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Not Playing Anymore

And So It Begins…

A/N: HBP did happen, but Draco took Dumbledore up on his offer before Snape arrived. So Dumbledore is still around, but Snape is gone.


Draco Malfoy was amused; it wasn't often that Hermione Granger became frustrated. Normally she went into her room and put up Silencing charms before she let it out. But she hadn't noticed him yet, so he was able to enjoy the show. From what he could gather, the illustrious Head Girl was somewhat annoyed with a certain Weasley.

"Bee in your bonnet, Granger?" He asked from his position on the couch.

Turning around with a jump, Hermione clutched a hand to her chest. "God Draco, give a girl a heart attack will you?" she said, calming herself down. "What are doing here anyway, I thought you had a shag date with Parkinson."

"Couldn't be bothered. How did you know about that, anyway?"

"She was bragging in the bathrooms," she said, joining him on the couch.

"That's part of the problem with her, no discretion. So what did the Weasel do this time?"

"How did you know it was Ron?"

"Please Granger, it's pretty obvious that two things bug you this much; the Weasel and getting a less than perfect grade. And considering that it is Saturday, no classes today, the only logical explanation is that it's the Weasel…so what did he do?"

"It wasn't him…well it was, but not directly."

"Do go on…"

"He has a date for Hogsmeade tomorrow…"

"Get out of town, Weasel's got a date? Tell me, who is desperate enough to go with the Weasel?"


"So you're jealous?"

"No. Well, a little, but not because he has a date with someone else. It's just that someone wants to go to Hogsmeade with him on a date and no one wants to with me."

"Nonsense. Plenty of guys would. Do you want me to go and line them up for you?"

She looked at him at him suspiciously. "No thanks, I think I'll pass."

"All right, just tell me when you do. So what else is it?"

"What do you mean? That's all."

"No it's not Granger. No matter how much the Weasel annoys you, you do not throw books…so what else?"

She sighed. "It was something Ginny said. She said, 'Don't worry, he'll come to his senses soon,' like I'm just waiting for Ron to stop dating his floozies and see me."

"You're not?"

"NO! Last year I would have been happy for him to look at me. But after the Lavender debacle and thinking about fourth year with the ball, I realised Ron just sees me as a friend, the back up…the last resort. I don't want that. Last year if he had come to me before Lavender, I probably would have said yes. Who am I kidding, I would have said yes…but he went to her. No offence to Lavender but she's bit of a tart; the total opposite of me."

"In every way…"

"Yeah. So I decided that Ron as a friend is good. I don't want him to want me after every other girl. I don't want to wait anymore – for him. Life's too short. This war is proving that."


"I think I might go to bed…I'll see you in the morning. Good night Draco."

"Night Granger. Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Giggling, she said, "Where on earth did you hear that muggle phrase?"

"Heard some first years. 'Least you're smiling now."

"Good night once more." She walked up to her room, still giggling.

An idea popped into his head.

"Hey Granger," he called after her.

"Yeah?" She came back out of her room.

"Come to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow."

"Why? I do not need a pity date."

"It's not a pity date; two friends enjoying each other's company, or the two Head students if you prefer, setting a good example to the other students. What do you say?"

Thinking it over, she replied. "Okay, but try anything and I'll cut your bits off."

He let out a chuckle, "Wouldn't dream of it."

"Good, this just might get Ginny to back off."

"So it's like a date now?"

"We don't have to tell them what it is; let them think what they want."

"Good point. Might go to bed myself. Got a big date tomorrow. Night, love."

"Night, snookums."

Laughing, they both shut their doors. Tomorrow was indeed going to be a big day.

The next morning Hermione took some time to look through her wardrobe. She needed to find the perfect outfit; casual, smart, with just a dash of sexy. She wanted to look good, but not like a tart. She was Head Girl, but the operative word was girl. For the second time in her life – she wanted to look perfect.

Not for Ron; maybe a little, to hit him in the head with just how much he was missing out on, but mostly for Draco. Considering that he always looked good, she needed to look just as good. Like she was worthy.

So what to wear?

She decided on her special jeans; the one's every girl has that showed of her bottom half features and that seemed like they were made for her body. She then decided on a white cardigan. She knew – like a librarian. She picked a silky camisole to go under it. - definitely not librarian - then her boots. Perfect.

She decided to leave her hair out. Putting on some makeup, she grabbed her coat.

Hermione was a modest girl, but she had to say; she looked great.

Time for breakfast.

Harry and Ron were already in the Great Hall by the time she arrived.

"Morning, Hermione," Harry greeted, not really looking up from his copy of the Daily Prophet.

"Good morning, boys; great day for a Hogsmeade visit, isn't it? It's absolutely perfect outside."

"Is it? Haven't really looked," Harry replied distractedly, still reading the paper.

Hermione was a bit dejected. Harry was barely talking to her and Ron hadn't taken his eyes off of his food or Parvati, who was currently making googly eyes at him.

So much for making an impression – no one had even noticed how she looked.

She started to get some breakfast, and then Ginny came over. Harry finally looked up from his paper, "Morning, Gin."

"Hi Harry," she said as she turned to Hermione. "Morning, Hermione…God you look great!"

"Thanks, Gin, I thought I'd do something extra today."

"For you-know-who?" she said while looking at Ron, who wasn't watching what he was doing because he was too busy distracted by part of Parvati's chest. He was missing his mouth with his spoon repeatedly; disgusting eating habits.

"No, just thought I'd do it."

"Good morning Hermione. I have to say you look absolutely stunning today." Hermione turned around and noticed how good he looked today – but then, he looked good every day.

"Good morning, yourself, Draco. You don't look so bad yourself."

Now they were paying attention, and it seemed the whole Great Hall was waiting for the explosion. Here it came.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Harry demanded.

He turned to Harry. "Hold your Hippogriffs, Potter. I'm just here to pick up Hermione." He turned back to her, "You ready?"

Ron found his voice. "What are you talking about Malfoy? As if she wants to go anywhere with you," he scoffed, practically spitting at him.

Hermione had had enough. "She, Ronald, can talk for herself. And yes, Draco, I am ready; let's go. I'll see you guys later. Have a good day in Hogsmeade."

Leaving it at that, she rose from her seat, took Draco's offered arm, and together they left a stunned Great Hall behind them.

They just made it outside and into the Head carriage before the laughter took over.

If this was just the beginning, who knew what would happen next...

21/04/06: This was beta read for me by cordy-angel, and I've been lazy and haven't changed it. Thanks to cordy-angel for reading it for me.