CH 1 Harry Potter

If you look carefully into the darkness, you can always see the glittering of a light. The same was seen in the eyes of a man haunted by darkness who took in a child facing the same fate. In each other they brought back the light, chasing away each others horror filled nights.

A young toddler, of exactly two years andeleven months, looked around the darkened play park. His uncle had left him there to 'play' as he had told the ecstatic child who was never given such a treat. He now grew scared being alone in the darkness and he began to hear sounds which had him trembling. He didn't know his way home and he couldn't begin to understand why his uncle would leave him there. He ran over to one of the tunnels that he had played in earlier. Curling himself into a protective ball he began to cry waiting for his uncle to come back. The young boy couldn't fall asleep he wanted his cupboard. He sucked on his thumb and began to cry louder.

Someone outside the tunnel turned toward the sounds he heard coming form the park itself. It was the sound of a whimpering child. The dark haired man began to walk in that direction. He was on orders to check on the progress of the young Potter brat then return to the confinement of his comfortable chambers. Curiosity got the better of him however and he followed the whimpering. Perhaps if it was some dying animal he would end its sufferings. He traced the sound to a play tunnel. There he took out his wand lit it. Inside was a young child who looked no older then two. He looked as if he had lost a lot of weight and health recently. Severus not knowing what he should do called out to the child.

"Pardon Me. Are you lost child?" he said trying to make his tone as welcoming as possible. He obviously didn't succeed because when the child looked up he scrambled away crying louder. Severus also stiffened as the child had looked him in the eyes. His eyes were the most familiar thing to him. The bright green eyes of someone he had known for years. The eyes of Lily Evans or Potter as she had married that man. The child began to cry out for his uncle.

"Listen Harry I will take you back to your uncle. You should not have ran away from him." Severus said assuming the child had ran off without permission while his relatives had been there. He wondered, however, how they could possibly not realize they had two children to take care of now. Well it was probably a forgetful moment on their part. Severus reached into the tunnel for the boy.

"Cooperate child! I won't hurt you! I am going to take you back to your blasted aunt and uncle." Severus said groping impatiently. The child sniffled and slowly got up exiting from the other end of the tunnel. Severus sighed and stood up straight glancing the small boy approaching him. He barely came over his knee and he was thin and pale. "Well lets get on then" he said and the child went to grab his hand. Severus flinched away crossing his arms over his chest. "I think not Mr. Potter" he said crossing his arms and walking in the direction he knew the relatives lived.

"Arw you gonna tat…tak me to my unco?" the child asked in a slightly stuttering voice as he struggled for words.

"Yes I am. How old are you Harry?" Severus asked.

"This Many" Harry said holding out two fingers. "My birfday is in luly but I don get any presends like duddy. Unco says its becuz I a bad boy. I says sowy to him but he doznt tell me what I do wong" the boy said and it took Severus nearly three minutes to figure out exactly what he had said. He grimaced when he worked it out. The child was running near Severus' legs in his attempt to keep up with the mans quick strides. Severus not really caring about how the child was sweating slightly his cheeks rosy and his breathe quick.

"Duddy has lots a toys. I ask him to sare wit me but he dos not like to sare" the toddler continued. Severus just ignored him. "Unco is gonna be mad at me. He tells me to stay at the play park. He says he comes back wen I done pwaying. I was done but he didn come to gets me. I won' get supper tonigh. He will lock me up in my cupboard too, but I like to be in dere. I have two pet spydens. One I call James and du uder I call Lily. That was my mummy and daddys names. Unco says they was in a crash when I was littler. And thas how I gets my scaw" the young boy continued leaving Severus to try and make out what he was saying.

From what he thought he gathered from the child's inconceivable language, his uncle told him to remain at the park. Though this could not be, why would he abandon his nephew. Then he understood a cupboard in which he kept two spiders that he named after his parents. This he found truly amusing. The third was something about his parents dying in a crash. He also understood that he would not get any supper. Severus ignored the sudden warning bells that began to hit his deeply buried conscious. The child was fine with his relatives, he was just being soft. Which was something he would never admit to. They were nearly to their destination so Severus slowed his pace allowing the child to catch his breath.

They reached the house about five minutes later and Severus rang the bell. A large beefy man came to the door as he pulled it open. Harry began to jump excitedly around the mans legs screaming 'uncle' that only the excitement of a child could accomplish. The man just stared at Severus his eyes slits in anger his massive face turning an ugly purple shade. Severus sneered at the man.

" I hope you take care of that child better in the future. You seem to have lost him at the play park" Severus said his tone as cold as ice. The mans face grew a deep shade of red. He didn't say anything but instead slammed the door in Severus' face. Severus stood there for a moment he heard yelling then the whimper of a child before he dissapparated away with a slight pop.

Once back at Hogwarts he went straight to the Headmaster.

"Well I trust the boy fine Severus?" Dumbledore asked holding out a tin of sweets "red hot?" he asked indicating the small fire red candy. Severus shot the old man a dirty look.

"It seems he is fine. I found him in the park though alone. He was also telling me a few things that may interest you to keep a more watchful eye. He told me about his pet spiders and about some cupboard. He also said his uncle wouldn't allow him dinner for returning home with me. It was strange but I couldn't exactly accuse the man of abuse in anyway. I would have no proof. The only thing is he was small for his seeming age. He said he would be three this July. Other than that everything else seemed in order." Severus said and stood up. Dumbledore looked thoughtful.

"Very well Severus I shall send someone to keep an eye out for a couple of days perhaps. Thank you my boy. You are most helpful." Dumbledore said. Severus gave a short bow and returned to his chambers. He didn't sleep that night. His mind kept drifting to the young toddler, the son of his once greatest enemy. The little boys eyes burned into his mind. The loss and the sadness that haunted them was something that should not be present in the eyes of a child as young as him, or any child for that matter. Severus didn't get much sleep that night and towards dawn when he did manage to fall asleep he was haunted by nightmares of his own painful past. That morning he decided that he would check on the boy himself later that day. If the boy was indeed being abused he would remove him from the clasps of his relatives immediately.

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