Dumbledore's in hell. Where he belongs. Sorry. I don't like the self-righteous bastard.


Where darkness dwells

And demons lie

With skeletal remains

Of those who died

Here I wander

Here I pine

Searching for

What once was mine

Children lost

Children dead

Or was it all

Inside my head?

Was I really

Such a fool?

What did I say?

What did I do?

Did I really

Let them die?

Did I really

Watch them cry?

Did I really

Tell my friend

That he had

To cause my end?

Did I really

Lead him here

To dwell among

The dark and fear?

I have to find him

I have to know

Did I really

Hurt him so?

He is dead

I saw that part

Lead to death

By a traitorous heart

You obeyed me

To the very end

Where have you gone

My damaged friend?

Or do you run

And hide from me

From the pain

Of memory?

I killed you

As you killed me

But I'm at fault

Blame lies with me

Severus, forgive me

I didn't understand

I couldn't see past

Your dark brand

I didn't think

Of what you'd feel

Of the wounds

That wouldn't heal

You've gone

I know it's true

I wander in hell

While you...

But it's deserved

It is right

You turned from darkness

Into the light

While I, the angel

Fell from high

Of us both

I deserved to die

Where you are

Be at peace

While I languish

In the deeps.

I've discovered, through writing fanfiction, that I despise Dumbledore and his righteous crap. Sorry. This is just an expression of that loathing. R&R too much to ask?