He knows what it is that makes her keep her lights on at night. And even now, he still can't help but feel as if he's failed her. The man who took away her sense of security in the world has been brought back to the United States by some legal maneuver. He'll stand trial. He'll more than likely be convicted on the evidence that the District Attorney's Office has to present. But the fact remains that the case itself took too long to break.

Even so, he makes his way up the stairs of her apartment building. She'll open the door to few people, and he is one of those few. She knows him only as the detective that worked her case, but it is because of this one fact that she trusts him. It is more than she can say for the rest of the world.

When he reaches her door, he hesitates for a moment before knocking. The hour is growing late, but he knows that he won't be able to sleep until he does this. Locks click on the other side of the door. When it opens, she looks up at him, quite obviously wondering what he's doing there.

"You can turn your lights out tonight." he tells her quietly. She offers up a faint smile before closing the door without saying anything. The sound of the locks clicking again isn't exactly reassuring, but at least he has accomplished what he has come to do. He waits for a few seconds before turning and walking back down the stairs.

Outside, he looks back up at the building, searching out the window that he knows is hers. The lights are still on. He moves to walk away, to go back to the precinct and finish that paperwork he's been neglecting, but something makes him turn back.

And when he looks towards her window again, the lights are off, for what is probably the first time since it all began.

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