Author Note: Hey guys! I have no idea why I wrote this little fic, other than the fact that I woke up one morning and sneezed so hard that I did actually fall back on my bed...which you didn't need to know but anyways...

Well I got the idea to make this a kind of sequel to Galactic Wine, which turned out better than I expected, so I hope this one will be just as good. I've only done a short chapter to begin with, but please let me know if I should continue?


Padme sneezed so hard that she fell backwards and sat on her bed. She shook her head in surprise, then rubbed her puffy eyes and coughed.

It wasn't often that she was ill, but she hated it when she was because it meant that she was helpless and had to rely on others.

I knew I shouldn't have had that snowball fight with Anakin! she thought as she sneezed again. Anakin had taken her for a trip to the ice planet of Hoth for her birthday yesterday and she'd stupidly started a snowball fight with him.

She sneezed again and groped around on her bedside table for the tissue box. Used tissues lay strewn all over the floor around her bed because she'd given up aiming for the bin long ago. She felt like such a slob, but she was feeling too ill to even care anymore. Besides, her eyes were so puffy and swollen that she could barely see the bin anyway.

There was a knock on the door and Padme tried to call out, only to find that her voice had long since vanished.

"Padme?" the visitor called and Padme groaned when she realised it was Obi-Wan. Just what she didn't need right now. A lecture from the Jedi Master about playing in snow. She began frantically collecting her tissues off the floor, but collapsed in a coughing and sneezing fit as Obi-Wan opened the door and peered in.

He gave her a sympathetic look and held out his hand to help her up off the floor.

"Why didn't you tell me you were ill?" he asked gently as he led her back to her bed. She gestured vaguely to her throat and he nodded to show that he understood.

"You've lost your voice, huh? Would you like something to drink?"

Padme nodded as she scrambled back under the covers, relishing in the warmth of her thick purple duvet.

Obi-Wan returned a while later with a tray which he set on her bedside table. Then he called the bin over with the Force and set it by her bed.

"Anything else you need,, make a noise, alright?"

Padme nodded as she sat up in bed.

"Now I have to go and sort out Anakin. Seems he's caught a bad cold...not as bad as you, but you know him. He'll be making out he's dying and everything."

Padme nodded and chuckled, having experienced an ill Anakin several times herself, and knowing exactly what he'd be like. Then she was overcome with another violent coughing fit that made her throat burn and her eyes water.

"Here," Obi-Wan said kindly, handing her the tray. "This'll help. It'll make you feel better."

It seemed that he'd included everything Padme could have possibly wanted or needed - a bowl of chicken soup, a mug of lemon tea, a new box of tissues, a hot water bottle, a good book and several of her favourite magazines, and the holo-tv remote.

She held the remote up and gave Obi-Wan a quizzical look, which he returned with a warm smile. Then he held out his hand and Padme watched in amazement as the holo-tv floated in, her hairdryer unplugged and the holo-tv took over the socket and flicked on.

She grinned at Obi-Wan who just patted her hand before leaving, closing the door softly behind him. Padme lazily flicked through the channels as she ate, then she settled back with the hot water bottle behind her neck and the mug of tea clasped tightly between both hands as she watched 'Beauty and the Sith', a soppy love story about an ordinary young girl who is imprisoned by an evil sith, but eventually falls in love with him and breaks the spell, turning him back into a charming Jedi Knight.

If this is what being ill is like, I should be ill more often, Padme thought as she relaxed properly for the first time in ages.