Hello, readers, and welcome to my first fan fiction


Hello again. I've finally made the changes that I felt were needed. I had to read my own writing for once, and I feel sorry for you all. Honestly: my writing was horrible, in my opinion. I felt awkward reading my own stuff. Here are the major changes, and what could have happened:

Jaden & co are now seniors. Alexis and Chazz have graduated (Chazz in Chap 3 has been changed to someone else. Sorry for the confusion!).

Tyson: Ah, now THAT is something I definitely wanted to change. At first, I think I was going for a happy yet angsty orphan. Now, he's an orphan who just doesn't know how to communicate with the world. Not angsty though, just confused about life. Sorta how I felt coming from China to America, only to hear a bunch of sexually oriented jokes (I didn't understand them for, like, what? Three years?).

Eria: Not much change. Overconfident, kind, yeah.

Jaden: Yes, I made him Ra Yellow: I'm not changing that. For those of you who've watched the full third/fourth season (I'm pretty sure both seasons are in Jaden's junior year), yes, Yubel will have a part eventually. For those of you who haven't, new duel spirit coming!

You can reread if you wish, but if you keep these changes in mind, then you won't need to.

Hello, readers, and welcome to my first fan fiction! Honest criticism is welcome here, but HONEST criticism. The rules in this fic will give players 8000 LP. Players will be allowed to summon in face up defense and tributes are required. There may be an occasional difference in effects.

The story assumes that, instead of the three year high school, which was used before, there is four years in a school term. In the anime, it ended after the third year. This will be Jaden's final year.

Now, let's get on with the story! Oh wait, almost forgot...

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Yu-gi-oh GX or Yu-Gi-Oh!


Darn it! I'm always late to important events! Tyson, a tall, gangly, and black haired teen rushed to the doors of Duelist Academy for his test- to see whether or not his hard work of collecting cards for years would pull out or not. Not that anyone in the orphanage cares, he thought bitterly. The head of the orphanage didn't care about the children, didn't care when the young ones cried, and most of all, he didn't care about their dreams. I guess I have to appreciate Mr. Kaiba for giving me the money to enroll. He smiled, but then realized he was slowing down and needed to increase his pace. I'm gonna rock this place!

Jaden Yuki, now a Ra Yellow, reclined in his seat as he watched various kids dueling the proctors. "We've sure come a long way, eh Sy?"

"We sure have!" exclaimed Syrus, Jaden's friend who had only recently gotten rid of his stage fright.

"Indeed, congratulations," said Bastion, now in Obelisk Blue's uniform. "However, I wonder if any of these new applicants will be a challenge."

"I'm sure there will be someone. Speaking of which, you still haven't beaten me yet, Bastion!"

"Oh, is that a challenge?"

"You bet! Just me and you, one on one!"

"Um," said Syrus, "you'll have to do that later... Hey look! A late person." A girl with cascading brown hair came panting in through the entrance of the arenas.

"Make that two, Syrus," said Bastion as another black haired boy came rushing in, nearly knocking over the girl. "Reminds me of you, Jaden." Jaden merely gritted his teeth as he watched the spectacle occurring below.

"No way! Not one, but TWO late applicants!" shouted Dr. Crowler. "Well, looks like I'll take on one of them. No slackers will..."

"Sooo... I'm Tyson. Who're you?" asked Tyson to the fellow late entry.

"Eria." An embarrassing silence followed.

"Hey, look. Looks like they've decided to test us anyway. So, why are you late?"

"None of your beeswax," answered Eria harshly.

Jeez, she has an attitude problem, Tyson thought. What did I do?

"Eria Muto. Please come to arena 14-B. And don't be late!" the loudspeaker announced crabbily.

"Good luck," said Tyson.

"Feh. I don't need luck, but thanks anyway." She walked out before it sunk in.

"Eria MUTO!" screamed Tyson as Eria took her place on the arena.

On the way out, Eria sighed. How long would her tough act hold? She hated name-calling, but not acting like herself hurt her more. The guy seemed pretty nice, but she assumed that he was like all the others- perverts and bastards. Oh well, she thought, better concentrate on the duel ahead. Then I can make a name for myself. I wish Dad were here, but he's always so busy on those trips of his...

"So, you're Eria, huh?" spat the proctor. "You're not worth my time, so let's get it over with."

"I'm sure you'll find me tougher than I look." Not much, she thought. Wait; have I seen this person before? Green hair, blue eyes, and a really weird PINK shirt... I HATE pink! "You're Espa Roba, the "ESP" duelist, aren't you?" He was obviously taken back.

"Oh, yes... perhaps..."

"My father said you were nice," she said stoutly. "What's wrong with you?"

"Just an act that's suppose to intimidate duelist... Oh well. Let's get this on, all right? You can choose which setting of rules we duel under."

"Hmm... How about... Setting One," she replied, grinning.

"Okay. Just as everyone says, let's duel!" Both players drew their cards and the life point meters set themselves to 4000 each. Sweet, this must be my lucky day! I don't need ESP for this, thought Espa. Darn, this is the worst hand in centuries! thought Eria. "Why don't you go first, Eria?"

"Sure..." She drew. Ahah! Kuriboh, old buddy! How are ya? think I'll use you later... "First, I summon the Great Angus in Attack Mode!" The fiery crimson beast arose from the floor and roared! (Atk: 1800. Def: 600.) "I'll also set not one, not two, but THREE cards down. Your move! Give me your best shot!"

"Gladly," replied Roba, drawing his card. Monster Reborn? Nah. Don't need it now... "I activate the magic card Cost Down! By discarding one card from my hand, all monsters in my hand are downgraded by two levels! So now I can summon 6 stars out to the field, such as this one. Arise, Jinzo!" The dark mechanical being appeared on to the arena dramatically with thunder flashing.(Atk: 2400. Def: 1500) "Jinzo, attack Great Angus! "Lightening gathered around its hands and blazed out, instantly destroying Great Angus.

So much for him, she thought as her life point meter dropped from 4000 to 3400. Least I know that when Jinzo is on the field, neither of us can activate traps, but he probably has Amplifier somewhere.

Jaden shivered. The Jinzo brought back bad memories...

"My draw!" Heart of the cards, give me some joy here!... She smiled. "Okay, you're out of business! Since you have no traps to prevent it, I activate Hammer Shot! It automatically destroys your strongest monster on the field!" Roba gasped as a giant hammer came crashing down onto Jinzo, instantly crushing it into nothing but a pile of metal. "More for the scrap heap!" she grinned. "Oh, but I'm not done!"


"Yeah, really! I summon the Skilled Dark Magician!" The past Dark Magician appeared in a billow of darkness. (Atk: 1900. Def: 1700.)

"You still haven't defeated me yet..." muttered Espa.

"You wish! I activate my set down card, Ultimate Offering!" The card overturned and started radiating dark strands. "By sacrificing 500 life points, I can conduct an extra summon! So, without further ado, meet the Gemini Elf!" She winced as the dark strands suddenly attached to her arm as her life points fell to 2900 and as the elves formed onto the field. (Atk: 1900. Def: 900.) "I'm still not done! I activate Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, and Dian Keto the Cure Master!" She drew five cards, discarded two, and grinned as her life points were raised to 3900.

"Is that it?" asked Roba.

"Patients! I now activate Skilled Dark Magician's special ability! By sacrificing three magic tokens, which I got from my magic cards, I can summon the ultimate sorcerer! The floor is yours, Dark Magician!" In the place of Skilled Dark Magician rose the trademark of Yugi Muto's deck: Dark Magician. Everybody gasped.

"It can't be!" exclaimed Syrus. "If she attacked now, Espa Roba's life points would be down to 0!"

"It was a mistake of yours," smiled Eria. "If you had set traps just in case of loss of Jinzo, then you might have had a chance." Roba was silent. "Alright, Dark Magician, Gemini Elf! Finish him! Dark magic attack! Dual magic attack!" Both the sorcerers leapt up into the air and blasted poor Espa Roba into 0 life points. "Yay! Am I in?" she inquired.

"Sure as the sky is blue!" grinned Espa Roba. "Just enter that door on the left. You'll get your house there. Good luck, youngster! Now I have to get your friend out to his arena. He's dueling Crowler- the head of Obelisk Blue. Oh, I don't envy him..." He shrugged and walked toward the microphone.

Wow, she's good! I don't like competition though.

"Tyson Misaki! Report to arena 12-A immediately."

Well, this is it! Tyson thought as he stepped into the blinding lights, as if the heavens were witnessing his battle.