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"So the weirdness has finally begun, eh?" Eria asked.

"Pretty much," Tyson commented. "It's not everyday you see giant pillars of light shooting out of nowhere. I wonder why no one's noticed it yet?"

"That's only slightly odd," Jaden frowned. "Maybe we were knocked asleep after that duel, and everyone had a meeting at the school."

"We're right in front of the Obelisk Blue Dorm. Wouldn't they have noticed us and brought us there?" Eria pointed out.

"True, but we should still check it out anyways." Eria and Jaden nodded, and the three set off.

"No one's here either!" Eria called out from the cafeteria.

"It's like the whole place has been deserted!" Tyson moaned.

"Hey, hey guys! I just realized something!" Jaden shouted from the stairs.

"What? More good news?" Tyson asked.

"I don't know! But the place isn't glowing here!" Tyson check the floor, and Jaden was right: there was no otherwordly glow in the main building.

"My head hurts," Eria muttered as she dropped herself into a couch.

"First things first," Tyson said. "Do we have food and water?"

"First thing I checked," Jaden grinned. "We have enough for several weeks."

"And the water desalinater is still working," Eria added. "As long as we have sea water and electricity, we'll have nice and refreshing water."

"Alright. None of the communications are working, so there's no way we can get a rescue unless someone tries to check up on us." Tyson sighed. "It's like a bad horror movie."

"Maybe we'll see zombies," Jaden suggested. "Even I haven't seen those yet… oh wait, never mind, I have."

"Really?" Eria asked, perking up. "Like, I'm-going-to-eat-your-brains zombies?"

"Nope, more like, Duel-me zombies," Jaden sighed. "Happened to most of the students here. Painful to duel to the death against a friend who's a zombie. Well, duel to the normal person's death."

"What d'you mean?" Eria asked.

"Well, we were in a situation where whenever we dueled, we lost energy to the point of near death, but those who were… errr, zombies, weren't effected. Worse, they would never stop dueling, and once a person lost their energy, they would become a zombie too."

"So everyone turned into a zombie?"

"Nah, we stopped it before it finished."

"What's our next move then?" Tyson asked.

"Let's see if they're any boats left," Jaden decided. "Maybe we can get help."

"Hey, there's a bunch of Obelisk Blues outside!" Eria cheered. "Let's go see them!" The three left the building.

"Hey Syrus!" Jaden grinned. "What's going on?"

"Nothing much," Syrus smiled. "Hey, you guys seen Isaac?"

"Isaac? That idiot? He's a maniac?" Eria snorted. "He somehow created a Shadow Game, and Tyson kicked his ass."

There was a silence. "Well, well," Syrus finally said. "Isaac was entrusted with Obelisk's card, and he still lost?"

"Wait…" Tyson paused. "You're one of them, too?"

"We all are," Syrus grinned widely, which was a little out of character. "Everyone on this island has joined the God that matches their soul the most."

"Aww, this is nuts," Eria groaned. "This is a great joke, isn't it?"

"Duel me, Tyson," Syrus said, activating his Duel Disk. "I will be the one to convert you."

"You're joking," Tyson snapped. "I'm not going to duel any of you."

"I will," Eria interrupted, surprising everyone."

"You don't have a deck," Jaden protested, "and it's Syrus!"

"You'll see," Eria replied, heart beating faster.

Both my father and mother taught me about what had happened to them… Such as the Shadow Games. I'm sure that I've found a loophole: as long as it's a tie, nothing will happen to both! Right?

"Not having a proper deck will lead to your downfall!" Syrus shouted.

"Game on!" Eria replied.

(Eria: 8000. Syrus: 8000)

"I'm going first," Eria said as she drew. "Now I activate a very little known card called Burning Land!" The field around them erupted in flames and she winced. "Each Standby Phase, we lose 500 Life Points each."

"That's so dumb," Syrus sneered. "What, do you want to lose that badly?"

"Shut up," Eria growled. "I summon Secure Guard!" A stone golem appeared in front of Eria. (0, 3000)

"Woah, that's ridiculous stats!" Jaden whistled.

"He automatically shifts into Defense Mode, and every one of my Standby Phases, I have to pay 500 Life Points. Now go."

"Very well," Syrus said as he drew.

"And now Burning Land!" Flames erupted from the ground and seared them both.

"I play Cyber Dragon!" In a rush, the mechanical dragon appeared (2100, 1600). Eria thought that there was some sadness in its eyes, but shook off the feeling. Robots don't have feelings.

"Then I play Graceful Charity. You know the drill." Syrus drew three times, chuckled, then discarded two. "Now I play Monster Reborn! It just so happened that I had a Cyber Dragon in my Graveyard. I wonder how it got there?" Another dragon burst through the ground. This time she was sure. It was more than sadness, though; it was almost desperation. "Now I end my turn."

"First I pay 500 Life Points for Secure Guard," Eria grumbled.

(Eria: 6500. Syrus: 7000)

"Next I play the Spell Wave Motion Cannon!" As she gestured a giant cannon burst out of the ground, spinning wildly until it was pointed at Syrus. "If you don't know what it is, then too bad."

"I know alright," Syrus laughed. "It inflicts 1000 damage to me for each turn it's on the field. So you're using a stall deck. That's a laugh! I'll have destroyed you before my time is up."

"We'll see about that," Eria muttered. "Boy, that's clichéd. I switch my Secure Guard into Attack Mode!" The giant stood up, surprising all.

"What? Are you insane? As if that has any attack points!"

"Syrus, you forgot something simple! I activate the Spell Card Shield and Sword! Now all stats are reversed!" The Cyber Dragons roared at its attack dropped.

"Now, Secure Guard, clobber him!" The guard raised its staff and gave the Cyber Dragon a thorough pounding.


"Now I set a card, and end my turn," Eria said.

"Then it's my draw," Syrus muttered as flames erupted from the ground. "This is getting annoying…"

(Eria: 6000. Syrus: 5100)

I have to be careful, otherwise I'll end up beating him! Eria thought.

"Heh… you think you can beat me? I activate Premature Burial to get back my Cyber Dragon!" Cyber Dragon again burst through the ground. "And let's see… I think I'll play Polymerization! I fuse my two Cyber Dragons on the field and the one in my hand to make Cyber End Dragon!"

"Uh oh…" Eria took a step back. The Cyber Dragons whirled into a wild spiral, and from it appeared the three headed behemoth. (4000,2800)

"Yes, I guess you're an Obelisk Blue for something," Syrus dismissed. "But, you know what? I don't really feel like using my dragon…" Eria looked at him closely; there was almost a madness to his eyes. "I play Defuse! Now I get my Cyber Dragons back!" Cyber End Dragon roared and separated to become three Cyber Dragons. "Begone dragons! I summon Obelisk the Tormentor!"

The three monsters gazed upward as lightning flashed across the sky. They began to levitate, and were suddenly consumed. First one hand appeared, then the other. Finally, Obelisk emerged, striking the ground with a destructive force (4000, 4000).

"How do you feel now?" Syrus cackled. "There's no way you can win now!"

"Oh, so you're just going to activate his effect and have done with it already?" Eria asked, crossing her arms. "I don't think it's that simple."

"Obviously," Syrus shrugged. "It's true that I don't have two extra monsters. But I can put you into a condition where no one else could possibly recruit you! Don't forget, Secure Guard now has zero attack points. You're going to be feeling the brunt of this one!" Syrus waved. "Fist of Fury!"

"Oh shi-" Eria braced herself as Obelisk's fist ripped through the guard and was caught head on in the flurry of debris and the fist itself.

"It's your turn," Syrus shrugged. "Don't think you can win though."

(Eria: 2000. Syrus: 4300)

Eria lay still.

"Hey Eria, you've gotta get up!" Tyson shouted out.

"Jeez man, she took the brunt of 4000 direct damage," Jaden said, trying to hold him back. "There's no way she's just going to get up that easily."

"I'd rather think I've broken her!" Syrus laughed. "And you're next, Tyson." The surrounding Obelisks laughed heartily.

"Tch… yeah right," Eria staggered up to her feet. "I've felt worse…" Woah, my vision's getting blurry… "My draw…" She winced as the flames erupted around her.

(Eria: 1500. Syrus: 3800)

"Since Burning Lands is starting to become a hindrance, I'm going to activate Emergency Provisions! Perfect for on the spot healing." The flames were suddenly sucked into a vortex, and were turned into fiery red pills. Eria ate one quickly, desperate to stop the spinning of the world. "Ooh, spicy."

(Eria: 2500. Syrus: 3800)

Now leaves the problem of somehow getting the tie… she thought. She glanced down at her cards, which were Upstart Goblin, Marshmallon, and a new one called Celestial Gravitation. Well, it's a start, I suppose.

"I set one monster, and end my turn." Eria waved, and a facedown appeared.

"What's she doing?" Tyson moaned. "Obelisk can deal 4000 points of direct damage!"

"Kukuku…" Syrus chuckled. "I could do that, but I think she's still got some resolve left in her… I want to break her, not just defeat her. Draw." He took a look at the card, and Obelisk rumbled impatiently. "Calm down, sir. I play a Spell Card called Cybertech Refining! This card adds "Cyber" to one monster's name. And it just so happens that my Obelisk's ability is-"

"Wait, back up. What do you mean by "my Obelisk's ability"?" Eria glared. "Cards can't have different effects. There's only one anyways."

"Oh, you think this is the same one that the fool Isaac used?" Syrus sneered. "Think again. Even the one your father used was just a fragment of Obelisk's true power. Do you really think that a God would have weaknesses? Each Obelisk rewarded to high ranking duelists have different effects, not that every person has one. As I was saying, my Obelisk still has the Fist of Fate effect, but obviously I don't have enough monsters. No, his effect is that all cards that have positive effects work for their set of time. All other cards either don't effect or only last for one turn."

Several mechanics swarmed over Obelisk and began to attach heavy sheets of metal. When they were finished, Obelisk was decked out in a complete Cyber Dragon-style suit of armor.

"As if changing its name would actually help," Tyson muttered nervously.

"Oh, but it does," Syrus chuckled. "You see, I've been updating my deck a bit. I play the Spell Card Cybernetic Cannon. It can only be equipped to monsters with "Cyber" in their name, and gives 1000 extra attack and trample."

"You're kidding!" Jaden shouted.

"True, it's a little cheap," Syrus admitted. "Then again, there's not that many Cyber cards around, plus Cybertech Refining is ultimate rare. Now, I believe it's time to say goodbye to that set down card. And you, of course. Obelisk, Cyber Cannon!" Obelisk wielded the cannon and pointed it down toward the set down card. With a roar, he fired the cannon, blasting the image to bits, causing heat to stream towards Eria.

"Hold it!" Eria shouted. "Activate Waboku!" Three priests gathered around Eria, and all excess heat vented around her. "And guess what? My face down is Marshmallon! He can't be destroyed in battle, plus he gives 1000 damage!"

"Nani?!" The marshmallow glared at Syrus with red eyes, swelled up, and shot multitudes of red hot marshmellows at Syrus.


(Eria: 2500. Syrus: 2800).

There we go, Eria thought.

"My draw! And I'm bringing this to a close!" She drew. "I play the Spell Card Celestial Gravitation!" A spiraling ball appeared in between Obelisk and Marshmallon, and instantly began sucking in air.

"What's going on?!" Syrus shouted.

"Simple! Our monster are going to collide, and we both lose Life Points equal to the difference of their scores!" Eria screamed back. "Your Obelisk may survive, but the damage still applies! Face it! It's a tie!" Obelisk roared as Marshmallon crashed into it, causing an explosion large enough to engulf the Obelisks Blues.

"Now's our chance!" Jaden shouted. "Grab Eria, and let's get outta here!"

(Eria: 0. Syrus: 0)


"Uh…" Eria opened her eyes tentatively.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Jaden grinned. "Want some dinner?"

"Do I!" Eria grabbed the offered sandwich and ate with relish.

"Nice job out there," Tyson complimented. "Why'd you even bother having that deck?"

"My dad gave me a challenge, and I've kept it as a memento," Eria sighed. "Never thought I'd have to use it. The question now is what do we do?"

"We have food and water," Jaden thought aloud. "These columns are bound to attract someone eventually, so we should wait it out."

"But the lights are dimming, I'm sure of it," Tyson added. "We'll probably have to start signal fires."

"Or we could sneak around and get a boat out of here," Eria said.

"Well, they seem to want us, so I'd assume they've done something to the boats…" Tyson said.

"Plus all communications are down. I've checked every five minutes." Jaden slumped. "What a nightmare. Plus with everyone all… you know, possessed."

"If we beat them, are you sure they'll be sucked into the Shadow Realm?" Tyson asked Eria. "It's not as if they specifically stated that it'd a Shadow Game… Plus Syrus seems fine." He pointed outside, where Syrus was dueling a Slifer Red.

"What the hell is going on here?" Jaden almost snarled. "We have no clue what's going on."

"Now's not the time to be wondering about the causes," Tyson said decisively. "We have to get off and get help."

"So our priority is the boats," Eria concluded. "Jaden, you know how to drive one?" Jaden nodded bleakly.

"And if we get off?"

"Find my dad. I'm sure he'll find a way." She gazed longingly at the ocean. "I wish we were out of here," she nearly whimpered.


New Cards

Secure Guard

Lvl 4

ATK:0 Def: 3000

This monster automatically shifts into defense mode. Pay 500 Life Points every one of your Standby Phases.

Cybertech Refining

Normal Spell Card

Add "Cyber" to one Monster's name

Cybernetic Cannon

Equip Spell Card

This can only be equipped to a monster with "Cyber" in its name. That monster gains 1000 Attack. When this Monster attacks a Defense position monster and its attack is greater, than deal your opponent damage equal to the difference between your monster's attack and your opponent's defense.

Celestial Gravitation

Normal Spell Card

Destroy one monster on your side of the field. Your opponent chooses one monster on his/her side of the field. That monster is destroyed. Deduct Life Points from both players equal to the attack values of the two monsters.