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Dancing Daily Life

"Bend back. Further! Relax your muscles and let gravity pull you backwards." Mistress Verain instructed sharply. "I've told you a hundred and one times, Ginevra! Remember my words."

A slim figure, bent gracefully in an intricate pose was in the center of the training room, a black cloth wrapped around her body enticingly. Chocolate eyes slanted, completely concentrated on her task. Arms held gracefully in position, back bent much further than humanly possible. A toned stomach half covered by the sheer cloth, legs shaking slightly, supporting her unbalanced weight.

"Good. Further back. Don't contort your face like that! It makes you look horrible."

Her back bent a few more degrees and she held the position breathlessly. She paused, sweat dripping down her back as she waited for her teacher's comment.

"We will work on this later, but you are much improved." Mistress Verain nodded slowly. She walked over to the girl and began massaging her arm muscles, then her back.

Gin almost groaned as she felt her muscles contracting. Checking herself, she allowed her teacher to slowly pull her out of the position that they had been practicing for the past three hours. "Will I be able to put that in my routine?"

"I don't know. You need let your body become accustomed to it, or you will falter or cramp up in front of the Emperor."

"Emperor… You mean at that festival?" Gin asked quietly, wincing as her teacher began her stretching exercises.

Mistress Verain eye twitched slightly above her veil. "It's the festival. Not that festival."

"I'd rather not dance for some man that I've never seen before. I need to find out what a Draco is!" Gin murmured, annoyed. "I haven't been able to figure it out and it has been almost a complete three and a half months!"

"You will find out in time. For now, work on your routine and make it as perfect as possible." Mistress Verain said philosophically.

"URGH! I just don't understand. I've remembered almost everything, but I can barely remember what the word Draco means or is. Besides, no one here helps, since they won't tell me." Gin ground out.

"You will find out in time." The statement was repeated insistently.

Silently, angry and frustrated, Gin completed her stretching and stalked to her room. Almost ripping the delicate fabric in her annoyance, she stripped and walked out naked, down the long hallway of alcoves and into the communal bathroom / spa.

The large bathroom was steamy. Gin waved her hand in front of her face, attempting to escape from the heat. Spotting her plaque above her own bathtub. She waited impatiently as an attendant filled the bath and slipped in bath salts.

She slipped in, moaning happily. The attendant massaged her back with scented soaps. The combination was heaven. Her mind began to drift.


A pair of hands descended on her back and began to massage her once more. Unwittingly, Ginevra leaned into the touch. The hands moved in slow circles and there was a splash in the water. Draco slid into the large tub and looked at the redhead with an amused smile. "I take it you like my massages?"


Gin bolted upright. Her attendant scurried away from her, muttering apologies. "Be still." She commanded. "Leave me. I shall attend to myself for now." The attendant nodded, eyes wide as she backed away.

"Draco is a man." She whispered to herself. Horrified, her mind began it's downward spiral once more. A man… Tremors erupted, fear flashing in her eyes, "Why is that so terrifying to me?"

Rationalizing her thoughts, Gin took deep breaths. A man… "I have not seen a man… Not since my wakening. Why should I be afraid?" She straightened and wiped off her soapy shoulders. She gestured to the attendant.

The attendant came forward with a large gold urn and upturned it and it's warm scented contents onto Gin's bowed head, efficiently rinsing her body of any extra soap. Gin stood and a towel was dabbed gently on her body. Then a heated bathrobe was placed around her shoulders as she stepped out of the bath.

Still slightly shaken, Ginevra exited the large bathroom and made her way back down the long hallway to her alcove. Her attendant followed her dutifully. As they entered the space Ginevra shed her bathrobe and walked to the vanity. Methodically the attendant rubbed creams and scented oils all over her body. As the moisturizer soaked into her skin, the attendant set out mats and clothing. Gin dressed herself and lay on the matting. With the attendant's help, she began her stretching exercises once more.

"Mistress Ginevra, you must work harder. You aren't fully stretching your muscles. You need to make sure they don't tighten again. It would waste a whole two months training."

Ginevra sighed and let out a sharp shriek as her attendant began pushing her legs down even harder. Taking her point, Gin let out a breath and willed her muscles to stretch.

"Enough." The attendant whispered after half an hour of stretching. "Now you must sleep."

Already nodding off, Ginevra watched as the attendant moved about the room, shifting the matting and artfully placing sheets, comforters and pillows on the large comfortable Japanese-like bed. Ginevra sighed happily as the bed molded itself to her body, enveloping her in a warm cocoon of blankets.

"What time is it?"

In response, Mistress Verain's voice echoed along the hall. Through the cloth walls Gin could see the silhouettes of her classmates pausing. Many of them stretching and others, like her, in bed. "Lights out. You must all rest properly. The festival is in 2 weeks. For those of you who haven't completed their stretching, you must go into the studio and finish there. With an extra ten minutes for being off-schedule. Goodnight Ladies."

With a flick of her wand, Mistress Verain extinguished the lights. Gin shifted as she sensed her attendant moving about the room in the dark. "What is your name?" Gin asked her curiously.


"How can you see in the dark?"

"I cast a spell Mistress." The sarcasm was evident in her voice.

Gin grinned, "I see. Why are you working as an attendant when you are magical?"

The girl froze, her voice icy, "I didn't cast it, Mistress. My brother did."

Icy fingers gripped Gin's stomach, a feeling of dread absorbed into her very soul, "Does he work in the palace too?"


"What is his name?" Gin asked, her voice shaky. Something is wrong…

"Jeremiah." Luelle smirked as she saw the fear in Gin's eyes. "He wants to see you again."

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