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Obi-Wan was setting up the new tv in Anakin's room a little while later when he heard the weirdest sound coming from Padme's room. It sounded half strangled, half choking. He looked to Anakin, who seemed unconcerned as he carried on pulling posters out of his magazines and setting them in a pile at his side.

"What was that?" he asked at last.

"Oh, it's just Padme. She keeps coughing and sneezing at the same time," Anakin explained as he grabbed the remote and started flicking through the channels until he found his film.

"Is she alright?" Obi-Wan asked in alarm, but Anakin just shrugged so Obi-Wan left him to it and went to check on Padme.

A while ago, it looked like she had been getting better, but now she looked worse than ever. Her bin was full, her mug was empty, her eyes and nose were bright red and she was sniffing and sneezing alot more now.

"Oh dear," Obi-Wan smiled as he went in. He checked the hot water bottle and found that it was now stone cold, so he put everything back onto the tray.

"I'll be back in a minute," he said softly and Padme nodded then sneezed again.

Obi-Wan returned with a newly filled hot water bottle, which he gently placed under her neck. Then he leant over and made sure that she was tucked in tightly, and that her pillows were plumped up. Padme sighed and rolled onto her side so that she could sleep better. Obi-Wan sat with her and rubbed her back soothingly until she at last dropped of to sleep, breathing gently. He took her bin and emptied it, then placed it silently back by her bed, made sure she was alright, then left her again.

Poor thing he thought as he closed her door gently. She was in no fit state to do anything right now, so he took out his comm talk and dialed Chancellor Palpatine's number.

"Greetings Chancellor, and sorry to bother you," he said politely.

"Greetings Master Kenobi, what can I do for you?"

"Well, it's Senator Amidala, your excellency. She's not well. She's caught terrible flu and can't even get out of bed, so I'm afraid she won't be able to come in for a few days."

"Oh that is unfortunate. I hope she hasn't been doing anything foolish again."

"No sir," Obi-Wan replied quickly. He didn't want to get Padme into trouble again. He'd done that before with the alcohol and she still hadn't properly forgiven him yet.

"I think its just one of those illnesses that catches you unawares," he added. "I don't think she could help it."

"Oh, well tell her I hope she gets better soon, and I'll get Reprasentative Binks to take over in her absence then," the Chancellor replied and Obi-Wan cringed. Padme wouldn't like that.

"Yes your excellency. Have a nice day," Obi-Wan said and switched off the little device. He was contemplating whether to wake Padme to tell her the bad news when he heard an even weirder noise coming from Anakin's room. This time it was a combination of a growl and someone being strangled, or about to throw up.

He rushed back into Anakin's room, lightsaber ready in his hand.

"What in the blazes was that!"

"I'm sorry. I just hiccuped and burped at the same time. Perhaps these Pepsi's weren't such a good idea after all," Anakin replied sheepishly and Obi-Wan relaxed, attaching his lightsaber back to his belt.

"Thank the Force. I thought you'd been attacked."

"Well I had. That burp just crept up on me out of nowhere!"

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes then noticed Anakin's room was now covered in pictures of Pod-Racers, Starships and concept images of Jedi and Sith fighting each other. It looked like a ten year old's room, not a twenty one year old's. He sighed and left Anakin to watch his film.

As he went to sit on the sofa and enjoy a few moments of peace he could feel a strange tickling sensation in his nose.



The sneeze was so powerful it threw him into the sofa which tipped over backwards. The sneeze had caught Obi-Wan so off guard that he was now in a state of shock and just lay there on his back for a moment with his legs in the air.

"Oh no," he muttered as another sneeze threatened.

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