My Pictures of You

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own The Cure, nor their song 'Pictures of you'. Further more I do not own One Tree Hill, or any thing associated to it.

Author's Note: I was a few weeks I was listening to a song by The Cure, called Pictures of You. It became my favorite song that week, and after listening to it a hundred times, it reminded me of Nathan and Haley. If they had split up for some reason. So I decided to write this. Please tell me what you think and if I should keep going.

i've been looking so long at these pictures of
you that i almost believe that they're real i've
been living so long with my pictures of you that
i almost believe that the pictures are all i can

remembering you standing quiet in the rain as
i ran to your heart to be near and we kissed as
the sky fell in holding you close how i always
held close in your fear remembering you
running soft through the night you were bigger
and brighter than the snow and
screamed at the make-believe screamed at the
sky and you finally found all your courage to
let it all go

remembering you fallen into my arms crying
for the death of your heart you were stone
white so delicate lost in the cold you were
always so lost in the dark remembering you
how you used to be slow drowned you were
angels so much more than everything oh hold
for the last time then slip away quietly open
my eyes but i never see anything

if only i had thought of the right words i could
have hold on to your heart if only i'd thought of
the right words i wouldn't be breaking apart all
my pictures of you

Looking So long at these pictures of you but i
never hold on to your heart looking so long for
the words to be true but always just breaking
apart my pictures of you

there was nothing in the world that i ever
wanted more than to feel you deep in my heart
there was nothing in the world that i ever
wanted more than to never feel the breaking
apart all my pictures of you

Haley repeated the song lyrics in her head over and over again as she looked at her photo album, sitting in the apartment that she shared with Brooke. When she looked at the pictures of her and Nathan, she was almost able to pretend that they were still together; and he was just at work.

That's when Brooke walked in and ruined her moment. "Hey roomy!" Brooke stated in her usual cheeriness, as she placed her shopping bags on the counter. One out of about ten fell over onto the floor. Haley jumped up to retrieve the bag, and noticed that it was full of lingerie. "Oh yea, that's for Luke." Brooke stated nonchalantly.

"Oh god! Ew! He's lie my brother!" Haley looked straight at Brooke. But something was different. Her face, it had gone from cheery to concerned in a second flat. "What? Do I have something on my face?" Haley asked even though she could tell Brooke knew that she had been crying for hours.

"Haley," oh god she's gunna' get serious she only calls me Haley when she's serious. "Have you been crying? Why were you crying? Is it Nathan? Awww. Tutor girl, you can't let him keep doing this to you. Not only is he hurting you, but it's driving me insane." Brooke drew Haley in for a tight hug.

"No, its nothing I- I, was-" Haley cut herself off. Not only had Brooke figured her out but she didn't even have a liable excuse. "He tells me he loves me, and he wants to be with me. Then I ask him if he wants to hang out and he turns me down," Haley broke into a full-on sob. "I'm just so confused." the girls were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"I'll get that you go into the bath room and compose yourself. K?" And with that, Brooke went to answer the door, and Haley went into the bathroom as told.

"Hel-" Brooke couldn't even finish her greeting. How dare he just show up. And after what Haley's been going through? "What do you want?" She was totally pissed at him.

"It's nice to see you too." Nathan stated sarcastically.

"Whatever. And like I said before…what do you want?"

"Fine, is Haley home?" He was getting agitated with the bitchiness Brooke was dishing out, but it was nothing knew.

"No, she left to go on tour with another rock star like Chris Keller. Seeing as how you were being an ass to her! I got home no less than five minutes ago, and she has out your stupid photo album out whaling over it. See that big wet spot on my shoulder? Those are the tears of your wife! And You cased them! God, Nate you're totally throwing her mixed signals, and confusing her beyond belief!" She was yelling in a whisper, Brooke didn't want Haley to know that it was Nathan that was at the door.

"I want to be with her I do, and I miss her. It's just that I can't trust her! Gosh and you don't know what happened that happened the night she left!" Nathan mimicked he whispering tone. And he was just as angry as Brooke.

"Yes I do! I have heard the play by play over a hundred times. I also know that you gave her an ultimatum. And I also know that you always encouraged Haley with her music. And I also know that she never banged Chris Keller! God Nathan, your killing her! I though you loved her?" She wasn't able to finish her rant, due to the interruption Nathan's loud whisper.

"Don't go around making accusations about who I love! Now can I talk to Haley!" she had over stepped a boundary. But they both knew that Brooke was right, but he being macho Nathan would never admit it.

"Yea, sure!" Brooke said cheerily reaching over to the door knob. "When hell freezes over!" and with that she walked into her apartment. Nathan was left alone in the gloomy and dank. He didn't know what to do, so he just sat on the steps. Nathan could hear the faint sobs Haley let out. She and Brooke was probably sitting on the couch. God, he hated it when Haley cried. It made him want to run to her and hold her fragile, helpless body in his arms. But then the image of his wife kissing Chris Keller came to his mind. Nathan couldn't take it any more; his thoughts were getting the best of him, and the only thing thin that he could think of to make himself not feel like a bastard was go to the river court.

(At Brooke and Haley's Apartment)

Haley rested her tear stricken face on Brooke's shoulder, once again.

"I just want him to love me again Brooke. I made a huge mistake I know that, but- but I'm so, so sorry." Haley's hard sobs were now racking her petite body.

"Hales, I'm going to tell you something but your not going to like it. Ok?" Brooke tried to make her voice sound as loving and caring as possible. "I really, umm, I really think you should, that you should, maybe start to play the field a little bit. Ya know start to get out there again."

"I love him though. Brooke I love him so much! I just want him back." Haley's face still buried I the crook of Brooke's neck.

"Hales, I now that you want him I totally get that, I do. But Haley it's been a year, in four months since you've been separated. Maybe you should just go on, nix that. Maybe its time that you went to dinner with the opposite sex. I mean, you have only ever been with Nathan; you never really went on dates. And for the eight months you've been separated, all he has been doing is playing games with you."

"I really don't know, Brooke what if he wants me back?" To Brooke, it seemed that she had almost considered it for a second. Which gave her hope that it was possible for Haley to get over Nathan….eventually.

"All you have done is cry for eight months straight. And Nathan sure as hell has not been the one consoling you at night." Then once again is just a second she went back to her cheery self. "Why don't you try and go out, with a person that just happens to have a penis, and have dinner with that person. Just think Haley, its only dinner right? What bad could happen?"