A week had passed since Kyle agreed to help Hermione out and Draco still couldn't think of a girl to ask. One day when he was sitting outside by the lake going over the list of girls he knows for what seemed like the millionth time. But it end with the same results, all the girls he knew were girls that would fall for him if he acted like their boyfriend. While he was staring out across the lake thinking that they better come up with a different scheme he heard footsteps behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Blaise walking up to his side. "Still nothing?" Blaise asked.

"You'd think out of all the girls that I know that I could think of one, but it's useless." Draco stated in defeat.

"I guess that's what you get for being so damn popular." Blaise smirked at his friend. Draco didn't say anything just shot Blaise a dejected look. "Come on man I'm sure something will come to you."

"Yeah something did and its not working, as you can see. By this rate I'll be Mr. Hermione Granger for the rest of my life."

Meanwhile Hermione was in the library writing feverishly in a notebook, She heard the chair next to her slide and she looked up to see Kyle. "Hey I've been looking for you." He looked down at the page of notes. "What are you doing? Studying?"

"No not studying I've come up with a plan for when we start 'dating'."

"A plan?"

"Yes. As you know we need it to look real, even to the other students. So I've thought of dates and little things like holding hands and-" She stopped when she heard Kyle laughing. "What?" She asked suddenly self-conscious.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just like you to plan dating someone."

"But this is different-" Hermione started defensively.

"Look," Kyle reached over and took away her notebook. "It's dating, not some complex potion you need to plan for. The only way we're going to make this believable is if you through this away," He held up the notebook then tossed it into a near by garbage bin. Hermione stood up to fetch it but he stopped her. "And act naturally."

Hermione sighed and sat back. "I guess you're right."

"Of course I am." He smiled.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Please don't let it go to your head." She said sarcastically with a smile.

"Well seeing how you have no more notes to take, how about coming with Harry, Ron, and I? It happens to be nice outside, if you haven't noticed. Hermione agreed and the four of them spent the rest of the day outside.

At dinner Draco was brought out of his thoughts when Blaise called him. "I've found a solution to your problem." He said unhappily.

Draco perked up, "You have? Really? Who?"

"Not here. Come with me to the library when you're done eating."

Draco stood up, "I'm done."

Blaise sighed, "Alright lets go then."

As Blaise led him to a very secluded table at a far corner of the library he stopped when he saw who was already sitting at the table. "Wait why did you bring your girlfriend? Does she go every –" But Draco trailed off as realization hit him. He looked over at Blaise with wide eyes, "Are you serous?"

"Do you have anyone better?" Blaise snapped. When Draco didn't say anything Blaise barked, "That's what I thought. Now take a seat."

He did what he was told. When he was seated he awkwardly looked at the both of them as Blaise took his seat next to Ginny. "So..." Draco didn't know what to say really, he was shocked.

"Look man I don't like this, But Ginny-"

"But I think it's a good idea." Ginny interrupted. "I, unlike the other girls you know, won't fall for you, and I already know what's going on. I'm perfect for the job."

Draco looked over at Blaise in disbelief, "And you're ok with all this?"

"Of course I'm not! I, like you, know what all of this entails. We're going to have to fake a brake up, you being the cause, and I'm going to have to sit and watch, as my girl plays lovey-dovey with my best friend. Yeah not so fun." He let out a long sigh. "But as she said she's the best choice…And seeing how you're my best friend, and knowing that you would do the same for me, I'm thinking I'll suck it up and let it be."

Draco looked at him skeptically; "I don't think you really thought this through man. I mean we're going to have to make this look real if we want people to believe this." Draco paused, then said awkwardly, "We're going to have to, you know, hold hands and…make out."

"We know all this!! We've already talked about it. And if you were more of a gentleman you would hold back from snogging your girls in front of people, then we wouldn't have this problem!"

"When I'm serious about a girl I don't go full out, and I'm going to have to act serous with Ginny. So it wouldn't be all the time. But you know, once in awhile."

"Trust me I fucking hate this. But I know you're unhappy and I want to help where I can."

"And I want to help Hermione." Ginny added.

"So it's alright."

Draco stood up, "You've lost it man! I know we're pals, but you're saying it's ok for me to snog your girlfriend. The same girlfriend you claim to be in love with!"

"That's why it's ok. I think we both know how we feel and I know that it will all be acting." Blaise sighed, "I'm not saying that I think it's alright that she's kissing another guy, but I know no heart will be behind it. Plus tell me you wouldn't do the same for me?"

Draco sat back down, "You know I would, but it's not cool for me to drag you into this bullshit, and I know Granger wouldn't want you to sacrifice so much for her either Ginny."

"You're right she's not going to be happy. But she's been there for me a lot and she's always the one that's helping people. This time she needs to sit back and let someone help her for a change." Ginny smiled.

Blaise stood up, "Then it's settled. Just do me a favor man."


"Don't kiss her in front of me."

"Yeah, no problem." Draco answered, still dumbfounded by all of this.

Ginny stood up, "Now lets find Hermione and we can discuss everything."

Soon after the four of them sat in the Heads common room as Ginny told Hermione the plan. When she finished Hermione just sat there for a few seconds before saying anything. Finally she said, "You're going to have to kiss Malfoy." She stated as if she couldn't imagine anyone willingly agree to kiss him.

Ginny sighed and grabbed Blaise's hand, "I know this, we know this. It's alright."

"It's alright?" Hermione looked at her like she lost her mind.

"It's no use trying to talk sense into them, they've already made up their minds." Draco stated.

"Why go so far as to help us?" Hermione asked of the couple.

"Draco's my best friend, and you're Ginny's best friend. That's the only reason we need." Blaise stated.

Hermione sighed and slouched back in her seat. "So the plans a go." She exclaimed.

"Yeah it is, finally." Draco agreed.

"I don't know what to say to thank you two." Hermione said with heart.

"You don't need to say anything." Ginny walked over to Hermione and hugged her.

Blaise grasped Draco's shoulder, "Lets all just hope this works."


A half-hour later Hermione fetched Kyle so they could all plan things out. "So when people ask you about Hermione..." Kyle asked Draco trying to hold back the dislike in his voice.

"I'll say it doesn't matter that I'm with Ginny because she's been seeing you for awhile." Draco answered with equal dislike towards Kyle.

"And you think people will believe that?" Hermione asked.

Ginny looked her in the eyes, "Well to be honest people have already been questioning your relationship with Kyle. You guys do spend a lot of time together."

"Oh." Hermione said with a slight blush. "So umm you think people will believe that Malfoy back stabbed his life long friend for a Weasley?"

Kyle snorted in amusement, "I don't think people will have any trouble believing that the Slytherin's playboy ditched his best friend for a piece of tail."

Draco decided not to rise to his insult and just shrugged. Hermione quickly changed the subject. "So what of Ron? You know he won't like you going around sucking face with Malfoy."

"He's decided to bare with it for your sake." Ginny announced.

"Wait, you've already talked to him?" Hermione asked surprised.

"Yes, and let me tell you it wasn't an easy thing. But he had to know. Him and Harry both are going to have to play along. They're going to act like they're very cross with me and are refusing to acknowledge my existence."

"Oh. Nice." Hermione nodded with sarcastic approval.

"Have you guys thought of how long you want these fake relationships to last?" Kyle asked Hermione.

Hermione looked over and Draco and then back at Kyle. "Well we were thinking a month. That gives us time to look like we're serious about the relationships and we can come out with it to our parents when we go back home for Christmas."

"Is that alright?" Draco asked Blaise.

Blaise nodded, "If we're going to do this we might as well go full out." Ginny and Kyle nodded along in agreement.

"So when will the fake break up take place?" Draco asked Blaise.

"There's really no point in waiting, why not do it tomorrow?"

"Are you guys ready for that?" Hermione asked.

"Yep." Ginny answered. "We already have our story straight. All we need to do is bring you guys in on it then we are ready to go."

"Alright so this is how it's going to go…" Blaise told them their plans. Soon after Hermione and Draco were sending them off with their gratitude.

Hermione leaned against the door as it shut behind her friends. She glanced up at Malfoy, "Tomorrow then."

"Yeah, I hope you're ready."

"I am." She said with only slight confidence. "Are you?" She asked curiously.

Malfoy shrugged. "It's going to suck making out with Ginny knowing that my best friend has to suffer."

Hermione nodded in understanding. "And not being able to hang out with him for a month."

"It's going to be a long month."

"Just prey they're sacrifices will end with us getting a divorce. Then it will be all worth it."

Draco nodded then walked up stairs with out another word.

Tomorrow should be interesting…Hermione thought to herself as she to made her way up the stairs to bed.

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