Series: Hunter X Hunter
Title: Class
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/ Characters: Slight Kuroro X Kurapika
Word Count: 586
Warning/s: You should be done with the York Shin Arc before reading this. But really, if you know who Kuroro is already, then it should be ok.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Kuroro Lucifer was not what one could call an uneducated man. In fact, to do so would probably cost the offender their life, as they would quickly change all of their previous beliefs concerning thieves.

Thieves were supposed to be dirty, crass, overconfident in their abilities, and careless when dealing with their lives.

Kuroro Lucifer did not like sticking to stereotypes. He was far too intelligent to put any stock into them, after all.

Many have died thinking that perhaps they shouldn't have believed in them either. There was, after all, a grand difference between a thief and a master thief. One valued money, and the other valued actual value. It is, in short, comparing a beer and a glass of vintage wine… there was just that much difference in class.

Kuroro Lucifer definitely had enough class to recognize grace and talent when it so bluntly hit him in the face.


The Kurata, however, did not seem to be able to recognize class in return, even while heatedly pummeling it into the glass and plastic of a car window. While Kuroro couldn't say he appreciated the Kurata's obvious lack of sight in such a department, he was willing to forgive him, simply because the Kurata was just so cute – even if he was currently trying his best to kill Kuroro while inflicting the maximum amount of pain possible.

Kuroro decided then and there – after the Kurata's fist hit him for what must have been at least the tenth time – that if he should walk away from this incident alive, he would not kill the Kurata. Because, despite all of the Kurata's fury and animosity towards him and the Ryodan, the kid just had too much value to be thrown away like the rest who opposed him. Or maybe it was because of the fury and animosity that shone so brightly in the Kurata's eyes that Kuroro wanted to keep him alive for a little longer.

Life promised to be exciting as long as the Kurata was still after his blood.

The Kurata asks him another question – one that Kuroro barely hears – and he smiles in return. Because despite of the fact that Kuroro was definitely not in the best position, the Kurata was too adorable to be taken seriously.

Even when said Kurata is brandishing a very, very sharp pointy thing at him.

Later, when Kuroro finds himself Nen-less, and stranded in the middle of the desert, he reminds himself firmly of his vow not to kill the Kurata. A few days after that, he finds himself quite a bit less angry, and more awed at just how much talent the Kurata possessed.

Months later, and Kuroro's finally ridded himself of the silly Judgment Chain. And lost 30 million Zennies to the greedy, money-grubbing Nen-user that got rid of it. But really, he wasn't in any position to complain, especially seeing as how that greedy, money-grubbing Nen-user's Nen ability is now in the latest page of Kuroro's newly revived book.

And finally, in full possession of all of his stolen abilities once again, Kuroro sits down and broods on how to carry out his latest mission.

After all, he isn't a brute, and missions were delicate things – they had to be subtle and tasteful and classy… especially when someone of equal class is involved.

Kuroro had a feeling that trapping Kurapika into becoming one of the Spiders wasn't going to be an easy task.

But he was going to enjoy every moment of the hunt.