Ginny rolled over in bed to face her brand-new fiancee. His bright eyes shown in the moon-lite room, studying her face. "Ỳknow, after five months, I still can't believe I'm engaged to the Harry Potter."

Harry sighed in content, letting Ginny rest her head on his bear chest. "Don't try to pretend you didn't see it coming Gin. Especially after you found out that I had finally told Dumbledore. What a night . . . Anyway, would I really go through what your brothers did to me once they found out we were dating, for nothing?"

Ginny snorted, grabbing Harry's arm and squinting in the semi-darkness at the top of his hand. Where the words 'I must not tell lies' had been, were now replaced with 'I must not flirt with GW'.

"I do have to admit that Fred and George were brilliant in inventing how to do this."

Turning his head to face her, Harry raised an eyebrow. "Hmm. What if I changed the scar on your lower back to say 'property of Harry Potter'? Want to change your mind?"

"If you did that, how would I wear a bathing suit in front of them?" She slid a hand out from under her body to rest her chin as she talked.

"Well my little fiancee, that bathing suit would have to be very low for them to see it. In fact," Harry paused, running a finger over the small scar, enjoying the smirk on Ginny's pretty face. "I would very much like to see you in the suit you speak of."

Ginny grinned, leaning forward to kiss Harry. "It's in my wardrobe. Of the lacy variety." As Ginny deepened the kiss, Harry pulled away slightly.

"Are you serious?" He was rewarded with a swat on the head.


" . . . and the cake?"

Harry leaned to his right where Ron was sitting, equally as bored as he was. "Are we going to decide what color underwear everyone is going to wear?"

"Yeah," Ron whispered back to Harry, snickering quietly. "And what type of grass the wedding will be held on?"

Both boys laughed, continuing their quiet conversation in their own little world. That is, until . .

"I like this one, what do you think, Harry? Harry!"

Harry jumped, looking guiltily at his fiancee. "Sorry Gin, but, well, we've been talking about the wedding details for three hours. Can't we take a break? Even if it's a tiny one?"

Sighing, Ginny set down the planning binder and stretched. "If that's what you want . . . but can you at least choose the cake?"

"Ginny," Ron warned, playfully glaring at his sister. "We need a break, don't we love? I'm sure Ron Jr. needs one too."

Hermione was well into her seventh month of pregnancy. She and Ron had gotten married a week after Ginny had graduated, and were now waiting for their first child to come into the world.

"How do you know if it's a boy, Ron? Who says it's not going to be Gertrude, or something?" The brunette rubbed her stomach fondly as Ron gaped wordlessly.

"Gertrude! You want to name our first child Gertrude? If it's a girl, why not give her a real name," He sniffed, giving Hermione's stomach a look. "A name like Kris!"

Mrs. Weasley raised an eyebrow at Ron. "Kris, Ronnie? Isn't that a boy's name?" She folded her hands patently, waiting for her son's answer.

Ginny spoke up instead. "I read it in an American Muggle book, Mum. For a girl, it's spelled Kris instead of Chris."

"Erm, Ron?" Harry was smirking in a way he did right before he said something funny. "If Ginny read the name in a muggle romance novel, where did you hear it?"

"Well, I, uh . . . does that matter? Besides, Hermione and I had better be going." He hoisted his wife off the couch, giving a small grunt.

"Shut up Ron. I'm not that fat."

"What did I do?"

"You grunted!"


Their voices trailed off as the couple stepped outside to apparate home. Harry sighed, leaning back and closing his eyes. It had certainly been a long day.

"Well, I'll be in the kitchen fixing supper if you two need me. You're welcome to stay, if you want." Mrs. Weasley poked her head out of the kitchen door, brushing her apron clean.

"Sure Mum, that would be fantastic." As her mother nodded and disappeared from sight, Ginny moved to sit next to Harry, laying her head on his shoulder comfortably.

"One more month," He whispered, eyes still closed.

She smiled, playing with his hair. "One more month."

Kissing his temple, Ginny crawled to her feet and went into the kitchen to help with Dinner. As she chopped fresh vegetables, she began to think of what life would be like married to Harry.

A lot had happened once he had come clean at Hogwarts. Funny really, the way things had turned out. In all the ways she had planned that the school would find out about Harry's and her relationship, it would never have been snogging in front of everybody.

Of coarse, the day after Harry had told Ginny's brothers, it was all over the wizarding world. The papers, the magazines, even posters were filled with the news. Then, soon after, the press got wind that Harry Potter's two best friends were getting married.

A whole new whirlwind of excitement picked up, annoying the whole family to high heaven. It had been enough when Ginny's brothers had found out about her dating Harry. Yes, that had been a hilarious night . . . well, for Ginny it was. Not so much for Harry . . .


"Oh! Ginny, Harry, come inside! Everyone's waiting to see you!"

Harry gave Ginny's arm a reassuring squeeze before guiding her inside the packed house. They had both agreed beforehand that they would let the cat out of the hat during dessert.

When they entered the house, Harry took a moment to study the room. Mrs. Weasley had been right. The entire Weasley family was sitting in the living room. Even Percy was gazing over a piece of parchment in an overstuffed armchair.

Taking a deep breath, he grinned and walked into the room. It only took a moment before Harry and Ginny were bombarded with hugs, handshakes, and greetings.

"Alright people, leave the two to breathe. I'm sure they're both tired after the train ride home. Isn't that right?" Mr. Weasley smiled at his daughter and Harry. Mrs. Weasley and he were the only two who knew about the secret relationship besides Ron and Hermione.

Sitting down awkwardly, Harry's muscles tensed as he talked to each of the men in turn. It was seemingly uncomfortable as the simple chat had turned to relationships.

Bill was married to Fleur while Charlie had married some Romanian girl whom he had met while working with dragons. Obviously Percy had tied the knot with Penelope Clearwater after Hogwarts. Both the twins had steady girlfriends ( Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell). The gentle and humorous talk might have been interesting had it not been for Harry's relationship with Ginny.

Only Ron and Hermione kept the tension at a minimal, while Ginny sent him worried looks from across the room. It was a relief when Mrs. Weasley's voice rang from the kitchen.


Bill clapped Harry on the back as he passed by, while Ginny started a conversation with the twins. Soon, everybody was seated happily in front of the wonderful feast.

Through a heaping pile of steaming Shepherd's Pie, Harry began to relax a little bit. After all, these were just Ginny's brothers. He had known them for four years. What would they do to him?

"So Harry, what are you going to do now that the teaching proposition is over?" Charlie shot him a crooked grin as he shoved pie in his mouth.

"Oh, I'm thinking about taking the Quidittch offer from the cannons." He shrugged his shoulders as if it were nothing to be offered a place on a professional Quidittch team.

Fred however, was impressed. "Seriously? Well, there's no real surprise there. Not after he hooked Seeker in his first year."

"Stop it Fred, you're embarrassing him!" Ginny elbowed the twin, causing him to drop his fork onto the floor.

"Ginny!" Mrs. Weasley acciòd the fork and preformed a cleansing charm on it. "Do try and be more careful."

Rolling her eyes slightly, Ginny snuck a small smile at Harry behind the basket of biscuits. "Yes Mum."

"What happened to your job as the defense teacher?" Bill took a swig of wine. "I thought you said you liked that job."

Harry nodded, pushing his fringe from his eyes. "I did, but Dumbledore said he has a new person for the job. Besides, if I took it again, I'd be too far away from--"

His emerald eyes went wide as he realized what he'd almost said. It was too late now, though.

George's eyebrows had rose, as he grinned mischievously. "Too far away from what, Harry? Or is it whom? Who's the lovely lady!"

"George, it's none of your business! I'll get dessert going." Mrs. Weasley got up from the table, trying to protect Harry until he was ready to reveal the secret.

"N-no, it's alright Mrs. Weasley."

She sat down, wringing her hands under the table.

"I'm uh, dating . . ." Harry paused, not sure what to say. This was MUCH worse then telling Dumbledore.

"Ginny," he finished lamely.

Percy sat forward in shock. "This Ginny? Baby Ginevra?"

"I'm no baby," Ginny snapped, standing up to move next to Harry. "And yes, this Ginny."

Silence enveloped the room. It seemed as though the Weasley brothers, minus Ron, were waiting for someone to jump up and shout, "Early April Fool!"

When the action never came, Bill eyed Harry wearily. "I think it's time we had a little talk, Harry."

Opening his mouth slightly, Harry cringed. He had already had a 'talk' with Mr. Weasley after Ginny had written her parents and told them the news. Long story short, it was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to him.

"Um, Okay then. When?"

Charlie straightened his robes as if to show authority. "Right here, right now."

Ginny sighed, annoyed yet amused. "Does it have to be here? Can't you guys take him upstairs?"

Fred and George grinned evilly. "Suuure. We'll take him upstairs. Be back in a few Mum, save us some treacle tart."

Then, cracking their knuckles, the Weasley brothers led Harry upstairs into one of the bedrooms. Ron was the first to speak as he stared at his best mate and brother's retreating backs. "I don't envy Harry at the moment. The twins were showing me some of their new products . . . One of them changes a scar into words. Harry has a lot of scars, doesn't he?"

Ginny shook her head, trying not to laugh in spite of herself. "Harry survived Voldemort, and he'll survive the wrath of five of my older brothers."

End Flashback

Ginny smiled, now moving to peel the potatoes. The group had returned Harry in one piece, despite the twin's tampering with the scar on his hand. And even though Harry's face was as red as Ron's Weasley sweater, the night went on normally.

"Is Harry asleep, dear?"

Ginny pulled her feet back down to earth. "Yeah, he's pretty tired. This morning Chad Dussel, the Cannon's coach, really worked them hard. The season is coming up again."

The corners of Mrs. Weasley's mouth turned up as she took the chicken thighs out of the oven. "That will be exciting, having the Quidittch cup again. Hopefully Harry will lead the team into winning the cup again. Ron will be at ever game."

Chuckling, Ginny thought back to the game the year before. Ron had painted his face orange and wore a shirt that read: Potter's Best Mate.

"Well darling, better go wake Harry. Dinner will be on the table in a second, right after I fetch your father from the tool shed."

Pushing her sleeves down, Ginny sauntered back into the living room where her fiancee lay deep in slumber. It was difficult not to stare at him. With his hair falling into his eyes, clothes slightly rumpled, Harry looked cute.

"Harry." She shook his shoulder gently. "Come on, Supper's ready."

He groaned, pulling a throw pillow over his head. "Harry," she grabbed his arm. "Do you want me to call the House Elves in here to pour water on your head?"

Previously, the year of Ginny's seventh year, Harry had gotten the Weasley's a House Elf couple for Christmas. Mrs. Weasley only let them help with the laundry and a bit of cleaning. Otherwise, she did everything else herself.

Ginny sighed and leaned down, giving him a kiss. After a moment, Harry's hand came up and cupped her chin. Well, she thought. That certainly woke him up. Only a guy, only a guy.

"Well, sleeping beauty, Dinner is ready."

Harry sat up and leaned his forehead against her's. "Thanks for the brilliant wake-up call. I could get used to it."

She tilted her head in an innocent way. "Who said you would get that every day?"

"I did, future Mrs. Potter."

Mrs. Potter. . . I could get used to it.

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