Dark times have already closed in. The Order of the Phoenix has been beaten out of existence but at a terrible price to the Dark Side. Voldemort has died at the hands of none other than The-Boy-Who-Lived, just as The-Boy-Who-Lived died at the hands of Voldemort himself. On his deathbed Voldemort christened Draco Malfoy as the new Emperor of the Wizarding and Muggle world.

At hearing this, the world quickly hands their daughters to him eagerly, hoping that they will be an acceptable addition to the Emperor's Harem and maybe even chosen to be his wife. They turn deaf ears to their daughter's protests and quickly every single beautiful, virgin girl is sent to the palace.

None of the girls know of their fate. Will the Emperor be kind to them? Will he send them back to their homes in disgrace? Nobody knows. Nobody can predict the moods or whims of the Great Emperor Draco Malfoy.