Disclaimer: Yes, there is a character death. I own Kris Oliver.

Summary: The reason why there wasn't a Pink Dino Gem on Dino Thunder.

Chapter 1 Before it All

Tommy Oliver, former Green, White, and Red Ranger, flung the door open to his house in Reefside, California. He was holding something in his hand as he closed the door behind him, a smile on his face.

"Kimberly, Kim," Tommy yelled excitedly.

She walked into the living room and covered her mouth with one finger. She had a smile on her face as well.

"Shhh," Kimberly Oliver laughed, "Kris is taking a nap."

Tommy still could not believe how lucky he was. He and Kim had gotten back together the summer of 1998. Tommy had already passed on his turbo powers to T.J. Johnson. It had been at one of Tommy's races in Florida that he and Kim met.


Tommy paid for his drink and headed back towards his pit area. His life had been pretty quiet since passing on his powers. He was racing his uncle's cars part time while going to college. He was in his own little world when someone began calling his name.

"Tommy," the female voice called.

He looked up and froze in shock.

"You look like you haven't seen me in years," she laughed.

"Sorry, it has been almost a year you know," Tommy reminded her.

"While, I'm probably the last person you thought you'd see here I'd imagine," she said.

"Yeah," Tommy laughed.

The eighteen year old girl couldn't contain herself anymore.

"It's good to see you, Tommy," she said.

"It's good to see you too, Kimberly," he smiled.

The two of them hugged. Their embrace lasted quite some time.

"Um, so where's Kat," Kim wondered after she let go of Tommy.

Kim could imagine seeing a pregnant Kat walking up to them now.

"Kim, we're not together anymore. We said our goodbye's right before she left for New York," Tommy said.

"Just because she left ya'll broke up," Kim asked.

"I couldn't lie to myself anymore,' Tommy admitted.

"Lying, how," Kim asked.

"I kept telling Kat I loved her when I didn't. The truth is, Kim, you're the one I love. You're the one I want to be with. Without you, I'm not whole," Tommy said.

By that time, Kim already had tears in her eyes.

"I don't know what to say," she cried.

"Say you love me, Kimberly," Tommy said.

"How can you still love me for what I did to you," Kim asked.

"Because I know how much stress you must have been in trying to juggle gymnastics, school, and being with a boyfriend that was living clear across the country," Tommy said.

"You took the words right tout of my mouth," Kim laughed. "You're right. I do still love you."


Christmas of 1999, Tommy and Kim got married. Still till this day, Jason ribs Tommy about it. Tommy was supposed to have Kim open it Christmas Eve. He caved in and ended up asking her the night before. The waiting was killing him. Their wedding picture now hung up at Hayley's Cyberspace. Kris was born in early 2000, which meant Kim was already pregnant when they got married.

"Sorry," Tommy apologized, "but this is amazing."

He picked her up and spun her around the room.

"It must be for you to do something like that," Kim said.

"Take a look at this," Tommy smiled, placing a pink gem in her hand.

"No way, is that…" Kim began.

Her eyes were glued to the pink object in her hand.

"This power is greater than all our coins combine," Tommy said.

"You think you'll ever need to harness their power," Kim asked.

"I hope not," Tommy said.

The gem glowed bright in Kim's hand, which it had not in Tommy's.

"Why is it glowing," Kim asked.

"Because, it's yours," Tommy smiled. "The gem chooses you it seems."

"No, Tommy. This can't be right. I haven't fought in years. It'll take me forever to prepare," Kim said.

"Don't worry," Tommy smiled, "I'll give you a refresher course."


That was the summer of 2000. It was a year later, and things had been pretty quiet. The guys had decided to go camping for the weekend.

"You should be happy. You're going to have a blast with the boys," Kim said.

"Yeah, but what about that dream I've been having," Tommy asked.

Kim shook her head and laughed as she kissed him. She knew Tommy was getting apprehensive about his dreams. Tommy felt like he shouldn't leave Kim and Kris alone.

"Kris and I will be fine," Kim assured him.

The door bell rang. Tommy grabbed his bag and looked back at Kim as he opened the door.

"You ready, bro," Jason asked.

"I guess," Tommy sighed.

"What's the matter with you," Zack asked, making his way in the door with Rocky and Adam.

Jason had already went in and had Kris in his arms.

"I know what's bothering him," Rocky said.

Adam looked over at him and laughed.

"Oh, you do," he asked.

"Tommy doesn't want to leave Kim and Kris alone," Rocky said.

"Kim's a big girl," Jason laughed. "I think she can handle two days without you."

Jason handed Kris back to Kim began walking to the door.

"Man, I wish Billy was here," he said. "Cause if we get lost, we're screwed."

"You guys have fun now," Kim laughed.


Two nights later, Kim shut Kris's door and headed into the living room. Tommy was due back home within an hour. As she headed into the living room, Kim stopped and stared at the figure in front of her.

"Where's Oliver," the voice asked.

Kim gasped.

"He's not here," she said. "Who are you?"

"My master calls me Zeltrax," he replied.

"Well, Zeltrax, like I just told you. Tommy is not here, so if you can just tell me what it is you want, I'll make sure to give him the message," Kim said.

Kim was praying inside that Tommy would just walk through that door and pummel this creep.

"But the energy reading said the gem's here," Zeltrax replied.

Kim's eyes went down.

"It is, but you're not getting it," she said.

He walked up to her and grabbed her throat.

"We'll see about that," Zelrax said.

"Let go of me," Kim begged.

"Tell me where the gem is," Zeltrax said.

"Never," Kim yelled.

"Then you must die," Zeltrax said.

Kim's eyes grew and screamed. Everything then went black.


Tommy walked in the door to find his wife on the floor, covered in blood.

"Kim," he gasped.

Jason, Zack, Adam, and Rocky just stared in shock.

"Jason, check on Kris," Tommy commanded.

"Sure thing," he said.

Zack, Adam, and Rocky slowly walked up behind Tommy.

"Come on, Kim, you got to wake up," Zack said.

Jason walked out of the door with Kris in his arms. The little girl was still asleep.

"Whoever did this wanted something, but what," Adam asked.

"This," Tommy said.

He opened up the drawer that was in front of him and pulled out a gem. Tommy gasped when he saw the pink in the gem was gone.

"Tommy, what happened," Rocky asked. "Why isn't it glowing anywhere?"

Tommy had told them all about this gem how there might be more out there somewhere.

"This is all still a little confusing to me too," Tommy said, "but I think if the holder of the gem has… died, then so does the gem."

"If the gem did die, then there would be no use in it, right," Jason asked.

"I don't know," Tommy said. "I'm still trying to figure out of those powers work."


Zeltrax backed up as Mesogog walked closer to him.

"You what," Mesogog hissed.

"I couldn't find the gem," Zeltrax said.

"I guess it doesn't matter now," Mesogog admitted. "The gem will never be able to be harnessed again anyway."


Chapter 2 is coming soon.