Title: Grudge of the Asakura

Rating: T+

Summary: A terrible discovery. A horrific death. When the body of Asakura Yoh is found in his parent's closet, the group is grief stricken. Mourning for their lost friend, they wonder who would commit such a crime, so Lyserg begins an investigation, determined to find the culprit but this is not the only thing they have to worry about, for something now creeps within the hotel, wreaking havoc upon the shamans, and soon tracking down the mystery killers.

Chuck: Hey all! This is my newest fic, and probably my darkest yet." I'm not really sure how the Japanese school system works, so I'm just gonna have it that they have school Mon-Fri, then get the weekend off. Well enjoy!

Chapter 01


It's funny to think about how wether a story be happy or tragic in the end, it usually starts out with blue skies and warm sunshine. It's as if the setting itself is trying to foreshadow the coming events. Snap!

"Lyserg-chan, would you quit it with that camera."

"But I must Tamao! With this camera, I shall become the world's greatest detective! I gotta try it out.

" Tamao giggled as the emerald shaman continued to snap photographs of her and their friends. It was a warm Saturday afternoon as the shamans hung out at the Oyamada mall. As usual it was packed. The building's construction had just finished a month ago, so everyone was intrigued to see how Oyamada Mansumi had once again improved the quality of things around them. Humans; so foolish. These were the thoughts of Hao Asakura as he sat at a fountain with his friends, sipping an orange juice.

"Lyserg-chan, stop!" Tamao smiled as Lyserg snapped another photo.

"Aw, come on, Tamao. You know you're loving every moment of it."

Ryu looked to the two, then smiled softly. It had been so awkward at first, when he finally admitted the feelings that he shared for both of the shamans. He had been worried they would make him choose, but they were quite mature about. They waited for a few days, then they both approached him with an idea

"So, how's the RLT today?"

Ryu looked to Yoh then smiled. RLT; this was the result of the feelings that all three shaman's felt for each other. When Lyserg and Tamao confessed that they two were finding attraction in each other, this is what they came up with. Not a romantic couple, but a romantic trio. The R stood for Really, L stood for Lovely, and T stood for Team. Really Lovely Team. "We're just fine, Danna? How are you and Manta doing?"

Yoh giggled, then looked down to the small boy who was staring off into space. "We're doing okay."

Manta watched a family enter a electrical restaurant. The place was literally run by robots. They we're fast, efficient, and never asked for a raise. A true money saver. "From electronics, to malls. My dad will soon own the world." Arms suddenly wrapped around him and lifted him up. He was placed on a lap.

"But, I shall always own you."

"Yoh-kun . . ." The small boy blushed.

"What a disgusting display!"

Ren looked to Horo. "You're all grouchy. What's you're problem."

"It's just . . . . Look at how they're all acting. They're laughing, smiling, you know; actually showing that they care about each other. Why don't you do that with me?"

The Tao sighed, as he took a drink of his milk. "Horo, when you told me you loved me, I made you aware that I may not always show it."

"Yeah, but you don't show it at all!"

"Hmm." Ren became quiet as he thought.

"Don't worry, Horo."

The Ainu looked to Hao.

"He's just trying to hide his feelings for me."

"Nani!" Ren jumped to his feet. "Oh yeah! Come on Horo! I'm getting you an ice cream!"

As the two stormed off, Yoh giggled then looked to his brother. "Well, ya got him acting like he owns Horo. That's a start."

Hao sighed as he watched two run to the ice cream stand. "Poor boy. I'm just so irresistible."

"Uh, Hao?" Yoh waved his hand in front of his brother's face, then not receiving a response, sighed, and looked to Amidamaru. "So, you and the spirits are all going out tonight, right?"

"Aa, Yoh-dono. We probably wont be back until morning."

"Aa. Having a bit of ghostly bonding I see?"

"Uh . . . something like that . . ." The samurai couldn't bring himself to tell his master that they were all going to get drunk on Funbari Hill.

Yoh smiled. "That actually works out pretty good, cause we've got that big dinner planned for tonight. You know, at that restaurant my Mom's been dying to check out."

Hao chuckled. "I bet mom just likes the attention from the staff who see her staring in the window."

":Hey Asakura!"

"Uh?" The group all looked over, then sighed. There stood the local bullies.

The first boy was Hitomo Takeshi, an average sized boy, not very built, but not a weakling. His hair was silver, and his eyes were a deep emerald color. He was the leader of the group. An interesting point about him was, when ever he was worried, scared or even caught in a lie, he began to talk funny, using a lot of bad grammar and adding S's to words. Truly an odd boy.

The next was Miano Yoko. This boy could be summed up quite easily as an evil version of Ren personality wise. He had an unintentional Goth look, his hair black with a few thin streaks of blond at the front and his eyes a deep silver, much like Hao's. His shirts were usually dark blues, greens and purples, while he usually wore long jeans that covered his boots. What separated Yoko from Ren was the sadistic personality that could sometimes get him into trouble, or even get him out of trouble.

Junen, the third boy was in a league of his own. If he hadn't known them since kindergarten, he would probably be one of the kids they picked on. With red hair that he kept back in a pony tail, a jean jacket and sparkling blue eyes, he was nicest of the group. Out of the 4 boys, he was the only one who didn't actually pick one anyone. He watched and would occasionally help with pranks, but if his friends ever got to violent or cruel, it was his duty to stop them, or at least help them to tone down their actions. He was probably the one that kept them from crossing the line between bullies, and criminals.

Now, the final member of the group was the strangest of all. He was massive, about 8 inches taller than Hao, not as smart as others and very built. He had short brown hair, and big blue eyes. His name was Yamato Goro, and he was an ill boy. Goro had a split personality disorder. One moment he would be a normal bully, picking on the cheerleaders, throwing kids in their locker, but if Goro got really mad . . . . it never ended well. He was like an Asian version of the Hulk, without the green skin, and shirts being torn off. At the age of ten he put his math teacher in a coma. Nowadays, it was rare to see the boy actually become this beast, because he took special classes to help him stay calm, but the knowledge of it was able to strike fear in anyone one who dared to anger the boy, even the teachers. There was only one person in the whole school who wasn't frightened by it; Yoh.

Now, it wasn't because he was a shaman that Yoh didn't fear it, in fact several months ago he had been the same as his friends and class mates, but then his history teacher, Fujiyama-san, volunteered him to be Goro's tutor. The teacher had told Yoh he had chosen him, because Yoh himself was sort of odd, so the two might get along. The first few sessions were quiet, usually consisting of Yoh reading pages from books that he himself hardly understood, then after a month, Yoh began renting tapes and coming up with strange games they could play to help remember the text. After two weeks of this, Goro's marks went from a D- to a B-. After this, Yoh and Goro had developed a certain understanding towards each other, and though Yoh would occasionally talk to the air, and Goro was more brawns then brains, they agreed that Yoh would continue to tutor the boy in the subject. It was this that often also kept Yoh from getting the more extreme bullying from the group, though as you are about to find out, he still did got teased.

"So Asakura, you still into taking to air?"

Yoh stared at Takashi quietly.

"What's the matter? Did the blood flow get cut off from your brain again."

"I'm just wondering which one of us you're talking to. Hao is sitting right next to me."

Hao snickered.

Goro looked to the twin. "Can it, fruit face!"

Hao tilted his head. "Fruit face? That doesn't really make any since considering I don't really resemble any fruit; at least not any fruit I know."

Yoko grinned. "Oh really? Well, allow me to help you out." He suddenly grabbed the orange juice from Hao's hands and through it in his face.

"Hey!" Junen tapped Yoko's shoulder. "Citric Acid. It can damage the eyes."

"Oh for . . . fine." Yoko suddenly pushed Hao back into the fountain. "There! All clean."


"Hao, no!"

The angered shaman jumped up and was about to summon Spirit of Fire, when Yoh suddenly grabbed his arms. "You promised me Hao! You promised!"

Hao froze hearing this, then slowly sat down and sighed. "Aa, ototo."

Takahi grinned. "Oh, what was he gonna do? Pass gas before us!" Yoko and him began to laugh, then walked away as Junen followed, shaking his head in disapproval.

Yoh began to dry Hao off with some napkins, when he suddenly felt something placed in his hand. "Nani?" He looked, and saw Goro crouched down in front of him.

"That should be enough to pay for his drink."

Yoh stared for a moment, then grinned. "Sankyuu!"

The bully nodded, then lifted himself up and began to walk away.

"Oh! Goro!"

"Hm?" He turned to Yoh.

"I'm gonna have to cancel tonight's meeting. My family's going out to dinner and . . ."

"No problem. I've got some plans anyway."


And with that the bully turned away and continued back to his friends.

Yoh smiled then looked back to his brother, who now looked miserable. "Gomen, Hao. I know things have been hard ever since you came home."

"I hate this."


"In Shaman Fight people ran in terror at the sound of mine name, now . . . they just throw juice in my face."

Yoh sighed, and laid his head down on his shoulder.

"Sankyuu, Onichan. For putting up with them . . . and with me."

Hao looked to his brother then smiled. "There's no problems dealing with you. It's just everyone else."

"Even me?"

Hao looked to Manta then sighed. "Baka. Okay, so it's not everyone. It's just . . . humans."

The Asakura had been found a week after the shaman fight and had been held by the Pach members. Silva contacted Yoh and told him Hao was alive, and asked what they should do with him. Yoh told them to aid him back to health, and that he would go to America to bring him home. After weeks of medical care, Yoh told the group that he was going on a special training mission, and that he had to be alone. When he returned with Hao, there was a great deal of controversy. The shaman complained that Yoh hadn't taken their feelings into consideration, but Yoh finally convinced them that Hao deserved a chance to live a normal life with his family. It was several months later now, and Yoh was somehow able to give a reasonable excuse for his brother's absence. The most excepting was his history teacher, Fujiyama-san. So now Hao was a normal member of the house-hold, but even though his past was now behind him, he feared that the others still didn't accept him and he had trouble dealing with the ignorant humans who flaunted their wealth. The only thing that kept him from destroying the whole race was the love he now received from his brother and the promise that he would never take another life unless it was absolutely necessary. So, rather than hunt the filth down and cremate them where they stood, he simply sighed and allowed his brother to comfort him. "Silly little Ototo."

It was 4:30 when the group was finally heading back to the hotel.

Yoh was carrying Manta on his shoulder's while Ryu had an arm wrapped around Lyserg and Tamao. Ren looked to Yoh and smiled. "So we missed a little spar, did we?"

Yoh nodded.

"You know, I think Goro might have a crush on you, Yoh."

"Nani!" Yoh looked to his brother who now carried a devious grin. "Come on, he payed you back for a drink that wasn't even yours."

There was a soft growl from atop Yoh's head.

Yoh smiled. "Daijoubu, Manta. I'm just his tutor."

The Oyamada sighed, the hopped off Yoh's head. Alright, I gotta get to cram school now.

"You have cram school on Saturdays!"

Manta nodded, then hugged Yoh's leg. "Be strong Yoh-kun. I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Alright," and so the small boy went off on his own.

The group soon arrived back in the Funbari district, exhausted from the train ride home. It would be another 17 minutes when they finally arrived back at the hotel.

Horo and Ren were fighting about how good Ryu's dinner had been the night before compared with his other dinner's. After a moment of arguing, Ren finally asked Yoh what he thought.

"Uh, on a scale of 1to10, 3 being the highest, I'd give it a 12!"

It was decided. It was as good as his others.

There was a rustle in the bushes, then a man suddenly stepped out. "Hey! Are you Asakura Yoh?"

Yoh looked up. "Uh, yeah."

The man eyed Hao for a moment, then cringed. "So it's true then. You did bring the beast back here."

"Beast? What . . ." Yoh was cut off when a series of green blasts suddenly shot at him. To avoid getting hit, he began pulling strange dodging maneuver, when a sharp pain suddenly shot through his left leg. Losing his balance, he fell.

"Yoh!" Hao shot in front of Yoh and blocked the rest of the blasts with Spirit of Fire

Terrified, the man jumped back and began to flee. "You'll pay for bringing that creature here."

Hao watched the man runaway, then looked down to his brother. "What happened? I didn't see any of the blasts hit you."

Yoh chuckled sheepishly, while holding his leg. Small tears were forming in the corners of his eyes. "Well, I kinda twisted it and well . . . yeah."

Horo Horo frowned. "So! What's the big deal?"

"Horo, you dummy." Hao hoisted Yoh into his arms and began to carry him. "He probably sprained it."

The Ainu received a few sharp kicks to the shin, then he began to complain. "Well, you can't be sure that it's sprained!"

"It's sprained."

Hao smirked at the Ainu when the doctor revealed his analysis to the group. They we're down in the basement, which Faust had turned into his medical lab.

Mikihisa thought for a moment then sighed. "Gomen Yoh, but if you're leg's hurt, we can't risk damaging it more."

"So . . . we're not going to dinner?"

"Well . . . you're not."


Miki sighed. "You're mom's been wanting to go to this place for a while, and I rally don't want to disappoint her. Besides, we went and saw a movie this after noon, and the ticket booth guy wouldn't stop hitting on her. She was actually getting really uncomfortable. Then when I told the guy we were married and had kids, he went psycho and started saying how he was going to make her his one way or another."

Yoh was silent for a moment, then started up again. "But dad!"

Hao smiled. "Don't worry, Yoh. I can hang back here with you."

"Actually . . . you can't."

"What!" Hao looked to his dad. "And why not!"

"Hao, Yoh's never really been home alone before."

"He hasn't?"


Hao looked to his brother, then after a moment of silence, began to laugh his full head off. "You've never been home alone before! You're such a wuss!"

"Hey! I thought you were on my side, Hao!"

"I was until I heard that! Look Ototo, I love you, but that's just lame. Everyone's gotta be home alone sometime in their life."

"But . . ."

"No buts!" Miki helped Yoh to limp up the stairs then smiled. "Daijoubu, Yoh. Everything will be fine."

And so, even though Yoh didn't like it, the group told him when they'd be coming hom and after several hours the gang left for dinner.

Soon, as they we're seated in the restaurant Keiko sighed. "Thank you for bringing me here, Anata. And thanks for coming kids."

The group smiled, then Keiko found herself growing sad. "I wish Yoh could've come."

"Daijoubu. He'll be fine, besides, he was gonna get left home aloe sooner or later."

"I know, but even the spirits are out."

"He'll be fine."

After 10 minutes of waiting, the dinner was placed on the table, and the shaman all dug in. Mikihisa had just slurped a noodle, when the jungle off his cell phone went off. He sighed, then flipping the lid up, he gave the caller an exasperated greeting. "Hello, Yoh."

"Uh, Dad? When are you and everyone coming home?"

"Yoh, we told you we'd try and get home tonight, but we might have to stay in a hotel here."

"Oh . . . um . . .right! I forgot."

"Yoh? Daijoubu?"

The group looked up from their food hearing Miki's words.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine. I'm think I'm . . . just getting a little paranoid being here alone. That's all."

Miki sat up a little hearing a strange tone in his son's voice. "Yoh?"

"It's just, I'm not used to being here alone and . . . well . . . I know I'm a teenager now and I'm supposed to be used to being alone, but . . . I've never really been left alone here without Amidamaru and, it hurts to walk, and . . ."

"Yoh . . . are you scared?"

Hao looked up to is dad. "Dad, let me talk to him."

"Hold on, Yoh. You're brother wants to talk to you."

Hao took the cell phone. "Yoh, it's okay to be a little scared. Heck, you don't even have a sprit with you. I'd be a little worried too, but it's okay. If you're really worried, why not call Manta? That would probably make you feel better."

"Uh, okay. Thanks, Oni-chan."

Hao flipped the lid down, then handed the phone back, while sighing. "Geez! He's got the whole lost puppy sound to him and everything. You really made a mistake not leaving him alone when he was little."

"I know." Mikihisa became quiet with thought, then sighed. "I hope he'll be alright."

After about and hour of dinner, the dessert finally arrived.

Ryu smiled. "It's nice to have people serving me, rather then they other way around for once."

Anna sighed. "Don't think you're getting out of breakfast tomorrow."

"Hai, Anna-san!"

There was a period of silence as the group indulged themselves in the glorious chocolate cake that was brought, then Miki's cell phone suddenly went off again. "Hm?" He took it from his pocket, then flipped the lid up. "Hai! Muchi muchi? Hm?" He listened for a moment.

"Anata? Daijoubu?" Keiko, along with the others, watched as Mikihisa held the phone to his ear.

"What is it, Dad?"

After a moment, Miki frowned and flipped the lid closed. "Prank call, I guess. Hmp! What some kids will do these days."

Lyserg took a small bite of cake. "What did they say?"

"Well, there wasn't really any words. There was a strange rattling sound, and I thought I heard a weird 'Ah' sound, then I think I heard a few voices in the background, then there was some banging, and a weird scratching noise."

"Was that it?"

Miki looked to Ren, then nodded. "Yeah. They hung up after that."

Horo sighed. "Probably Takeshi, and his gang again. They've been pulling prank calls like that for the past two months. They get the whole weird sounds going and everything. Stupid Jerks. They even pulled it on Ren last week"

Ren smiled. "You wouldn't do anything like that, would you?"

"Nah! I'd probably call some unsuspecting babysitter and ask her if she's checked the children in a really messed up voice, but I wouldn't pull anything freaky like that."

The Tao rolled his eyes, then finished his cake.

The next morning, the family returned home. It had began to when they tried to return home, so they stayed at a hotel in the city.

"Yoh! We're back!" Hao swung the door open, then smiled seeing the place was still intact. "No wild parties for Ototo I guess."

Anna smiled. "Just as it should be. Ryu, Tamao,get to work!"

"Hai, Anna-san!"

As the group began to settle, Ryu walked into the kitchen then became horrified. "Danna dumped a pot of noodles on the floor! My kitchen floor!"

Anna poked her head in then sighed in annoyance. "Have Tamao clean it up after she's done upstairs."

Tamao busied herself throughout the upstairs hall, sweeping and dusting whenever she had to do. As she did she noticed strange, long markings on the floor. "Mm?" Placing a hand on one, the rose shaman began to feel it. It was engraved into the wood. "Scratches? Hm." She shrugged then after finishing in the hall, she entered Mikihisa and Keiko's room. The room was relatively clean, though their were a few magazines scattered around. She giggled. "Messy Mikihisa-san." She picked them up, then after placing the thin paper books on a night table, she continued her usual tidying up session, while peeking at the markings in the halls every once in awhile. As she did, she noticed there was a bit of red on the phone that sat on Mikihisa's night table. "Lipstick? I'll have to get to it after the futon is done." Where were all these discoveries come from? She was about to make the futon when she made yet another discovery. The sheets on the bed, though they we're messy, were fresh from the linen closet. "Hm. I'm gonna have to mention this to Anna-san." She had just finished making up the futon, when she heard a strange sound. "Nani?" She looked around, then only hearing silence, began fluff the pillows. "Probably just imagined it." It came again. This time, much louder. It was definitely not her imagination. The thumping seemed to be coming from the closet. She never usually opened the closet; the fear of Mikihisa or Keiko entering the room and thinking she was snooping was enough to drive the curiosity out of the girl, but she had never heard any strange sounds coming from it before. Her first thought, perhaps it was an animal. But what animal made a thumping sound like this? Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi! She slapped her forehead. That was an even more childish thought then Yoh would have, and besides, even if it were the famous rabbit, the sounds would be rapid, while these were sudden. So, breaking her vow never to look in other people's closets, she slid open the door. Nothing. There were boxes, some hung up clothes, and an old guitar, but nothing alive. Thud! There it was again; above her. She looked up, and found their was a trap door in the ceiling, possibly the entrance into a secret attic.

"Tamao-chan! Lunch!"

"In a minute, Ryu!" She was a little short, so standing on a box, she lifted the door up and peered into the darkness. Nothing. "Tamao, you're really losing your marbles." She stepped down and began to move the box back into it's original position, when something suddenly hung down from the opening. "Nani?" She glanced up a little to see a flash of dark hair above her, but before she could fully see what it was, it fell from the hole, and knocked her to the floor. "Ow!" She sat up, now outside the closet, then cursing under her breath, she looked up.

As Ryu placed the last plate on the table, he jumped when he heard a horrified scream, that could only belong to Tamao. "Tamao-chan!" As he raced to the stairs, he saw the others had also heard. Mikihisa was in the lead.

"Tamao! Daijoubu!" The masked man shot into his room, then froze, when he saw what caused the girl to scream.

He was silent, staring with eyes that were now dark and empty. His flesh had become a porcelain pale, his only color being the crimson that stained his body, and matted his hair. The robe he usually wore to bed, was all that kept his body from being fully exposed, and even that was now torn in many areas.

"Oh god . . ." Miki dropped to his knees, as he went into shock. Hanging before him, like a twisted doll, was the body of his son.

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