Chapter 3 - The King's Ball

They arrived at the city gates. Aang walked up to the gates. One soldier looked at him.
"OH NO! Not...not YOU! We're are still cleaning up from last time!" cries
Zana, Sokka, Aang, and Katara all look at each other. "Um...sorry?" He points into the city. "Just...just...go in." So they went in. "YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU ARE THE KING'S BEST FRIEND!" Suddenly, another soldier appeared, "Um, Chin?" "WHAT?" " you need that private time again?" He nodded, and the other soldier led him away.

The teens all burst out laughing. Then, Aang said, "Zana, welcome to the city of Omashu!" and he spread his arms out. She was in awe of the city. "Wow!" "Alright, come on! We've got some serious business to attend to!" Aang dragged the other three up the hill and to the top of the delivery shoot. "Zana, are you ready for the ride of your lifetime!" She looked hesitant. "Um, Aang, I don't know. It-" "TOO BAD! READY? LET'S GO!" and he shot them off. Aang looked like he was having the time of his life, and Katara was enjoying it a little too. Sokka looked like he was gonna hurl, and Zana was screaming her head off. They were sliding all over the city. They were here, and they were there, they crashed into things ("MY CABBAGES!"). THen, suddenly, they were flying three feet in the air. Meanwhile...

Chin was definitely having a bad day. He had been working straight at the entrance for several weeks. Then that stupid tatooed boy came again. He messed it all up! So now he was sitting in a lovely parlor sipping some calming tea. He felt so relaxed when suddenly, CRASH! The stupid boy was in a delivery shoot! And he had crashed right into the window! "GET OUT!" he yelled, while then fainting.

Aang was going everywhere, when suddenly they came to a halt. And who else to greet them then-
"BUMI!" Aang yelled, running up and hugging him.
"Aang! How are you, old boy?"
"Bumi, I've brought Sokka and Katara again."
Sokka and Katara looked hesitantly and anxiously at the old king. He smiled, "Don't worry, I won't turn you into rock candy...this time." And he started laughing like crazy.
"But, Bumi, I've brought a friend from the Fire Nation. Bumi, this is Zana. Zana, meet my old good friend from a hundred years ago, King Bumi!"
Zana smiled forcedly and shook his hand awkwardly.
"Aang, you came at just the right time!"
"Why Bumi? What's going on?"
"Well, every year, I hold my Annual Annual King's Ball! And this year, you'll be my guest of honor!"
"B-ball? You mean with girls? And dancing?" Aang and Sokka both said, looking nervous.
"That's right! And so you need to find a date. I'll take the liberty of sending you your formal outfittings to your rooms. Chao! Take these guests to their rooms!"
"Um sir, would that be the guest room, good room, or bad room?"
Bumi thought for a second. "No, the good room that used to be the guest room that used to be the bad room until it was newly refurbished. Um...I's room number 13, anyways!"
"Um, right away, sir." And he bowed and took the teens to their room.

They walked into the room, where there was four lovely beds. Each one had an absolutely beautiful gown or tux on the bed. Katara's eyes widened when she saw the most gorgeous baby blue gown. "Oh my! Look at this dress! I simply can't wait to get it on!" Zana wasn't so much interested in that dress. But when she saw an awesome dress that looked like flames, she gasped in pleasure. "I love this one! Ooo!" Aang and Sokka looked at each other. Girls can be so weird sometimes! But Aang smiled when he saw a handsome black tux. "This IS pretty nice, I gotta admit." Sokka rolled his eyes. It was nothing special. But he saw a dark blue tux, and he grabbed it. "I guess it's pretty kewl." Bumi popped in. "You should really start getting ready! The ball is in two hours! There's gonna be a feast!" and he left. Katara and Zana looked anxious. "Two hours? That's like no time at all!" And then they shoved the boys out of the room. "Of course, they shove the boys out." Sokka said, sarcastic.

After the boys left, the girls rushed inside. Their gowns fit them perfectly! Katara got undressed. She put her's on first. She then took it off, and put on the corset that came with it and you had to wear with it. Zana pulled the strings. She kept pulling them harder, and harder, until finally, Katara said, "That's tight enough Zana!", gasping for air. Zana smiled, and slapped Katara on the back. "We all make sacrifices for beauty, don't we Katara?" Katara spun around, and tackled Zana, both of them laughing. "Okay, help me into this dress. Isn't it gorgeous?" Katara said, stepping into the dress. She pulled it up, and Zana went behind her. "Eh, not as much as mine!" She said, laughing as she zipped the dress. It fit Katara like a glove. "Whatever, you know mine is better!" She said, as Zana got undressed. She then put on her corset, and Katara started pulling the strings tighter, and tighter. "Don't choke me to death!" She said, coughing up some fire. Katara quickly put out the small fire on the floor. "I will if you don't set this place on fire." Zana smiled, "Deal." and put on the dress. Katara zipped up her dress. "Wow, Zana, you look...awesome!" "Not as awesome as you do, Katara!" They both smiled, and Katara sat down for Zana to do her hair and makeup. "Hmmmmm..." Zana said, walking around Katara, examining her from different angles. "Do you wear your hair down often?" Katara shook her head. "Well, its time you do." she said, unbraiding the long braid. She undid all the wraps of cloth holding up her hair, even the two little ones in the front. She found a lovely engraved brush, and started brushing her long hair. "Wow, you have really good hair. It's really thick and long." "Thanks!" Zana put the finishing touches, and spun her to the mirror. "Wow, Zana. You are really good!" "Thanks! Now, time for makeup!" She said, seeing some in a drawer. She pulled out some. She put on some eyeliner, masacra, eye shadow, blush, and found a really pretty dark lipstick that looked great on Katara. "Now, you're turn, Zana!" Katara said, standing up, and pushing Zana into the chair. She looked at Zana for a long time, and then made a decision. She undid her hair and brushed it. She braided two braids in the front and pulled them back into a ponytail, brushing the hair. She then spun it around into a bun, then she turned the chair. "Katara, nice. Elegant, yet stylish." Zana said, examining her hair. Katara put on eyeliner, masacra, eye shadow, blush, and a nice bright red lipstick that struck out against the light platinum blonde hair that Zana had. "There, lovely." Katara said. They then found chosen accessories for each of them to match their outfit. Katara put on a sapphire necklace, matching earrings, hair accessories, bracelets, and gloves. Zana put on a ruby necklace, matching earrings, hair accessories, gloves, and sash. "Well, we are ready. Let's let the boys come on in. They snuck out, not wanting the boys to see them.

The boys returned to find the door open, and the room empty. "Might as well get ready." Aang said, both of them shrugging. They quickly put on their tuxes. Aang Airbended the wrinkles and creases out of his tux, making it look really nice. Sokka looked at his very wrinkly tux, and sighed. He couldnt bend whatsoever. Aang laughed, and took Sokka by surprise by Airbending the wrinkles and creases out. "Um, thanks." Sokka said, shocked, his hair sticking up. They moved to the mirror, and Aang, being bald, just sat there. Sokka redid his hair in the same old manner. "Why don't you do something different for once?" Sokka rolled his eyes, and let some hair hang down out of the ponytail, and he looked really hot (ooc: remember, i do have a crush on them! and since im writing the story...). "Well, we are ready." Sokka said, blankly. Aang shook his head as Momo returned with two beautiful flowers. Aang pinned one to his tux and did the same to Sokka. "Thanks, pal." Sokka said, blandly. They walked out and ran into Bumi. They choked when they saw his outfit. It was a horrid, magenta colored dress-thingy. "Well, what do you think?" "It's aw-" Sokka started, but Aang covered his mouth. "Awfully awesome!" "Thanks! Do you two have your dates?" Aang did a double take, and his jaw dropped. Sokka tripped, and sat there, shocked. "D-d-dates?" they said in unison. "Well, duh! It's a ball! And especially you Aang. The guest of honor opens the ball by dancing with his date! Well, see you in thirty minutes!" and Bumi left. Sokka stood up, brushing off dust. Aang stood there, saying "dates" over and over. "Don't worry, Aang! We have- THIRTY MINUTES!" He said, freaking out at how little time they had. "Um, Aang! Just- I can't believe I'm saying this! - take Katara! I'll take Zana!" He said, as if the words pained him somehow. Just then, they saw the girls (this is before the girls got ready...) "Katara!" They stopped. "Yes, Aang?" Aang suddenly felt very, very, very hot. He blushed like crazy. "Um...umm..." Sokka punched him in the ribs, suppressing laughter. "OW! Oh, I mean...doyouwannagototheballwithme?" Katara looked confused, "What?" "Do you. Want to. Go to. Ball with. Me." Katara smiled. "Of course, Aang! Who else to go to a fabulous ball with then your best friend!" She said, hugging Aang, who suddenly looked very disappointed Katara didn't want it to be a date. "Um, Zana? Yah, you wanna go with me?" Sokka said, his voice very high at the end. Zana giggled. "Of course, Sokka." "Alright then. You girls, um, you know, go get ready. We'll get you in thirty minutes." The girls nodded, and they went into their room.

Aang and Sokka both nervously walked up to the door, and knocked. Their jaws dropped as they saw two of the most gorgeous women they had ever seen! Zana and Katara smiled. "Wow! You look...amazing..." Aang said. Katara blushed. "Thanks." Sokka was in too much shock to say anything. "" was all he could say. Zana giggled and blushed. Aang held out his arm to Katara, who took it. They started off to find Bumi. Zana grabbed Sokka's hand, and they ran after them.

They ran and found Bumi. "Okay, Bumi. We are ready, we have dates. What now?" Bumi smiled. "You two," he pointed to Katara and Aang, "need to get out there and start this ball! Dance!" "What-?" they said, as Bumi shoved them out into the center. They looked around as everyone and Omashu looked on at them.
"My loyal subjects! Tonight, you are all my guests for teh ball! To open it, we have the Avatar dancing with his date!" he signaled the band to start. A slow song came out.
Katara and Aang looked around nervously. "Aang! Dance with me!" Katara said out of the corner of her mouth. "But, I don't know how, Katara!" "Put your hand on my waist," Katara said. Aang put his hand on her waist. Katara put her hand on his shoulder, and took his hand. She started to lead him, but after he got the hang of it, he took the lead.

Sokka watched as the scene went on. When they started dancing, he shook his head. When the song ended, he bowed to her, and she curtsied to him. Then another slow song came on and other couples started appearing as Katara and Aang started dancing again. Sokka started to sit down when Zana came up and dragged him onto the dance floor. "OW! What do you think you are doing?" he said. "I'm your date and I'm not gonna sit around all night." she said, grabbing his hand and putting it on her waist. She put her hand on his shoulder, and the other in his. She was leading rather forcefully. Sokka followed her like a ragdoll. "Would you at least let me lead!" She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever," and she let him lead.

They were all dancing, when they heard a crash. Aang rushed out. Katara followed. "Aang! What is it?" Aang's eyes widened as-

His eyes widened as he saw Jet drop down from a tree. Jet's eyes were on fire. "What did you do! You little..." he said, grabbing Aang by the collar and lifting him into the air. Aang, gasping for air, tried to get free. Jet tightened his grip. "WHAT DID YOU DO!" Katara finally found them. "Jet? What are you doing- JET! PUT HIM DOWN!" Jet glared at Katara, and he lifted Aang higher. "NO! NOT UNTIL HE TELLS ME WHAT HE DID!" Aang was turning white, blood draining from his face. Katara looked around franctically. She needed to do something, fast! Jet would kill Aang if he didnt stop soon. She found a ice statue. She cut some off with Waterbending, and hit Jet in the head. Jet loosened his grip and fell down, unconcious. "Aang!" she yelled, running over and catching him. Aang was gasping for air. "K-k-kat-tara..." he said, shakily. He was trying to breathe. He Airbended some air into his mouth. He shivered, and wheezed, coughing. "What just happened?" he said, hoarsely. "I don't know, Aang...are you okay?" He nodded, "Yah, but I think I lost my voice." She nodded, putting a single finger on his mouth. "Shh...don't damage it anymore. No talking. You need to rest your voice." He nodded, rubbing his neck. Katara went over and picked up Jet. She rolled him over, so he was facing up. He had obviously not slept for a long time, because his eyes were bloodshot. She gasped as she saw blood flowing down his head, from a large gash. She shook, trying to find water. She found some, encased her hand, and put her hand on his head. Her hand glowed white, and the gash healed. She then saw that he had multiple gashes and burns, his clothes were ripped, and he looked pale. "Aang! Help me carry him! I need to get to more water. He's bleeding badly everywhere and he has major burns! I need to get him to a place with more water to heal him!" Aang rushed over, and Airbended him into the air, so that he was floating at mid-waist. He moved him with them as they searched for more water.

They finally found an indoor pond. "Thank heavens we are in a king's palace!" Katara said, and she walked into the water, which was about waist high. Aang walked in, too, and Airbended Jet over. Katara encased Jet's body with water. She breathed deeply and tried to remember her lessons with Healer Yugada. She spread the water and focused on healing the whole body. Aang watched as Jet's whole body glowed white. She prayed for it to work. She opened his eyes and saw it all healed. She sighed. It worked! It was the biggest thing she'd ever healed! Jet coughed, and woke up. "WOAH!" he yelled, realizing he was floating in air and soaking wet. Aang airbended them all out, drying their clothes as they landed. "Jet, you okay?" Aang asked. Jet looked livid again. "What did you do?" "Jet! Calm down! What's going on?" Jet breathed heavily. "Well, I left the Tree Fort for a couple of days, and come back and find that the Fire Nation had found the Fort! They destroyed it! Burnt it all down. And...and..." he scrunched up his face, as if something pained him terribly. They watched a tear drop roll down his cheek. He fell down to the ground, kneeling. He cried openly now. "Dead...all dead..." "Who was dead, Jet?" "All of them...Pipsqueak...Longshot...Smellerbee...all of them. I found their bodies burned black and arrows in them. I had a little funeral service. I...I..." he started crying again. Katara went down and wrapped her arms around him. "Jet...I'm so sorry..." she said, hugging him tightly.

Aang went over and touched Katara on the shoulder. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. He motioned for her to come over with him. She let Jet down softly, and then went over to Aang. "What is it Aang?" "What's up with sudden forgiveness to Jet? Last time you saw him, you froze him to a tree, Katara!" "Well, he's just had his family die!" "Katara! He has killed families! He almost killed hundreds of them!" She suddenly remembered. "Wow, I forgot...well, we can't exactly just, you know, leave him here! He doesnt have a home!" He nodded. "Alright, well. We'll think of something." They went back over to Jet, and saw Bumi coming over. "Why'd you guys ditch the ball?" "Oh! Um, well, we had a surprise, um, visitor." Aang said, pointing to Jet. "Jet, this is Bumi. Bumi, Jet." Jet got up off his knees. Bumi eyed Jet up and down.

"'re Jet." Bumi said.
"That's my name, don't wear it out." Jet said, glaring. Katara and Aang looked nervously at each other. "Jet just got attacked by the Fire Nation. His tree house is gone and his friends are dead. We are trying to figure out where he can stay."
"Thats too bad." Bumi said, turning to leave.
"Too bad! TOO BAD! I JUST GOT MY BUTT KICKED BY THE FIRE NATION! THE ONLY PEOPLE I"VE KNOWN MY WHOLE LIFE ARE NOW DEAD! MY HOME, IS GONE! I DON'T THINK THIS IS JUST "TOO BAD", YOU CRAZY OLD MAN!" Jet said, breathing heavily. Bumi turned around. "You should learn how to treat your elders, young man! Your parents wouldnt be too happy about this!"
"Good thing they are dead, then!"
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"You are crazy!"
"Thank you."
Jet and Bumi stood there, panting, glaring at each other.
Aang smiled. "I think they are gonna be best friends!" Katara rolled her eyes.

"So you don't have a home or a family!"
"I guess so! I don't see anyone else!"
"Well, you are in some pickle, young man!"
"Wow, I hadn't noticed!"
"Well, we should solve this, shouldnt we!"
"Yah! We should!"
"Well, maybe I should adopt you! I need a son and heir anyways!"
"Well, maybe you should!"
"Alright! You're gonna be my son!"
"Fine! You're gonna be my dad!"
They stood there for a second, and then embraced, laughing.

"WEell, you three take care of each other." Bumi was saying, passing a bag to the trio, as they loaded Appa.
"Yes." Aang said, and then he embraced Bumi.
Jet walked over to Katara.
She ignored him, throwing a bag rather hard onto Appa.
"Katara! Look at me!"
When she wouldnt, he grabbed her face, looking into her eyes. He went into kiss her, but she ducked out.
"Katara!" he said, following her. "What happened?"
"What happened!"
"To us. I thought we had a future. Won't you forgive me?"
"Forgive you? You tried to kill thousand of innocent people! What you did was unforgivable!"
and she climbed onto Appa.
Aang climbed on, and so did Sokka and Zana.
"Appa! Yip-yip!"
And they rose into the skies, Bumi waving happily, and Jet looking sad and disappointed.
"Katara, what's wrong?" Sokka said, looking at his sister.
Katara, locked in gaze with Jet, shook her head, "I'm fine." BUt just then, a tear rolled down her cheek.