Title: Hidden Smiles - Drabble #6: Homecoming
Word Count: 401 words
Author: Angel (wwwDOTdaunting-silenceDOTnet)
Disclaimer: Obviously, PoT doesn't belong to me.

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'Kunimitsu… I'm coming home.'

Drabble #6 : Homecoming

He looked at the night sky with disgust. The sky was too bright, and the fact annoyed him greatly. It felt nothing like 'home' even tough it might as well had been his home since he grew up there. The neighbourhood was always too silent and too eerie. No one would greet or even glance his way when he stepped out of the house every morning. No one would smile at him as much too.

He wondered if he'd made the wrong decision.

Tennis was great. He had fought great opponents and defeated them. His skills had improved a lot too, for he was able to get more points from his father when they played. He was no longer playing as Samurai Nanjiroh. He was creating another world to accommodate his new tennis – the skills that would one day show the world his true worth. He knew it was what his Captain hoped for him to achieve.

But, what good was victory when you have no one to share it with you? Nanjiroh could have cared less. All he wanted was to see his son flew higher and higher, for his son to rewrite history like they said he once did. Ryoma was reminded of one victory he achieved back home. Tezuka Kunimitsu had met him in the locker room, congratulated him, and unexpectedly kissed him. It happened occasionally, but it remained a secret between them and only them. Both seemed very comfortable with each other even thought they were quiet about it. They would even use each other's first name when they were alone with only one another as company.

If Tezuka had really wanted him to fly away, then why did he kiss the boy? Why did he look so sad then?

He sighed. Both of them were too stubborn, too proud and too selfish at times. Neither was willing to express what they truly felt. Whose fault that was, he didn't know. He'd become stronger, and he knew Tezuka must have evolved somehow too. The cycle was endless. Both of them were just too blind to see that they drove each other closer towards achieving their dreams when they were together.

He should have stayed, and he should have made him stay.

His father would not be happy, and Kevin Smith would kill him if homicide was legal but Ryoma had made a decision.

'Kunimitsu… I'm coming home.'