Well here we are. At the end of my first Generation Fic story. Part of me is a little sad because I really enjoyed this story line. (Even though I did a dance of joy when I finished this chapter.) On the plus side, I really want to write Iikiba, Makoto and the others going on other adventures and meeting new characters. This is the first in a series of stories about them.



"Order up!" Mousse called from the kitchen as he set the plates of teriyaki shrimp in the pick up window. It was a fairly busy day and Mousse was trying his hardest to keep up with the orders. If he did a good job then maybe Cologne wouldn't demote him back to janitorial duties.

"Can you get that?" Luffa asked her sister. She was busy busing a table and couldn't carry any more utensils than she already had.

"Yeah, no problem." Lotion ran forward to get the order. The café was starting to pick up as it neared the lunch hour. People were chatting happily and rowdy students were there enjoying their day off from school.

The bell on the front door rang, indicating the arrival of a new customer. Shampoo grabbed some menus and ran out to greet them. "Welcome to- Oh! You're back Great Grandmother!"

"Set up two tables Shampoo. We have guests." Cologne said as the group filed in behind her.

"Ranma! Are you here for lunch?" Shampoo asked happily.

"I suppose so." He answered.

"Alright then, everyone who was involved with the little excursion to China or is engaged to Mascara please come with me. Shampoo, please seat everyone else." Cologne instructed.

"Hold on! We want some say in what our kids do!" Ryoga shouted.

"Yeah!" Akane agreed.

"Mom! Come on! I can handle myself." Jatsuma insisted.

"I'm just going to get the whole story on what happened in China." Cologne said. "Don't worry."

"Come on Ranma! Today is our fish special!" Shampoo said cheerfully as she began to guide them towards their table. Akane frowned.

"Oooooh!" Genma said as he looked at the picture of fish on the menu. "I could go for some fish!"

"Yeah I am kinda hungry." Daichi said.

"I read that waste dumped in the oceans kills more fish than actual fishermen." Yuri smirked. "It gets caught in their gills."

"And now I'm not." Daichi sighed.

Iikiba, Makoto, Mascara and Jatsuma followed Cologne to a different table in the corner of the café. There weren't as many people sitting in that area.

"Jatsuma! What are you doing here?" Luffa ran over to greet him. "I thought you were avoiding me!"

"Eep!" Jatsuma jumped behind Iikiba.

"I am not protecting you." Iikiba glowered.

"Jatsuma? Didn't you come to apologize?" Luffa asked hopefully.

"Uh, not really."

"Who are you?" Mascara asked.

"Who am I? Who are you?" Luffa demanded.

"I am Jatsuma's fiancée." She answered.


"She is from the Amazon tribe in China." Cologne said before her great great granddaughter got a chance to attack Jatsuma. "He defeated her in combat."

"Oh. I see." Luffa shook with rage. "So you can defeat her." She walked towards Jatsuma, who was backing away. "BUT NOT ME?" She punched him across the restaurant and jumped after him for another attack. The other customers watched in amazement.

"Wait! Luffa, can't we talk about this?" Jatsuma smiled. "You're looking very pretty today."

She just picked him up by the cuff of his collar and threw him at the wall. "AAAHH!"

"What is she doing to my Jatsuma?" Mascara asked, horrified.

"Your Jatsuma?" Iikiba asked, irritated.

"Shouldn't you try to stop them?" Makoto asked Cologne.

"If you want to stop her then be my guest." Cologne continued to the table.

After another glance at the beating Jatsuma was taking, they followed her.

"So." Cologne turned to the three teenagers. "Tell me exactly what happened."


"They chased you out of the village?" Cologne inquired with apparent surprise. "Just because you told them your father was Ranma?"

"Yeah. They had a nasty temper about it." Makoto frowned at the memory.

"It is because of Shampoo's failure." Mascara said, glancing at Shampoo across the café. "She and Ranma Saotome are greatly frowned upon in our village. It was the first time in history that an Amazon had failed to follow our ancient traditions."

"Sounds like a stretch to me." Jatsuma said. He had rejoined them after Luffa had stomped off in anger, leaving him bruised and beaten.

"I agree." Cologne said as she rubbed her chin. "Attacking a young girl just because she is related to the man Shampoo failed to marry. Perhaps I have underestimated the effect that event has had on the tribe."

"Ya think?" Makoto asked sarcastically.

"Look, you're avoiding the point!" Iikiba said, irritated. "How are you going to decide who Mascara is going to marry?"

"Hmm." Cologne sat in thought for a moment. "I don't think we should be hasty. I will need some time to figure this out."

"So what are we supposed to do?" Jatsuma asked.

"You can't just have them both engaged to her!" Makoto shouted. "It's just…just wrong!"

"Actually I can." Cologne concluded.

"Are you all ready to go yet?" Akane walked over to their table looking irritated. "Shampoo keeps refilling Ranma's drink and giving him extra napkins!"

"I think we're done here." Cologne said as she jumped from the table.

Ryoga followed Akane over to them. "Great. We need to get home and clear that hobo out of Iikiba's room." He said.

It took Iikiba a few seconds to register what his father had just said. "What! What's a hobo doing in my room?"

"Sorry, Iikiba. Yuri rented out the room and I couldn't get him to leave because he had prepaid."

"YURI! I am going to KILL you!" Iikiba yelled furiously as he jumped up and stomped towards her.

"What is wrong, brother dear?" She asked.

"Don't play innocent! You…you…"

"If you are going to accuse me of something, at least try to form sentences." Yuri said as she walked towards the Cat Café exit, where her fan club was waiting with her carrier.

"Don't start with me!" Iikiba stalked after her. Ryoga sighed. "I better go take care of this." He followed them out of the café.

"So what's going on?" Ranma came over.

"She's engaged to both of them." Makoto said angrily.

"Still?" Ranma asked. "Is she really allowed to do that?"

"And you wouldn't know anything about having multiple fiancées?" Akane rolled her eyes. Ranma just glared at her.

Mascara sighed. "Well…I suppose I am staying with you!" She said excitedly to Jatsuma.

"Forget it!" Makoto quickly dismissed that idea.

"Mascara, maybe it would be better if you stayed here." Akane said, trying to sound diplomatic.

"Here?" She looked around questioningly.

"That would probably be for the best." Cologne agreed. "Until we can figure out what you should do."

"Well…I uh…"

"Lotion! Luffa!" Cologne called. A few second later the girls came walking up. Luffa glared at Mascara.

"Please show this girl our extra room. She will be staying with us for a little while." Cologne said.

"What?" Luffa gasped.

"Okay!" Lotion ran forward and took Mascara's arm and started dragging her towards the back area. "You're a real Amazon, right? What are your views on their outdated laws?"


Luffa followed them with a furious expression on her face.

"Are you staying for dessert?" Shampoo asked as she walked towards them.

"We were just leaving." Akane said as she grabbed Ranma's wrist and started walking towards the exit.

"Akane, you're cutting off my circulation." Ranma cringed as they walked out the door.

"We wouldn't mind staying for dessert!" Soun called to get Shampoo's attention. He, Genma and Daichi were still sitting at their table.

"You two are going to give yourselves heart attacks if you keep eating like this." Daichi gaped at their already empty plates.

"Boy, this is our first non Akane meal in over a week." Genma said as he took another bite of chicken.

"Point taken."

"Well I'm out of here." Jatsuma said, not wanting another run in with Luffa. He took off for the exit after his parents.

"Yeah, me too." Makoto muttered. She was still angry at Cologne for her decision. She followed Jatsuma off.

Cologne watched them go, and then walked to the door leading into the back of the café where the kitchen was.

"Order up!" Mousse called again. "Huh? Where did they go?" He looked around for his daughters through the window into the dining area.

"You have to deliver it yourself. They busy now." Shampoo told him.

"What are they-"

"Would you just do it?" Cologne interrupted.

"Alright, alright! Geez!" Mousse picked up the order and walked out to deliver it to the customers.

Shampoo turned back to Cologne. "You think it good idea to have Mascara stay here?"

"I'd have rather she stayed elsewhere. I'm not looking forward to Luffa's tantrum over this." Cologne sighed. "But it is my duty as head of the Amazons to look after her."

She turned back to her great granddaughter. "But something bothers me."

"What that, Great Grandmother?" Shampoo asked.

"The Amazons' reaction to Makoto. It is just one in a series of events that I have heard of regarding the tribe. It makes me leery of how they are taking your banishment."

"But I did try! But Ranma and Akane just…just-"

"I know. I know." Cologne said wearily. She was silent for a moment. "Perhaps it is time I paid a visit to China."


"Man, when Dad said he was going to punish us I was expecting it to be a lot worse." Jatsuma said as he kicked the air. He and Makoto were wearing white training uniforms and running martial arts drills in the dojo.

"Yeah, just kick, punch, kick. Nothing to it." Makoto agreed.

"Pick up the pace!" Ranma said happily. "Your punishment hasn't begun yet!"

Just then the door to the dojo opened and a scrawny boy with short black hair tied in back, who was also wearing a training outfit, walked in. "I'm here Sensei! Now class can start!"

"Now it has." Ranma said smugly.

Jatsuma's eyes widened at the sight of Kiyoshi. It's that little freak! "You are heartless!" He shouted at his father.

Kiyoshi gasped. "Makoto! You're here!" He rushed over to her and stood uncomfortably close.

Makoto groaned. "Hi Kiyoshi." She leaned away to keep some distance between them.

He laughed in a nasally sound. "You are as beautiful as ever. You have Sensei's nose."

"That's…great." Makoto said, her eye twitching.

"Keep running your drills!" Ranma instructed, his own eye twitching.

About a second later… "No Jatsuma! You're doing it wrong!" Kiyoshi said in exasperation. "You're shifting all your aura instead of your weight! Honestly, that is an amateurish mistake!"

Jatsuma glared at him. "It's fine. You can do it this way."

Kiyoshi laughed again. "If you say so. Just don't get me started on your defensive positions!" He laughed like it had been a great joke.

"You know, Makoto is standing the same way." Jatsuma pointed out.

"No she isn't!" Kiyoshi leaned towards Makoto. "She's perfect. Don't insult her!" He clapped his hands together. "Now keep practicing! You have a LONG way to go!"

"I'll show who's got a long way to go you little freak." Jatsuma mumbled under his breath. Then he turned back to Ranma. "I'll never forgive you!"

"Hey! I have to put up with this every day!" Ranma said.

"At least he likes you."

"Just shut up and keep training."

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