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-This is a short one-shot in the P.O.V. of Mamoru as he observes Usagi and his new baby daughter, ChibiUsa.


I sigh, perfectly content and tranquil as I watch my wife Usagi Chiba sleep, chest rising and falling in time to her breathing. A little bassinet is centered right beside the hospital bed, decorated with rich pink bows and surrounded in gifts. The Senshi had taken the liberty of bringing what seemed a truckload of gifts for the newest member of our family… OUR family. The words seem so foreign, yet welcoming- Usagi and I- Our family. Our union created this precious child. We're parents! It's overwhelming, but exciting.

I get up from my chair, the one I had been dozing in for about an hour. I go to my wife's side and kiss her still-sweaty forehead, the blonde bangs sticking. But she's as beautiful as can be to me, despite her red, tear-stained face. It only shows the pain she endured and got through, despite her many protesting screams that she 'could not do it'. I had only scoffed inwardly at that- The famous Champion of Justice, Sailor Moon, not deliver a baby when she has faced even worse before? What about Nehelenia, Death Busters, and Galaxia?

I move down to the bassinet and peer in. Nestled inside, tiny and fragile-looking, lays my beautiful new daughter. A feeling overcomes me that I cannot even try to understand- it is a deep, enveloping love; a willingness to die for this child of mine. Words can't even try to express it, and the strength of it could knock over the highest building. If my little Chibi was in danger, I'd gladly take her place!

I reach down and lift the tiny thing out gently; I feel like I'm lifting a fragile bomb, I'm being so cautious! Cradling her delicately against me so as to not disturb the sleeping angel, I move back to my chair and ease myself into it, cooing lightly at ChibiUsa all the while. She stirs fretfully, opening her eyes…but no sound emits from her; no, she only observes me interestingly. Those bright, exuberant red eyes connect with mine and my heart leaps. I feel so protective now, so loving. I never knew my parents, but ChibiUsa would definitely know hers! My childhood was spent in loneliness, yearning for the parents I never remembered. But I would never desert my angel; my dearest girl (besides my one and only Usagi! God, I love them!). Her childhood would be spent being happy, full of life and light like my Usagi. She would not know loneliness; no, not while I could help it! Ah, if only children could be kept forever innocent, but one must grow up and face the real world sometime. And ChibiUsa would later do that, when the Black Moon Family would invade. But she would rise heroically and become Sailor Chibi Moon, apprentice to my own Sailor Moon.

I am drawn out of my reverie by a small noise, like the coo of a dove.

"Mamo-chan…" Usagi is awake! The gorgeous, petite blonde gazes at me and her little girl lovingly, radiating with inner beauty and kindness. This woman is probably the most caring person on earth, and her ability to accept everyone is uncanny and unmatched.

She sits up slowly, wincing. I get up quickly and plop down next to her, careful not to disturb ChibiUsa, wanting to help Usa. The baby begins mewing, crying tiny little sounds. I pass her to Usagi, who immediately begins feeding the hungry babe- like mother like daughter! I give my Usagi a passionate kiss. This is my family; the family I never had. The family I would love and protect through all hard times and trials. My FAMILY.

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