Title: Through A Candle's Flame

By: Angeicalangie

Rating: PG

Email: Romance, Angst, Action

Disclaimer: All character and anything that comes from Stargate is property of MGM, and companies affiliated with the production of Stargate SG1 trademark and copyright infringement is not intended. This piece of fic is meant for entertainment purposes only and since I am a student it is a lot pointless to sue me!

Summary: What happens after the death of the man you love? And in the face of the myriad of possibilities, is it possible that somehow, somewhere love remains?

Spoilers: Divide and Conquer

Through a Candle's Flame

Chapter One

Sitting on the dunes of Vorash Sam Carter found some measure of serenity, deeply breathing in the dry warmth of the air she relaxed into a gentle slumber. The stress of the past weeks of missions and planning of the coming treaty had finally taken its toll on Sam. Sure she hadn't had anything to do with the actual planning of the meeting, but she had been there for Daniel when he had hit loggerheads with the writing of the treaty. Until recently.

Martouf, looking for relaxation from the negotiations of petty trivialities of both side walked away from the rings. He stretched his toned body and closed his eyes for a moment, while Lantash lay silently resting within him, Martouf had been up all night working out the ever increasing details. Sighing, he decided to burn up some of his frustrations with a brisk walk.

Lantash stirred within him, so finally we are away from the idiocy of politics then

Yes Lantash we are Martouf replied, amused.

And about time too, I was almost asleep Lantash returned grumpily.

Thank you Lantash

Martouf? Isn't that a body over there? Lantash's voice was sharp in his enquiry.

Martouf's breathing stopped for a moment. Could the Goa'uld have found Vorash? Racing towards the prone figure, he realized it was Sam, tears appeared in his eyes, No, Not her, please no He thought, his anxiety over-ruling his common sense for a moment.

Calm down, she is breathing, she's asleep Martouf Lantash quickly assured him.

Martouf hit the ground on his knees expelling a breath of air held for far too long. Awaking slowly Sam turned, moaned and opened her eyes to see Martouf bending over her, his expression one of relief.

Exerting his will over Martouf, Lantash asked, "Are you alright? Martouf believed you were dead and he did not wait to see if you were breathing."

There are times I hate you Lantash! Martouf fumed at his symbiote.

As Jacob says,' suck it up'

Moving to sit up Sam stared at Martouf, noticing the dampness where unbidden tears had flowed and Sam's heart jumped in her breast. Raising a hand to dry his cheeks, she smiled almost seductively at him.

Martouf stared at her and grasped her hand and kissed it. Sam grinned wolfishly, and reaching out she grabbed the front of his tunic, pulled him to her and kissed him deeply.

Suddenly conflicts she had for a while passed into obscurity and the deep feelings from Jolinar and her own melded and merged as she realized that her crush on Jack was misplaced feelings for the man in her arms.

Pulling apart Martouf looked in her eyes. "You were distracted earlier. I saw you looking at Colonel O'Neill" He stroked her face and Sam sighed.

"I thought I had feelings for the Colonel, I was wrong." She stroked his cheek,

"Isn't it time we got back to work?" Martouf's face fell.

"Will you have dinner with me; there is much I wish to talk about." Martouf look earnestly into Sam's eyes.

"Certainly, I think there is much I need to know." Sam said slowly rising to with Martouf; they kissed again, thinking of the future.

"So are you ready?" Anise's voice penetrates the obvious reverie of things past and hesitantly Sam sits down in the chair.

"So tell us of the events as you remember them after the point at which you were trapped behind the forcefeild."

"Well, I remember watching the Colonel trying to deactivate the force field, he was using brute force to open a panel, he looked angry and frustrated. Almost in pain.

"I had been feeling a lot of mixed feeling towards the Colonel for quite a long time. I knew the desperate measures he was taking were because he felt a lot more than he was, by regulations, allowed and I realized that much as I cared for him, it wasn't to the point of desperation. I felt saddened, and a little relieved. The only thing I could think of was Martouf." Sam left off notably quieter than she had started, and seemingly hesitant.

"Why were you thinking of Martouf, Major Carter?" Anise said warily.

"Because for a very long time, since I met him really, I have felt a deep feeling for him. At first I thought it was because I had been host for Jolinar for a brief time, but I now know that isn't the case."

"And you know this how?"

"Because things have progressed, between Martouf and me, beyond that of friendship." Sam said cringing inwardly, she hadn't wanted to reveal that so early on. Jack's face fell, betraying his feelings. Anise's face had grown hard, near angry looking.

"You also are not a Zatarc." Anise finally said, her voice tinged with a form of regret.

Jack moved across the room and helped Carter out of the chair. "Sir, None of this has to leave this room."

"We're okay with that?" Jack replied, feeling somewhat relieved that he didn't have to go down the dinner dissimilation of what had happened and of the hurt he felt.

"Yes, sir."

"Every SGC personnel has been tested, Even the High councilor and his personal guard were tested on Vorash before they came." Anise said finally.

"Hey, what about you? You ever been tested on that thing?" Jack said, he just didn't trust a being with a snake in them damn what Carter did with Marty.

"I have not been in any situations where I would be vulnerable to the Goa'uld Zatarc technology." Damn, Jack thought, The girl with a snake had an answer for everything.

"What about Martouf?" The air got decidedly thicker. And Sam, as she spoke the fateful words she felt unease, they should have checked Martouf, what had they done?.

"We did not feel the need to test him. We had found you." And number one on the top ten reasons to never trust a snakehead Jack thought, sloppy workmanship.

Running down the hallways of the SGC Sam felt time dilate; she didn't think she would make it in time to save him. A plume of dust shot into the corridor and suddenly Sam's worst fears were realized she turned the corner and found anyone with a weapon shooting at the man she had only just realized she loved.

"Hold your fire!" She screamed at them praying someone wasn't trigger happy that day.

"Samantha." The look in his eyes pleading, tears welling up, his hand rising up to complete the mission and commit suicide. The unspoken please, to stop the pain he was feeling, unknowing whether it was physical or emotional. He wanted to feel nothing. He wanted to be preserved, so that others may not have to suffer like this. His only hope was the woman he loved.

She didn't want to; slowly she leveled her arm with the Zat in hand. Teal'c had already fired one shot; he knew this would ultimately end his life. She didn't want to do this. Everything in her screamed that she couldn't accept her heart. Her heart told her to end his life, and give him back the dignity he had had ripped from him.

She fired.

He slumped to the ground, prone. He looked asleep. She ran to him and gathered him in her arms tears flooded down her face unchecked or noticed. Silence reigned supreme.

"I promise you, his death will ultimately prove to be a noble sacrifice." She was upset too, Anise, she obviously had something going on deep down for him too. Now Sam understood why she had been so cold to her after she had admitted the developments between herself and Martouf, jealousy.