"Buffy would you like some dinner

"Buffy would you like some dinner?" Giles said as from the drivers' seat of his car. "I could stop to get some food." He said looking at Buffy and Angel through the rearview mirror.

"No thank you Giles. I just want to get to sleep so that I can head straight to the hospital tomorrow morning." She told him as she yawned into Angel's chest.

"Baby you have to eat something, your mom wouldn't be too happy if she woke up to find you had to be hospitalized too due to malnutrition." Angel said as he moved some hair from her forehead.

Buffy only nodded.

"Giles can you run by the White Castle drive thru, it should be open." Angel asked his uncle.

"Sure thing." Giles replied as he swung the car into a u-turn.

Buffy entered her mothers hospital room the next morning, Angel behind her, and went straight to her mother's bed, kissing Joyce on the forehead. "Morning mommy." She whispered.

"Too early for you to be up, isn't it?" Joyce whispered, eyes still closed.

Buffy jumped back. "Mommy?" She sad softly, tears springing to her eyes.

Joyce opened her eyes slowly. "Yes honey."

Buffy sprung to her mother's side and gently hugged her, raining kisses on her mothers face. "Oh mommy. You're okay. I was so worried." She said as tears continued to stream down her cheeks.

Joyce lifter her arm and wrapped it around her daughters shoulders. "Oh honey, don't cry."

"I'm just so happy. I thought…I thought he killed you." She cried into her mothers' hair.

"I can't die sweety you know that. I could never leave you." Joyce smiled.

Buffy pulled away and smiled at her mother. "How do you feel?" She asked as she wiped the tears from her face.

"Sore. The doctor says I'll be okay in a few days but till then I've got to stay here." She told her daughter. After a few seconds she took a deep breathe. "I'm so sorry honey. I should have just left him when I had the chance, it's just… he threatened to kill you if I tried to leave him." She confessed, tears coming to her eyes.

"Oh mom. He told me the same thing." Buffy cried, fresh tears springing to her eyes.

"The police told me what you did. Honey that was very dangerous. You should have just left when you had the chance."

"Had I left the cops would have never found you." Buffy said sadly thinking about how close she'd come to losing her mother.

"Well let's not worry about that anymore. I'm okay, you're okay, we'll deal with what comes." She said reaching for her daughters' hand.

Buffy smiled back at her mother.

"Now… are you going to just make him stand there or are you going to introduce me to your boyfriend?" Joyce said smiling over at Angel.

Buffy laughed. "Sorry mommy. Angel this is my mother Joyce Summers, mom this is Liam Angelus, my boyfriend." She introduced.

Angel moved closer to Joyce's bed. "Hello Ms. Summers. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Joyce looked at Buffy with a smile. "Polite. I like him." She turned back to Angel. "Well Liam it's a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for taking care of my daughter."

"Not a problem Ms. Summers, but please call me Angel."

"Angel. I like it." She nodded.

"So Buffy how's your mom doing?" Willow asked a few days later while they were in line for lunch.

"She's doing alright. She's coming home from the hospital tomorrow. We're going to throw her a dinner at Giles' house tomorrow, if you guys want to come." She told her friend.

"Of course!" Willow squealed. "I'm just happy to have your mom and you okay and in one piece." She said as the girls headed to their table where their boyfriends and friends were waiting.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Buffy said taking a seat next to Angel. He leaned over and gave her a sweet peck on the cheek before stealing one of her fries. "Life's good." She said softly as she looked at all her and Angel's friends chatting and having a good time.