Chapter 1 - The Fire Nation Girl

Aang was on the ground. He was practicing Earthbending. Katara sat next to him, watching him. Sokka was cleaning Appa's toes. Aang stomped, and Katara screamed. "AANG! PUT ME DOWN NOW!" Aang had Earthbended the rock Katara was sitting on, and was now zooming it around in the air. He laughed, and put her down, and then promptly broke the rock into a million pieces. "AANG! THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!" She began to chase him around, while he smiled.

Sokka ignored them both and continued to clean Appa's toes. Katara water whipped Aang as he jumped into the air. "Two can play that game!" He Waterbended a huge wave and crashed it down. She Waterbended it back into the lake. "AANG! GET YOUR AIRBENDING BUTT DOWN HERE!" He zoomed down on his air scooter. "You rang?" "I'm tired of you using Earthbending to prank us! You're the Avatar! Act like it! When will you ever get serious about bending! Do you realize you have exactly a month to find a Firebending Master, master Firebending, and defeat Ozai? A MONTH UNTIL THE COMET!" she yelled. She was breathing heavily.

Aang got a sad, serious look on his face. "I know. Don't you think I realized that? And I told you! I swore no more Firebending!" Katara calmed down. "I'm sorry, Aang, but you need to get serious! You play around too much!" She took his hands in hers. "I know you swore not to Firebend, but you must! So what if I got hurt once, I have healing powers!" "Katara, I can't! I won't! I don't want to Firebend! I don't want to destroy everything I love!" Aang started to walk away, but Katara grabbed him, and turned him around.

"Aang, you won't. You've mastered Waterbending. Water puts out Fire." "Okay, so I will. But where can I find a Master willing to teach me?" "He's got a point, Katara. I mean, we don't have Jeong Jeong, anymore." Sokka didn't even look up as he said this. "What do you mean?" Katara said, turning on him. "Didn't you hear? Jeong Jeong got captured by the Fire Nation." "Oh, no!" Both Katara and Aang gasped. "Yep, he's in Ozai's personal dungeon now."

Aang fell onto Appa. "Great! Now I'll never find a teacher!" "Well, we can look along the way." "What do you mean?" "Well, we are entering the Fire Nation, and you are wanted, Aang. We can't ride Appa." "Aww, sorry boy. We can leave you with Haru. Take this," he put a note in the basket, "and go to Haru, boy. Yip, yip." Aang sadly waved good-bye as Appa flew into the sky. "He's in good hands, Aang." Katara said, hugging Aang. The two began to walk. "HEY! What do you think you're doing?" Sokka said. "Going to the Fire Nation town?" Aang said, pointing out the obvious. "We can't exactly waltz into the Fire Nation when we are wanted by the Fire Nation! We will kinda stick out!" "Hmmm...good point..." Katara said.

Suddenly, a voice was heard. "I can help you there." A girl dropped down out of a tree. "ARGHH!" Sokka said, running no where, tripped, and lay on the ground. Katara rolled her eyes. Aang looked at the girl. "Hey, you're a Fire Nation!" No one had paid attention to the girl. She was a skinny girl of fifteen. She was really short, and had really long platinum blonde hair. She had gold eyes. She was really pretty. "Hi. Name's Zana." She swept back her long blonde hair. She held out her hand. No one took it. "Aw, come on! Ever heard of a friendly, nice Firebender?"

They all shook their heads. "Well, you havent met any decent ones then. I think I've solved you're disguise problem. For the girl," She held out a beautiful white skirt and a red dress. Also there was Fire Nation boots and a long black wig. "And the boys." She held out a black pair of pants with a red shirt to Sokka and white guancho pants with an eleborate red shirt to Aang. Both were supplied with Fire Nation boots and long black wigs. "Geniune Fire Nation clothes." Katara felt hers with widened eyes. "These are beautiful." "Well, don't just stare at them. Change!"

She shoved Katara in one direction and the boys in another. "Gosh...if you want something done, do it yourself." Katara walked out a new person. She twirled around. "Wow, Zana! Thanks!" She ran up and hugged her, but Zana pushed her back. "A little too much love." "Oh, um, sorry." Then Sokka walked out. " I look like a Fire Nation! So do you!" Katara rolled her eyes. "Wow! Thanks for noticing!" Aang floated over. He laughed. "I'm a Fire Nation!" Zana pulled him down firmly.

"I don't think a Fire Nation person would be able to Airbend, especially since you are the only one in the world." Aang nodded. "Hey! How are we supposed to trust you! You might be a Fire Nation spy!" Zana got sad really quick. "My father is rather high-ranked. I never wanted this war. I think it's stupid. So I rebelled, ran away from home when I was 13, and devoted my life to stopping this war. When I heard the Avatar returned, I've been searching for him. I want to help." Aang seemed to accept this. "Come on! We gotta go find me a teacher!" He started to run. Katara seemed hesitant, but followed suit. Sokka seemed a little uneasy. "This happens everytime! We trust someone, and then we get almost killed! WHY DOESN"T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME!" He screamed.

"Sokka." "Yes, Katara?" "Shut up." Sokka frowned and followed. Zana stopped. "Wait. We can't go in." "Why not?" "Because. Just trust me. Let's just do stuff out here." Aang shrugged his shoulders. It was time for his lessons with Katara, anyways. "Aang, I want to tell you something-" "Katara, I've mastered Waterbending-" "I know! Thats what I'm telling you! I think I can teach you no more. You're done." She bowed. Then she ran over and hugged him. "I'm so proud of you! You've mastered two of the four elements! Almost three!"

She went up on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. Then she blushed and ran off. Aang rubbed his cheek. He fell on Appa. "I'm never washing this cheek again!" Ever since his 13th birthday last month, he had had several growth spurts. He was now as tall as his staff, taller then Katara, and an inch shorter then Sokka. And his voice even squeaked and cracked slightly. He sighed and watched the sun.

"So, I was thinking. Do you wanna go back to any places? I mean, obviously I can't go to the Fire Nation yet, so do you wanna go back anywhere?" Aang had announced that that night at the campfire. Katara and Sokka grinned. "The Southern Water Tribe!" they shouted at the same time.

"Wow. That's weird." Aang said.
"What's weird?"
"You two actually agreeing on something!" He grinned. "Okay, so the Southern Water Tribe it is! You guys excited to go home?"
They nodded. "Remember Master Pakku said they were rebuilding it? Aang! You'll get to see the Southern Tribe as it was!"
"Awesome! Well, it'll be another night on Appa if we wanna get there tomorrow." They all nodded and climbed onto Appa. Zana, however, backed away.
"What IS that thing!"

Sokka hopped down. "Zana, this is Appa. Appa, Zana. He's a ten ton flying bison. You climb on, and he flies." She looked hesitantly. "Here." He offered her his hand. She took it timidly, and he held her. "Hold tight." He had carried her up onto Appa. Aang looked back.
"Are all passengers on board? Okay! Appa, yip-yip!" Appa grunted and started to fly. Zana screamed. Sokka held her tighter. "It's okay. I got you." After a while, she got used to it, and they were traveling over the ocean. Katara and Aang looked at them and giggled.
"What!" Sokka retorted.
"You two are still holding hands, and each other."
They blushed and pulled apart. Katara and Aang laughed.