Chapter Twelve

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Lily watched as the little fish, known as Goldie-Henry, swam around in its fish tank. Its color seemed to be fading just a little, its golden shine no longer so bright. She grabbed the fish food from the counter next to her, and sprinkled some in. The food floated at the top, the fish swimming up to look at it. There was a moment's hesitation, and then it swam away. Lily looked at the fish food. She guessed the fish just didn't like it. Sighing, she set the food down, and went over to the stove to check on her and the boys' lunch. She couldn't believe the fish would really have a preference to food.

There was some stomping, a few things shaking that she had on the wall, and in came all three, hyper and loud. Lily put a finger on her lips and sent them all mini glares, and they quieted down. Sirius stood on his tiptoes to take a look at his fish. "Why isn't he eating?"

"I think it's the brand of fish food. We'll just have to go back to the pet store to find a different kind," she answered, stirring the soup that sat on the fire.

"Is he dying?" James asked, coming to stand next to Sirius. He tapped the glass, making Goldie-Henry swim away from his finger. "He doesn't look so shiny."

"I hope he's not," Lily said, grabbing bowls from her cupboard. "I suppose we shouldn't wait any longer for the answer."

"I'm hungry. What are we having, mum?"

Lily gave Remus a glance, before setting a bowl in front of him. "We are having soup, Remus. You'd better eat it while it's still hot, too. It's better that way."

"Will it get colder, mum?" Sirius asked, sitting next to Sirius. "Will Goldie-Henry die, if he's cold?"

"What are all the questions for?" Lily laughed. "No, he shouldn't die if the kitchen gets cold. But he will if he doesn't start eating."

"I'll eat my soup fast! That way we can get to go to the store faster!"

"Don't eat too fast. You'll burn you're throat." Lily finished serving everyone, and wiped her hands on a hand rag. "Now, I'm going to go to the loo. Don't destroy anything while I'm gone."

She left the three boys in the kitchen. They ate quietly, trying not to burn themselves as they did so. Sirius kept his eye on the gold fish, making sure he wasn't going to turn belly side up any time soon.

Lily came out a few minutes later, relieved that nothing was broken nor was anyone lying on the floor crying.


"Go get your trainers on! Hurry, hurry!"

Lily was hurrying the boys along, trying to get to the pet store before it closed early today. She put on her own socks and shoes before grabbing her wand and money. "Are you guys ready? We have to get to Diagon Alley! Quick, quick!"

"I'm missing a shoe!" James came in, hobbling a little as he was only wearing one shoe.

Lily almost sighed until she remembered she had her wand in her hand. She flicked her wrist, saying, "Accio James's left shoe!"

The shoe came from inside the couch, spreading cushions everywhere. Lily rolled her eyes as James giggled and pulled his last shoe on. "I forgot I put it in there for safe keeping."

Remus came in dressed first, and Sirius came running in after, holding the fish bowl. Lily watched as some water slopped onto the floor. "Sirius we don't need that. Watch out! You're going to spill him!"

"But how will we know what he likes if we don't have him?" Sirius didn't look like he was going to give up. "He gets lonely if we leave him at home, too."

"How do you know that?" Remus accused. "You can't talk to fish!"

"How do you know I can't?" Sirius wasn't going to let this down either.

"Because…that's just…preposterous!"

"Mom, Remy is making up words!"

Lily shook her head and clicked her tongue. "Now boys do you want your pet to die?"

The two boys shook their heads. James joined the two boys in the line. Lily held out her arms for the fish bowl. Sirius handed it to her, a little reluctantly, and Lily set him back in the kitchen. After promising the little fish that they'd be back, and trying one last time to feed him, she led the boys out the front door and down out of the apartments.

"I want to lead the way!" James took lead, running down the street.

"No way!" Sirius caught up.

Remus stayed behind, sticking next to Lily. Lily sighed and called the two boys back to stand next to her. They eventually made it to Diagon Alley. Lily went to the brick wall, pulling out her wand to poke the places. The door opened, and they made their way through to the pet store.

"Back so soon?" There stood an assistant to the store. "I've seen these three before."

"Our fish won't eat!" James said.

"Well, come back here and I will see what we can do."

Lily followed the three boys to the fish part of the store. There were a lot of foods and different tanks. Lily looked at all the food, but couldn't figure out which one was needed for Goldie-Henry. James and Sirius oohed and awed at the different fish, while Remus just quietly walked along, his eyes to the floor.

The man finally stopped in front of some food. "This is what you got last time." He pointed to the food. Lily nodded; it was the food that was sitting on their counter at home. "This is what you can try next." He handed them a different kind of goldfish food, and led them back to the counter. They paid for the food, the boys thanked him, and they were off again.

James led the way home. Lily didn't mind as long as he waited before crossing the streets. They made it back home, and Lily began the process of cleaning out the tank of all the spoiled food.

Remus watched with sad eyes. "He doesn't look good."

"No, but I'm sure this food will cheer him up." Lily finished the cleaning, and put fresh water inside. She set Goldie-Henry in. They watched him swim for a moment before Lily called James and Sirius into the room. "Let's see if he'll eat this."

Lily sprinkled some food in. They sat in anticipation as the goldfish swam up. It seemed interested and after a moment it started to pop the little flakes into its mouth. The boys cheered and Lily found herself laughing.

"Alright, boys, clear the kitchen, I'm going to make dinner."

"I want to watch the Tele!" James raced Sirius to the living room, Remus following closely behind. Lily watched the fish for a moment more, before pulling out what she would need to make their dinner.


Lily dreamt of a little house in the country side. She was sure that she was content and happy. She was married, though when she tried to see the face it became blurry. She didn't worry, though. She wasn't going to worry. It was a nice dream. She had a nice comfy bed with big blankets and fluffy pillows. She had three sons, too, and they all played nicely. Though it was strange, as she looked on from her bed she only saw two of her boys, and they both seemed to be crying.

Her brow furrowed. She wasn't dreaming anymore.

"Mommy, get up!"

"Ple-please get up!"

Lily swooped the two in her arms. James and Sirius were sobbing, tears coming down their cheeks and eyes red. Lily, without even asking what happened, began to calm them down. There was no use in trying to hush to bawling boys. When they had settled down into hiccups she asked them what was wrong.

"We woked up this morning to go feed Goldie-Henry," Sirius started. He wiped his eyes and sniffled.

"When we went down there, we saw that our fishy wasn't in the tank at all. We can't find him!

Lily gasped a little. "Goldie-Henry wasn't in the tank?"

James shook his head. "And the tank was dumped out, and the water is on the floor!"

"Remus wasn't in his bed when we woke up! He's not downstairs or anything!" Sirius said. He wiped at his eyes again. "We don't know where he is!

Lily set the boys on the bed. She told them to not leave the room. She grabbed some clothes and pulled them on. She put on shoes, and ran out into the hall. The door was locked, so he was still inside the apartment. Lily searched the kitchen. The tank lay on the floor, the water all over. She cleaned up the water and searched all of the little crevices that she could think of, before going into the living room. He wasn't in there either, and she was starting to get worried.

After she searched the living room, she noticed that the bathroom door was closed. It was unusual, so she opened it up. There she found the shower curtains closed, and sniffling. She pulled open the door, and saw Remus. He was soaking wet and was holding a little cup. Inside the cup swam Goldie-Henry, unharmed.

"Remus! What's going on?"

Remus looked up at Lily, and started to cry more. She realized that she was being a little too harsh, so she tried the gentler approach. "Remus, come out of the bathtub and come tell mommy what happened."

Remus climbed out of the bathtub, and Lily took the cup out of his hands.

"I woke up early and was coming to check on the fish." Remus wiped his wet eyes, and Lily started stripping off his wet pajamas. "I wanted to feed him, so I climbed up, but knocked him over. I was so scared! He started to flop on the floor and I thought I gave him brain damage! I found a cup and took him to the bathtub to fill the whole bath with water. When he started swimming again, I put him in the cup."

"Remus you did the right thing to put him back in the water," Lily said, taking a towel and rubbing his hair. "But you have to wait until mommy wakes up to try and feed him okay? Stop the crying."

Remus nodded and wiped the last few tears away. Lily let him carry the fish to the counter before telling him to go up and tell the others to get dressed for the day. Lily looked over at the clock. It was seven fifteen. Way too early to start the mini drama.


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