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Chapter 7: The Fuhror

Previously on chapter 6: "There was a knock. "Alright I'm coming." She grumbled. She stood straight, fixed herself and

plastered a smile on her face. When she opened the door, her smiled faded and a look of pure shock formed her face."

Roy Mustang looked into a pair of striking ocean blue eyes that were staring back at him, in which he could read in them, with utmost

shock and surprise and a mouth slightly open. He let out a boyish smile. "Good Evening Ms. Rockbell." He formally greeted. Winry still

wasn't able to reply. Somewhere deep inside of her, she somehow didn't like Roy Mustang's sudden visit, he usually called before he

came. She feared something but she couldn't place her finger on what it was. Roy Mustang kept his smile and waited patiently but was also

wondering if there was something on his face or on his clothes that made her stare at him so or more like gape. They both heard a shuffling

sound and the footsteps.

Edward frowned when Winry suddenly fell silent after opening the door and wondered why she hadn't let the visitor in. He stood and

walked to her. He was about to ask her but stilled when he saw who it was. His eyes widened. "You?!." He blurted out loud. Roy

Mustang, to put it bluntly, was really shocked to see Edward. They stared at each other with Winry standing silently between them. For the

first time in history, Roy Mustang was rendered speechless and so was Edward. Winry looked from Edward to Roy then she realized she

hasn't greeted Roy back and didn't invite him in. "Baka!" She scolded herself mentally. "A-ano-…" She timidly said which was quite

surprising for the blonde lady. They heard footsteps from behind them and the door was opened wider. Auntie Pinako came into view. She

herself was quite surprised to see the colonel. "Ah! Good evening Colonel, please do come in!" Pinako warmly greeted. Roy broke out of

his stupor and looked at Pinako smilingly and somewhat relieved. "Thank you Mrs. Rockbell." He replied. Winry gave way and ushered

him in. "We weren't expecting you Colonel. You would usually call before you come and pay us a visit." Pinako said. Upon hearing this,

Edward looked at him with a raised brow. Roy however missed that but Winry didn't. She silently elbowed him. He grimaced in pain. "I

just came from a meeting at Lior, I decided to drop by and see how things are doing here. I admit it has been a long time and I'm sorry if I

caught you at a bad time." Roy answered. Pinako just waved her hands and said, "Oh it's nothing. You are always welcomed here."

Edward frowned after hearing that. Roy Mustang's dark eyes looked back to Edward and Pinako could see the question in them. Edward

looked back at Roy like he always does, stubbornly. A verbal war threatened to erupt but Winry hurriedly cut in. "Ano-..Col. Mustang, if

you wouldn't mind, would you care to join us for dinner?" She, a bit shyly, suggested. Roy looked back at her with a boyish smile. Edward

saw that and eyed him daggers. Roy caught that look before he replied. "Thank you Winry, I would love to." and grinned slyly to himself.

"An excellent idea dear! Come! Come! Dinner's ready." Pinako brightly said and ushered them towards the dining room. Before they left,

Edward gave Winry a questioning look and she answered with a glare that said later.

Edward came in first followed by Winry. They caught Alphonse red-handed picking a carrot stick from one of Auntie Pinako's cooking.

"Al-kun!" Winry gently chided. Alphonse jumped in fright and looked at Winry sheepishly. "Gomen." He apologetically said. Edward and

Winry just chuckled. Roy Mustang entered and suddenly stopped dead on his tracks upon seeing another Edward, only the hair was

shorter and looked more innocent, child-like. Alphonse stared back at Roy, the carrot stick suspended in mid-air and a mouth slightly

open. Roy's eyes moved to Alphonse then to Edward and back again and understanding dawned on him. Alphonse sweatdropped then

looked to his older brother who's face was impassive then to Winry who was silent and suddenly found interest in arranging the spoons and

forks then back to Roy who was looking at him with, from his point of view, a smirk. Alphonse swallowed and slowly opened his mouth to

say something but Auntie Pinako suddenly barged in bringing a bowl full of hot chicken macaroni soup with milk. When she saw the three

occupants who were standing rooted to their spots. She bustled in like a mother hen tending her chicks which snapped the three out of

their stupor. "It's time for dinner and do you think are you all still doing standing there?" She chided as she placed the bowl of soup on the

table. The three smiled sheepishly then went to their designated seats. All throughout dinner, Winry, Edward and Alphonse were quiet only

able to talk when asking for something. Auntie Pinako was busy entertaining Roy Mustang , asking him questions while Roy Mustang's

responded in kind but his dark eyes gave glances toward Edward then to Alphonse. Thoughts were already processing inside his head.

Meanwhile, Edward who was seated beside Winry, was busy attending to his food, thinking twice whether he should eat the soup or not

because he was seriously doubting that there ws milk in it but he was kept giving glances towards Roy Mustang, thoughts also processing

in his head and then to Winry, often in fact. She was focused more on her food, daintily eating. Edward noticed that since Roy Mustang

arrived she was acting strange. She seemed so anxious and sullen all of a sudden. He looked at his younger brother eating quietly, he also

looked somewhat precoccupied. Alphonse was having thoughts of his own, more particularly were questions about why Roy Mustang was

here, did he already know that he and his older brother have returned. He was getting more and more agitated by the minute. After a short

while, Winry put down her spoon and fork on the and then stood. Edward looked up at her, "Where are you going?" He asked frowning a

bit. Winry looked down at him with a raised brow. "To get us some drinks, why?" She answered. Edward sighed then shook his head.

"Nothing." He replied then continued eating. Winry looked down at him for a moment then went to the kitchen. Roy Mustang looked at the

scene before him with utmost interest. His eyes followed Winry as she left. Edward noticed this and his blood boiled. Alphonse looked at

his brother and saw the fire in his eyes and sweatdropped. He had to do something before something bad happened. "Ano-nii-san...please

pass me the sauce.." He a bit hastily asked. Edward looked at his brother for a moment then shook his head. He reached for the sauce

then gave it to Alphonse and continued eating. Alphonse sighed in relief. "So Colonel has there been anything new at the capital?" Auntie

Pinako asked as she put down her spoon. Roy seemed to pause and thought of his answer. Edward and Alphonse both looked at him,

waiting. Roy Mustang sighed, put down his spoon and fork and looked at the three with a rather arrogant grin. "They just promoted me to

Fuhror." He calmly answered though the grin was still on his face. Edward face faulted and Alphonse spewed out his food. Auntie Pinako

looked at them in shock. Roy Mustang just laughed, he knew he had that coming. "Ed? Al? Are you quite alright?" Pinako asked.

Alphonse hastily cleaned up the mess and repeatedly muttering, "Gomen..". Edward stood and righted himself, though it was clear on his

clearly written on his face the disbelief he felt. He looked at Pinako and said, "Excuse..i think i'll go help Winry..(snicker)..". He hurriedly

left, unable to hold back his snickering. Alphonse looked at his brother's retreating form with a sweatdrop. "Onii-san..! Don't Leave me

here...!" He yelped inside his head. His answer was a closed door.

Winry who was reaching up the cupboard for the tall glasses jumped in fright as Edward suddenly barged in. The look on his face was

unreadable. "Ed" She asked, a bit worried. Edward looked at her then suddenly burst out laughing. Winry looked down at him in

confusion. "Ed what just-.." Edward laughed more, his face becoming red. Winry frowned at him. Edward right away clamped his mouth

shut and looked at the door as if expecting for someone to come in. "Ed!" Winry said, a bit irritated with his odd behavior. Edward looked

at her holding back snickers. "You wouldn't believe what I'd tell you.." He said pausing to snicker. Winry looked at him with a rasied

brow. Edward continued to snicker w/c threatened to erupt into a full blown laugh. A vein popped behind Winry's head, her beloved

wrench suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Edward right away straightened up but still held back his laugh. He cleared his throat. Winry

waited with a hand on her hip. "Roy Mustang just got promoted to Fuhror now." He seriously said but the look on his face said otherwise.

He looked like he was about to burst out laughing again. Winry looked at him for a second then shrugged her shoulders. "Well..that's

great!" She brightly said. Edward scowled upon hearing this but Winry didn't see because she was again reaching for the tall glasses.

"Great..?" Edward asked, confused. "Yeah, i mean, he did do a great job when he was still a Colonel so i guess it's just right to make him

Fuhror." She answered, straining a bit to reach the glasses, she was already standing on tiptoes now. Edward looked at her back w/ a

mouth slightly open in disbelief. "He almost got me and Al freakin' killed by sending us to those damned missions!" He said in outrage.

Winry rolled her eyes. "Hey, you signed up to be his lapdog as a State Alchemist." She retorted. Edward snorted and grumbled low in his

voice, he knew she was right but he wished she didn't have to rub it in. Winry tried reaching a few more times but to no avail. She gave out

a frustrated huff. Edward rolled his eyes then went to help her. "How many do you need?" He asked sounding a bit annoyed. Winry

sheepishly smiled at him. "Just five please." She answered. Edward reached up w/ ease and took five tall glasses and placed it on top of the

sink. Up until now, Winry was still amazed at how tall he had become and how damned sexy! She couldn't help but stare. "Is that all?"

Edward asked rather impatiently looking down at her. Winry shook her head and answered or rather rambled. "Uh yeah...great..thanks."

Edward raised a brow at her sudden change. Winry hurriedly placed the glasses on the table, hiding her becoming blush. "What do you

think is on his head now, upon seeing you, the Fuhror i mean." Winry conversationally asked. Edward winced at the thought of calling Roy

Mustang Fuhror. He leaned by the sinh\k w/ his arms crossed over his chest. A slight frown marring his forehead. "I don't know..questions

maybe..a lot. I bet his dying to fire them already." He answered. Winry smiled. "Who wouldn't...you didn't report back to him or give him

the heads up that you were back home." She said as she took out the lemonade from the frige. Edward walked to her side to help. "It's not

like we knew that we could come back you know." He mumbled low though Winry heard it. She just smiled. He was silent for a while, in

deep thought as he watched Winry put ice on the glasses. She did have a point, whether he liked it or not, he was still obligated to report

to Roy Mustang. Winry looked at him and could see in his face the confusion he was feeling inside. She smiled to herself. "He sure does

act like a grown up now." She thought. "There its all set." She said after filling all the glasses with lemonade. She carefully arranged them on

the tray. "Ed-kun, please bring these out for me and i'll follow behind with the pitcher." She directed rather authoritatively. Edward frowned

at her for a second but she just stuck her tongue out at him. He mumbled in complaint though he carried the tray and walked out of the

kitchen w/ Winry close behind him.

As the two got out of the kitchen w/ their drinks, Auntie Pinako was already serving dessert. Alphonse already started eating his or more

like gobbling his share. Winry saw this and chuckled. Edward looked at her questioningly. She gestured towards Alphonse as she served

the drinks. Edward looked at his younger brother then smiled to himself. It was amazing to see how Alphonse has become so enamored

with sweets. "Arigatou Ms. Rockbell." Roy Mustang said as he received his drink. Winry just smiled in answer then sat on her seat. Auntie

Pinako served them w/ desserts and they ate in silence. "Winry dear, do you know that the colonel has been promoted to Fuhror?" Auntie

Pinako asked. Winry smiled brightly. "Yes, Ed-kun told me and I think it's great!" She truthfully answered. Roy Mustang smiled. "Thank

you." He said. "Well i think its time the capital needs a young leader who is firm in his decisions and knowledgeable as well." Auntie Pinako

said. "We are making major changes regarding how we govern the people Mdm. My first step was eliminating those officials who were

rumored to be backing up the homunculi whether we had proof or not." Roy said. When he mentioned homunculi he glanced at Edward to

see his reaction. He got none. "But don't you think it's kind of unfair Fuhror?" Winry asked, a slight frown marring her delicate features. "I

didn't want to take chances. The homunculi have had easy access before and i still can't explain clearly how so that's why right now I'm

taking direct measures." He answered. "You do have a point fuhror but listening to you its as if you're expecting another attack from them."

Alphonse spoke for the first time since they had dinner. Roy looked at him momentarily surprised but smiled. "If you remember Alphonse

the homunculi have lived long before you were born. They're always out there, waiting for the most skilled and powerful Alchemist to direct

them to the path of the Philosopher's stone." Saying this, Roy was looking at Edward who was also staring back at him. Edward clenched

his fists. Winry noticed and felt scared all of a sudden, not at Edward but at the message behind what Roy said. She wanted to leave, she

didn't want to hear what Edward would say. "He's right, i remember what that homunculi Lust said, they've been doing it for decades,

planning and trapping alchemists into searching for that dreaded stone. Promising them power, wealth, even promising them hope when all

they wanted was someone who could make it for them, to be used in their own greediness. And i was stupid enough to fall for that."

Edward darkly said. Alphonse looked at his older brother, understanding what he felt. "We had our reasons nii-san." He quietly said.

Edward looked at him, shook his head and smiled. "Yes, but they were foolish and selfish reasons don't you think?" Roy asked sounding a

bit mocking. Alphonse didn't answer but nodded. Edward grit his teeth in annoyance. "Foolish to you but not to me. If it were my case, i'd

do it again just as long as i can save my brother." He hotly lashed out. "Nii-san.." Alphonse said but Roy interrupted. "Don't you think you

sound just like those homunculi.." Edward glared at him but couldn't answer back because he knew Roy was right. Winry suddenly stood

and put down her fork rather noisily. They all looked at her in shock. "Well, seeing that dinner's over I guess I'll clean up. If you don't mind,

please do continue your conversation at the living room, thank you." She said rather hurriedly. She picked up hers and auntie Pinako's plate

then disappeared into the kitchen. The occupants left in the dining room were still quiet, feeling awkward at Winry's sudden outburst. Then

Auntie Pinako began to gather the remaining dishes, piling them over another. Edward stood and walked to her. "I'll go and carry them to

the kitchen." He said, though it was rather surprising for Edward to volunteer, Auntie Pinako knew the reason behind it. "Do you think its

wise of you to do so?" She asked him w/ a raised brow. Edward scowled darkly. "Like hell i care if it's wise or not." He retorted then left

with the dirty dishes. Auntie Pinako chuckled and shook her head. "Stubborn as always." She commented. Roy and Alphonse smiled in

agreement. "Well, come now Fuhror, as what my dear granddaughter suggested let's continue our talk at the living room shall we?" Auntie

Pinako asked smilingly. Roy stood and followed her out but paused to say to Alphonse. "You sure do look like you older brother but only

more mild-tempered." Then left smiling cheekily leaving a blushing Alphonse. (Roy smiles cheekily..? 0.0 omg!!)

Winry hurriedly walked to the sanctuary of the kitchen, putting the dirty plates on the sink and then she leaned on it, calming her racing

heart and rioting emotions. She didn't like their conversation one bit. "The homunculi's have lived long before you were born...they've been

doing this for decades trapping & planning..." Those words played on her head again and again. "Stop it!!" She thought out loud. She let

out a deep sigh, one hand on her forehead. "What am i thinking...Edward's home now and so is Al...they already got what they want, why

would the homunculi still come after them..." "Waiting for the most skilled and powerdful alchemist..." She shook her head vigorously. "I'm

driving myslef crazy..thinking bout these things.." She thought. She turned on the faucet and took the dishwashing soap. She began soaping

the dirty dishes but her mind wasn't on what she was doing. "There must be someone else other than him..." She absently said. "Someone

else than who?" Someone asked behind her. She almost yelped in fright. "It's nothing. I was just babbling." She answered. She pretended

as if nothing happened and continued washing the dishes. Edward placed some of the dirty dishes beside the sink and looked at her. She

didn't budge but she could feel his eyes on her. "Look at me Win." He said, sounding a bit impatient. She didn't comply but instead kept

looking at the bubbles that were now foaming on her hand. He pulled her to him but still she didn't move. She heard him let out a frustrated

hiss. "Win..please.." He said again. The pleading in his voice was what prompted her to look at him. His golden eyes showed concern and

worry for her but he was still frowning. She almost smiled at that. "Since that arrogant jerk arrived you've been acting strange all of a

sudden..what's the matter..?" He asked right away. He really could be so direct that it sometimes unnerved her well except for those times

when they were kissing. She felt herself blush at that but right away regained composure. "I'ts nothing. So stop worrying." She answered

non-chalantly. Edward didn't believe her and it showed on his face. "You're such a bad liar." He said irritably. Winry scowled. "That's

because i wasn't raised to be one!" She tartly replied. Edward just rolled his eyes in annoyance. "I won't ask again." He warned. Winry

stepped away from him so that she didn't have to look up high at him. "It's nothing okay so stop bothering me. I'm trying to work here."

She replied, warning him as well. Edward snorted in disbelief and stood to his full height with his arms crossed over his chest. Winry felt as

if she'd have a stiff neck later on from looking up at him. She began to miss those days when he was still shorter than her. "As if you do the

dishes here. Like I said i'm not gonna ask again." He said, trying to intimidate her, though he knew it wouldn't he thought he'd try even just

this once. Winry's eyes turned a fiery blue and she too stood to her full height though she only reached up to his shoulders. She could be so

damn stubborn sometimes and then he thought to himself, so was he, what a pair they were. He smirked inwardly. "FYI you six footer

bean, yes i do the dishes here since grandma can't be relied on anymore because her hands would start to shake and we'd end up with

broken glasses or plates and so what if I won't tell you what are you gonna do to me huh? Transmute me?!" She angrily said, every fiber of

her being was on fire now and the only person she knew who'll get burned was the one infront of her. Edward looked down at her with a

smug grin on his face not the least scared, thoug he knew he should be because her legendary wrench might suddenly appear out of

nowhere but instead, he thought she looked hot. Her eyes blazed dark blue like it would whenever she was turned on by his kisses and her

cheeks had a slight tinge of red as if she were blushing and her lips, her damn luscious lips were on a pout that it made him want to kiss

them and then suck on it. His senses were on a full alert now, turned on by just the mere sight of an angry Winry. He shook his head and

cleared his thoughts, calming his racing hormones. "I gotta stop doing that." He thought to himself. He then lazily said, "Are you done yet?"

Winry got angrier, she wanted to throw something at him but held herself back. "God! You could be such an ass sometimes!" She hotly

replied. She turned her back on him, trying to ignore his looming presence behind her and pretended to continue doing the dishes but

Edward wasn't deterred though. He took the soapy sponge from her, made her look at him and pushed her to the sink. He clapped his

hands together and transmuted the tiles on the sink as a make shift trap, it wound around Winry's upper body trapping both her hands in

the process so that she won't be able to make a move. She looked at him outraged and speechless. Edward just smirked smugly at her

which infruriated her even more. "When I get out of here I'll -..." She threatened but Edward cut her off. "The question there is when and if.

I'm the only one who can get you out." Winry shut her mouth and scowled darkly at him. Edward looked at her intently and said,

"Now..where were we?"

Alphonse was left alone on the at the dining room still confused and disoriented. His thoughts were still in shambles when he saw Roy

Mustang. He didn't even know what to feel or how to react. Then he thought to himself, "Even Roy Mustang looked kind of shocked, no

not kind of, really shocked." But Alphonse was even more shocked when Roy Mustang baceme Fuhror though he knew he could be a

great leader but still, he could sometimes tend to become a bit of a pervert. He might issue an order that all the female population should

wear a skirt. Alphonse sweatdropped. He shook his heas then chuckled. He stood and continued cleaning the table. Riza Hawkeye just

came into his head. He smirked. Roy Mustang's perverted order might not be successful at all with that trigger happy Hawkeye around. He

saw that there were still some desserts left, he looked around then smiled childishly to himself. "Might as well finish it." He sat down again

and happily continued eating the dessert.

Winry looked up at Edward angrily, apalled that he could have the nerve to do this to her. "Ed! Let me go!" She demanded trying to

struggle against the tight binding, she couldn't move an inch. Edward just looked at her. "Not until you give me an answer." He calmly said.

She icily looked at him then whipped her head to the side making some of her hair fall down and cover her face. Edward shook his head in

amazement at her stubborness. He moved closer to her and held her chin, making her look at him. Her eyes told him of his impending

doom. He grinned. "You're so damn stubborn Win." He comically said. "And so are you!" She snapped. "What has gotten you so worked

up? I just wanted to know what's wrong with you and here you are so darn defensive like a mother hen guarding her chicks." He said

sounding so bewildered. An idea suddely came into his head which unnerved him greatly. He was suddenly silent. He let go of her and

stood straight, looking down at her. Winry looked up at him questioningly but was confused at what he saw in his eyes. Feelings of hurt,

confusion and anger all mixed in one. "What?" Her anger slowly dissipating, replaced with worry. Edward looked away. He felt stupid for

not getting the idea right away. He put his hands in his pockets and sighed, sounding defeated. Winry was alarmed. "What's the matter with

him?" She thought to herself, concerned. The answer to that question wasn't what she expected. "Something happened between the two of

you." Edward quietly said though Winry heard it clearly. "What?" She asked again, now she was the one confused, really confused.

Edward looked at her, he eyes were serious now but there was hurt this made Winry even more bewildered. "Something happened

between you and that arrogant jerk, that's why you're acting so weird when you saw him." He loudly said, really believing his words.

Winry's eyes widened in shock at what she just heard. "Edward thought that?" She asked herself. He sounded so dead serious when he

said it but in his eyes, she saw that he was vulnerable and scared. She shook her and looked down. Edward looked at her, he really didn't

believe what he just said but her reaction proved him wrong or did it? He saw her shoulders shake. Was she crying? or laughing? Winry

looked up at him and saw that she was smiling. Edward frowned, now he was the one cofused. "What's so funny?" He asked. Winry just

smiled even more. She wanted to kiss him right now because he looked so damned cute with that confused look on his face. "Ed-kun, I

promise I'll answer your question if you let me go." She softly said. Edwar raised a brow at her, clearly not believing her. "Moments ago

you were bent on killing me, now you're suddenly so sweet, what makes you think I believe you?" He said in a low voice. "It's up to you."

She sweetly said. Too sweet in Edward's point of view but he had no other choice. He sighed then clapped his hands togther and touched

the bind on Winry, his eyes were still on her, eyeing any suspicious movements. Winry just stared back at him. The bind on Winry made a

hissing and electric sound as it returned to normal, namely the kitchen sink. Edward moved a step away from her and waited with his hands

in his pockets. Winry leaned on the sink and looked at him. "You do have a very wild imagination don't you think?" She asked him,

amusement lacing her voice. Edward scowled darkly." And what am I supposed to think? With the way you're reacting my imagination

can't help but be wild." He said in a low voice. Winry chuckled. "Do you honestly think that I'd go out with someone older than I am, and

with Him for that matter? I'm not stupid you know, I know that he can be a jerk at times but so are you." She jokingly said. Edward glared

at her, not finding her joke the least bit funny. Winry chuckled and then sighed. "I was scared Ed." She quietly said but Edward heard her.

He frowned. "Scared? of what? Roy?" He asked. Winry rolled her eyes, "I might as well just say it." She glumly thought. She moved away

from the sink and walked towards the the island table and sat on a stool. "Roy does pay us a visit every other time after you and Al were

gone. Checking up on us, how we were doing. Asking if you've already returned. However, he would usually call before he came. But

tonight...I..I was just...when I saw him...I just suddenly felt scared..." Winry said, while playing with an orange. Edward sat beside her, her

voice had gone soft almost whisper-like when she said the last word but he heard it anyway. "Scared of what Win?" He asked again.

Winry sighed. "I was scared that...that he must've already found out that you're back home...and then..and then..." She paused, biting her

lower lip not wanting to continue. Edward just waited, encouraging her to continue. "I'm scared that he might want to take you away again

to do those missions, whether you like it or not Ed, you are still a State Alchemist. You didn't quit or worse than that die so Roy can still

send you to do missions, dangerous or not." She finished, sounding so worried now. "But when I saw his reaction upon seeing you and Al I

felt a bit relieved but when he started talking about those..those horrible homunculus..I..I got scared again..what he said was true about not

taking any chances...what if those..those..monsters might come back again Ed...and...and..." Edward suddenly pulled her to him and

hugged her tight. She was already babbling and starting to panic and get paranoid. "Win..Win..relax..sshh..." He soothed her, rubbing her

back up and down. Now he felt so stupid, he didn't think that she was thinking what Roy had just said, though ke knew it would bother her

greatly. Instead, he thought that she and Roy had a past relationship. He cursed himself inwardly. Winry thought of what happened to them

years ago, she shuddered. "Ed..Ed..Ed..I don't want to lose you again..I don't...I don't..." She whispered, sobbing into his arms and holding

him tighter. "Sshh..it's okay..it's okay...you won't..I promise." Edward vowed. He made her look at him. Her eyes were watery and her

nose was a little red, he thought she looked so cute. He smiled and gently wiped her tears away and then kissed her softly on the lips.

Winry blushed at that. "You won't Win, I promise you that." He said again, confidently. Winry smiled, somehow felt appeased by those

words and his touch. She sighed and leaned on him feeling his warmth already seeping into her, calming her rioting thoughts and emotions.

They stayed like that for a while, both in deep thought. A while later, Winry looked up at him. "Ed.."She softly called. Edward looked

down at her questioningly. "We should hurry here. You need to go and talk to the Fuhror." She said. Edward winced at that. "Yeah, you're

right." He grudgingly agreed. "You and Al." Winry added. Edward nodded in answer. The two let go of each other and then continued

cleaning the dishes. A while later, Alphonsecame in bringing the rest of the dirty dishes and glasses and helped them out.

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