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Dance like no one's watching

Chapter 1- Excitement and Ignorance

The door swung open, slamming off the wall in the process. A 14-year old boy stood in the doorway. He had messy blue hair, and wore a small cap. He had a loose, red jacket on over his yellow shirt, and blue shorts which reached his kneecaps.

"Oh boy, oh boy! Here I come bed!" He cried, wasting no time, diving onto the soft, double bed. He rubbed his face into the sheets and cuddled the pillow, totally messing up the once-tidy bed. As usual, he was over-excited.

"Any room for me, Tyson?" Cried a high voice. A young, blonde kid was running towards the bed. He had freckles on each side of his face, and wore orange over-alls. His clothes made him look at least 2 years younger than he was. He had short, green sleeves over his arms, and a cute, charming look to his face.

He jumped onto the double bed, trying to land on Tyson's back. He landed upright on top of Tyson, and he was certain he heard a few bones crack.

"Argh! Max, get off! A quiet cry could be heard from underneath Max. Max giggled, then rolled over onto the other pillow. Tyson sat up, his face was bright red, and he was out of breath.

"Phew...damn Max, you have put on weight! Lay off the sugar!" Tyson cried in a whimpering voice. The two young friends stared at each other with cross expressions on their faces. Tyson couldn't help it- he burst into laughter, as did Max. The two of them rolled around on the bed, almost crying with laughter.

"AHEM!" A loud cough made the two bladers stop laughing, and they looked up. Stood at the end of the bed, was a tall, 15-year old guy. The front of his hair was a deep, sky blue, and at the back it turned dark blue. His dark red eyes glared at Max and Tyson. His arms were crossed over his chest. He wore a black, sleeveless top, and baggy blue trousers. The white scarf around his neck dangled almost to his feet. The flash gloves he wore made him look cool.

For a few seconds, they just all stared at each other. Kai looked angry. "Act your age. Are you 14 years, or 14 months?"

Tyson couldn't help but smirk at this. "Ah- you'll never change, will you?" Tyson watched Kai's cold expression turn into confusion.

"Aha. And I don't suppose you'll ever change either, huh?" Kai replied, smiling at his own words.

"Hey, guys, this place is so luxury!" A voice said excitedly. Everyone looked around, to see their friend, Ray glancing around the room. He had long, spiky black hair, which was tied into a long white sheet, so naturally, his hair looked alot shorter than it was. Over his head he wore a red band, with the black and white peace sign on it. He had dark blue, baggy trousers on and a white, loose top which was fastened together. As he smiled, his two, small fangs peeped over his lips. He was amazed by the luxury of the hotel. The room was filled with bright colors! The walls were painted two different shades of yellow. The top half was pale yellow, while the bottom half was a little brighter. There was a large TV screen right at the bottom of the double bed, where there was a little seating area. The floor was covered in red, fluffy carpet. There was a separate area where the floor suddenly changed to tiles. The dining area. A wooden dinner table stood to the right hand side of the room, surrounded by expensive kitchen furniture, such as a fridge, oven, and dishwasher! There was a separate room near the double bed, which had curtains there instead of a door. Inside there, was two other double beds, and another room leading to the bathroom.

"Yeah, it's gorgeous!" Tyson agreed. "I can't wait until I sleep in this bed tonight! I feel like a queen!"

Max and Ray looked at each other, and raised their eyebrows. "Don't you mean, a "king" Tyson?" Smiled Max.

Tyson looked at Max with a lifeless expression. Thinking hard, he finally caught on!

"Oh..yeah of course! I mean king..." Tyson blushed slightly.

A loud, typing noise disturbed the two second silence. Sat in the seating area, was a very petite boy. He had mousey-brown hair, which covered his eyes completely. His large glasses were on top of his head. He wore a white shirt, and a green tie. His grey shorts showed off his small legs. He looked like a mini nerd, but he was so cute! He was typing away on Dizzi, his laptop, minding his own business.

"Awwww, come on Kenny! Give Dizzi a rest! Let's relax!" Tyson said in a high, hyperactive voice.

Kai shook his head. "It's two weeks away from the final of the American Tournament. I'm surprised this team even made it this far with your lazy ass in it, Tyson! There will be no relaxing- we're going to train. Starting from tomorrow! So enjoy your relaxation while you still can. I won't let those Blade Warriors beat us in this final, after all this."

Tyson sighed. "Geez Kai, get a grip. I think we deserve a little rest after all our training so far. Besides, those Blade Warriors don't look so tough. They will be a piece of cake!" Tyson replied. Kai knew they wouldn't win with Tyson's over-confident attitude. He was too cocky. And big-headed. He needed to be told straight.

"Listen to me!" Kai said in an irritated, and angry voice. "I'm not gonna loose this tournament just because you can't be bothered to train. Either you get your act together, or I'm out. I'm sick and tired of having to stand up for you, baby-sit and take care of you. NO MORE."

Ray, Max and Kenny stared in disbelief at Kai. Kenny knew one day Kai would finally loose it. Well, this was it.

Tyson was red in the face. He couldn't believe what Kai was saying! His anger rushed straight out of his mouth. He jumped off the bed and stood face to face with Kai.

"NO! You listen to me! I'm tired of your boring, life-less attitude towards things! YOU are the one who needs a reality check, Kai! You need to relax more, and stop being so ignorant, bud!" Tyson shouted in a sarcastic tone. He was getting closer to Kai, his teeth snapped together, and he started breathing heavily, so annoyed by Kai. He held up his hand and pointed his finger in Kai's face, making Kai even more annoyed.

"I'm not your bud!" Snarled Kai, using his hand to knock away Tyson's pointing finger."You're my annoying, stupid, cocky team mate! GROW UP! You don't deserve any of this! Just walk away and leave now before you end up embarrassing yourself at the final!"

"Hey! That's enough!" Ray cried. He ran in between Kai and Tyson, trying to stop them from arguing. Tyson stared at Kai in the eyes. 'Argh! I'll show you!' Tyson thought to himself. Without thinking, he walked straight past Ray and Kai, and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut after him.

Ray stared at Kai. He shook his head at Kai in total disgrace. Max's jaw was dropped. He was sat upright on the bed, shocked. Kenny had stopped typing on Dizzi. He was truly astonished...

Ray walked away from Kai and opened the door which led into the hotel corridor. Tyson was gone.

"Just great...look what you've done, Kai! I knew this would happen eventually!" Cried Kenny. He was so mad at Kai. He felt he had to stick up for his friend, Tyson.

Kai turned around and faced Kenny. "Hn...he had it coming. His attitude was bad. Besides, I never meant for him to walk out."

"Well you certainly did a good job at that!" Snapped Ray.

Max was still staring hard at Kai, still shaken a little. He could hardly speak. 'Is this the end of the Bladebreakers...?'

"Don't go and think this was ALL my fault- you know fine well he had it coming, Ray." Kai turned around and snapped back at Ray.

Finally, Max spoke up. "Listen guys, we can't fallout now. I'm sure your just nervous about the final, Kai. I think we all are!" Max pulled Kai a sweet smile, a convincing smile. It didn't work. Kai just ignored Max.

Into the dark streets of New York, Tyson was storming down the street, hands in pockets, thinking about what had just happened.

'Kai is such an...idiot...He just doesn't understand. He's the one with the problem, not me. I can't believe he can be so cruel...maybe he's just scared...nervous...about the final in two weeks. Urgh...I'll never understand him. He's an odd ball. Mmmm...meat balls...I'm hungry...I'll turn back..'

Tyson turned around and glanced over at the hotel. He shook his head. 'No...I can't go back yet..I need to cool off...if I go back now, I'll end up strangling Kai. I'll wait.'

He carried on walking down the street. New York looked different at night- The blue day-time sky turned a deep black. The only light was the twinkling stars up above, the deep moonlight shining down onto Tyson, and the street lights. There was hardly any light coming from the rest of the hotels. The buildings were life-less, motion-less- there was hardly any movement. The odd one or two people walked down the street now and again, but that's it. He turned off into another street, and kept walking around and around into the dark city. He stopped and stared when he walked passed an alley-way. It was dark, and it looked very sinister...he could just make out a couple of bins down there, and garbage spread across the floor. He didn't know why, but he felt he should walk down there- even though it wasn't safe. Alley-ways were the last place people should be at night. Especially girls.

A quiet, rattling sound startled Tyson- he recognized the sound- beyblades! Slowly taking one step at a time, he glanced further into the alley. The noise was getting louder. Looking back around into the street, it was pretty light, compared to this alley. It was like the noise of the Beyblades in the dish was a powerful magnet, dragging him towards them- he just couldn't help himself. He didn't want to go down, but something was telling him he should. He dragged his feet further in. He kept glancing behind him, to make sure no-one was watching.

The moon had cut off any light down there- expect for one small light. He could see a tiny yellow shine coming from around the alley corner. Tyson quickly glanced around the corner. He spotted at least five figures. The yellow light was a small lamp attached to the wall. There was a dish in the middle of the alley. Tyson quickly returned his head around the corner. He wasn't sure whether to go and check it out. They were bladers. 'They were familiar...'

Tyson could hear them talking now- there was a girl's voice. This time, he stepped fully around the corner. He could see clearly now. Four guys, and a girl. Tyson began to walk towards them. A little nervous, he tried to figure out what they were doing.

'A dish...Beyblades spinning...but wait- they're not battling. I think...they..are taunting guys...They are staring at me...wait..I know them! It's the Blade Warriors! What are they doing?'

Tyson stopped walking until he felt he was close enough. The five kids stared at him.

Meanwhile, Ray and Max were worried- it had been half an hour, and Tyson wasn't back yet. Ray glanced out of the window- it was dark. 'He shouldn't be wandering the streets at this time of night..'

Kenny had put Dizzi to one side, and he joined Ray and Max, worrying. Kai was sat in the seating area. He felt a little uneasy himself. Tyson was annoying, but he did feel a little responsible for him. If anything happened to him, he would only blame himself. 'Hn...Tyson better come back soon!'

There was an awkward silence in the room, until finally Max spoke up. "Guys, I'm worried. Tyson knew we would be eating around now, and he isn't back. He never misses meals."

Ray agreed. "Yes, but also he was upset. It's dangerous wandering the streets at night on his own. We should go out and look for him. I'm worried."

Kenny nodded. "Yeah, we should. We can't just leave him. He could be in trouble." Kenny looked over at Kai, who was sat down, with his arms folded. Kai realized Kenny was staring at him. He looked up. He slowly nodded too.

"Alright guys- let's go find Tyson!" Agreed Max, jumping off the double bed, and pulling everyone a convincing smile.