous hand through his hair. "I do hope this won't be a repeat of Sirius's birthday party…"

"I promise it won't be!" Sirius said. He took a big swallow of whatever he was drinking. "Come Lily we must tell you why we are celebrating."

"It's rather stupid." Remus muttered.

Lily followed him into the living room. James passed Lily and Remus a bottle that he had pulled out of…well somewhere. Remus refused politely, and Lily sat her drink on the floor next to her.

"You see Lils," James started. "It all started when I got a job!"

There was a few seconds of silence. James and Sirius had a big smile on their faces, and were just looking at Lily. "And…?" Lily asked.

"And! And that's it!" Sirius slurred, taking another big sip. "I've nothing else to say, right Remie?"

Remus sighed. "I told you it was quite stupid."

"Well they'll be feeling it in the morning." Lily said, eyeing the two drunken boys as they went on drinking. "I don't suppose you've had too much to drink."

"I've had one cup." Remus said.

"Good. I really need a shower, and—"

"Woo-hoo! Lillian is going to take a shower! Jamesie you should go help her." Sirius teased.

"Nope!" James replied, too drunk to really care about what he had just said. "I just had a cup!"

The two boys started to laugh. Of course that made no sense what so ever. Lily rolled her eyes and continued on. "Could you watch them for about ten minutes? When I come back down I'll make them up a sober-up potion or something."

Remus nodded. Lily hopped up out of her chair, and went into her bathroom, making sure to lock the door ("They're drunk! Anything could happen!" Lily had said aloud to herself). Grabbing another towel, she took a quick shower. She put on clean clothing before going back out into the hallway to see what the boys were doing then. No one was in the living room, which surprised her a bit. But she did see the boys' clothes all around. Meaning the three of them were doing something…naked.

'Oh come on Remus. I thought you'd be watching them.' Lily thought.

She followed the trail of clothes into the kitchen. She opened the door. Her mouth hung open to what she had seen right then and there.


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