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Dance Like No One's Watching

Chapter 34- The Last Dance

Kai made his way down to the river, expecting, or rather hoping Fern would be there. There was no objection to seeing her in his mind any more- it just drifted away all the while something else captured him. It was her, always her, stealing his thoughts.

Just as his dark crimson eyes caught a girl sat along the bank, looking painfully under pressure, the moon came into sight and slung down onto him, causing him to have to block his eyes for a moment. He looked up, surprised. Damn, that was bright.

He blinked and almost inevitably, his chain of pointless thoughts vanished when her head turned to look at him.

"Kai!?" Fern jumped up immediately, her green eyes wide. "What are you doing here?" When his face turned a little sour, she realized just how hard she had said it; she did want him here. Just, not right now. She'd stupidly been crying and him seeing her like this wasn't dignifying.

He didn't say anything, which gave her the chance to correct herself. She rubbed her eyes. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. Uhm... I was just surprised to see you here. I was just thinking about you."

Kai didn't move and continued to stare, his gaze slightly frosty. Then, he spoke up. "Yeah, I know." Fern raised an eyebrow. "Zack said you might be staying here. So, in comparison, you've been wondering what to do- re-join your team or stay with the Bladebreakers."

Fern let a shifty smile caress her. "Nice analysis."

Kai half-smiled. "I try."

Suddenly, she bowed her head. It surprised her that none of their conversation was forced, and here they were, in the middle of the night still joking on after all that had happened. Hoping was silly, but maybe it wasn't. She began to wonder whether staying with Kai was the right thing to do, but as though trying to change her mind, another part of her couldn't shake off the Dark Stars.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she could see Kai first. Flashing through her, and even by simply thinking about him, a feeling she couldn't ignore flamed inside her like a kick in the stomach. Then, between the darkness, each member of her team appeared, smiling and laughing. Fern just had to grin at that picture. Another sort of feeling rattled through her, remembering the fun times they had had, and she wanted more.

Kai watched as her gaze caught his again, the twinkle in her eyes drowning with endless humour, but at the same time they looked so sad. So early, he never thought he'd endure these type of feelings. At first he believed it was all good fun, in fact, she even amused him to an extent. But after a while, that amusement turned into something greater. She went beyond acting as an entertainer for him; he felt the need to talk to her, whether she was being serious or not.

He had denied it, and denied and denied it, until his denial became so strong it wore out. Images of her lying on her back, the fear of her dying, still haunted him. It was that moment he knew she had to live- and even though he wasn't sure why, he just knew she had to. Seeing her now was like Christmas, a dream. He couldn't imagine what it would have been like if she never made it.

That's when he realized. It was definitely something more.

The absent sound of the river trickled through their ears, and deep in the background animals could be heard. There was only a slight wind, but it wasn't much felt, their eyes glued together like staples. They were both feeling it now.

Fern leant her head to the side thoughtfully and began to slowly walk up to him. Kai held his breath when she stopped before him, her beautiful, dazzling eyes resting against his. If someone were watching, there was nothing else they could describe the clash between them other than soulful.

She looked at him gently. An urge fell across her, and she bit her bottom lip. If this was the only chance she'd get, then so be it. Gazing into his red eyes, it seemed to make her stronger and they inspired her greater.

"I-I..." She trembled a little, hesitating. With one close of the eyes, that was all she needed it seemed. She reopened them, meeting his gaze again. Every time she met them, it was like the first time all over again. "I think I love you, Kai."

That was it. She'd said it. If those were the last words she could ever say to Kai, then she'd be happy never to see him again. A great, powerful weight lifted from her shoulders, and on the outside, she felt a whole lot better. Inside, the pains didn't budge, and when Kai didn't say anything, she feared the worst.

'She loves me...?' Kai must have been staring at her for some time now since she'd said it, though hadn't realized for how long until she began to appear impatient. He felt strange, and the emotion he suppressed was just indescribable. Joy fluttered through out him. Was it normal? Was this good? Questions flew at him, but his time had just run out.

Fern's hand struck his shoulder. Quite quickly, he pushed back his denial viciously, her face itself answering the question for him. 'Come on, Kai. Tell her. Tell her.' He moaned a little, unable to stop it once a fire began to light in his stomach. It was mad, it really was. But nothing held him back.

"I... care for you," He replied. Fern blinked. He had earned himself a very sceptical look, but when he smiled at her knowingly, a bright, silly smirk blessed her. It was funny. Just when the two of them got a moment to themselves, to reveal what they really felt... Kai was just as typical as ever, giving hardly anything away. It wasn't the reply she was expecting but it would do for now.

"Haha..." She actually laughed. As long as it was from Kai, she could accept it. "Guess I didn't do a very good job of bringing you out of your shell..." Kai leant forward and smiled, continuing until he felt his forehead against hers. Fern exhaled, becoming even closer to the phoenix. She could feel his breath against her lips, only inches away from each other it was so teasing.

Suddenly, it all felt so perfect, like there was no choice and she was going to be with him forever. But, Kai brought her to realize the problem. "Time with you has been like a wild ride. I'll never forget you whatever you choose." The Dark Stars bounced back into her head.

She sniffed. Her eyes began to bubble, tears threatening to fall. Why did everything seem so complicated? There was always something getting in the way, but that aside, if her choice didn't include Kai or the Bladebreakers, this moment needed to be treasured. "Kai... I want to take advantage of now. If this is the last time I get to be with you like this, then let's make the most of it, okay?"

To her surprise, Kai brought a hand up and gently caught her falling tear. She giggled. "I can't believe you admitted you cared for me..."

Kai simply gazed at her, their faces still close. Suddenly, two great, muscley arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her that little bit closer that when their bodies touched, she literally felt her legs turn to jelly, her heart pounding in her chest. He smirked back down at her. "Don't push it..."

His warm, luscious breath grew closer when he slid against her and closed the gap gracefully. Sparks flamed from her lips when they touched. The world around them erased from reality and the only thing they both focused on was each other. Fern deepened the kiss, and as she did, she drew her arms around his neck, enjoying the tighter hold he had on her.

Heaven and Earth combined so the only focus was them- the moon's light trickled onto them, their faces appearing brighter in the sheets of glittering light. The moment was never the more perfect. Fern hugged him, and unable to control her eyes any more, she let tears fall down her cheeks.

Kai caught one against her lip and licked it, Fern giggling. Laughing and crying, it was a funny feeling when mixed together. She didn't want any of it to end, and so declared entrance into him by running a line on his bottom lip. Finally, she was kissing those lips again. After that rather passionate night they shared together, she didn't think she'd ever get the chance to do this again.

And here it was, happening underneath the stars, Trinity watching. She was pretty sure somewhere, Aquila and Tien-Long were, too.

To her disappointment, he pulled away, gazing at her with a smile on his face. The girl blinked, questioning his actions and now very direct-looking face as he dipped his hand into his pocket. Something that was attached to his belt was pulled out, shimmering a brilliant red.

Her mouth pulled into a wide, clownish grin. "You kept it!" She reached down and cupped Kai's hand underneath, staring at the sparkling mini phoenix in his hands. That present she had gotten him for his birthday was nothing but a gesture, and here he was holding onto it.

The slate-haired teen looked at her sceptically. "Of course I did. Now if you do leave, at least I have something to remember you by."

Fern gasped madly and surprised, glanced up at him, smiling manically. "You're such a sweetie, Kai Hiwatari." She giggled when a small blotch of pink caressed his cheeks. From no where, a sigh left her lips, thinking harder about what he had said. Something to remember her by. It was like she had already made up her mind. Fern looked back up at him, slight humour in her eyes. "Aren't you going to beg me to stay?"

Kai didn't say anything for a second. "I respect you too much for that."

Fern's green orbs widened. 'Wow. This guy is one in a million. I won't find too many of him around...' She bit her bottom lip. No. She wouldn't. And thinking now about life without him, it didn't seem like a life worth living.

"You only have until tomorrow to decide anyway. We're leaving after the carnival," Kai proclaimed, his smile fading.

'Only tomorrow..?' Fern hung her head. Now that she thought about it, she didn't have much time to think about such a tough decision, and it wasn't fair. Bells and alarms rung out in her head. Even after a night alone with Kai, the choices were too hard. Her team were like her family... so basically it was either Kai, or her family. 'And it's not fair!'

The girl grimaced against her thoughts, causing Kai to raise an eyebrow in concern. The sudden thought that crossed her mind scared her greatly, but it seemed like the only way. Her love for Kai was strong, nothing like she'd ever felt before; out of this world, it was. But, maybe it was too strong. Maybe staying with the Dark Stars would help her get over him... not that she wanted to, by any means, but it seemed like her only option if she wanted to live life the old ways, with her beloved team.

She shook her head viciously, wanting to slap herself. She couldn't think about that now when she still had time left with him. Looking back up at him, her expression was brighter. Kai still looked curious, but she wiped that look off his face when she licked her lips playfully. "All right tiger, let's make the most of this."

Fern grabbed Kai's arm and pulled him closer, leaning in for another.

Music was the first thing that rang through Fern's head when she opened her eyes. The sun shone brightly through the window, resting against her on her futon. She sighed and looked up, only to spot a familiar face staring down at her.

The said person giggled. "You over slept sleepy head." It took Fern a few seconds to realize that she wasn't dreaming, and last night was all in the past. Images of Kai piled upon her, and suddenly she felt saddened, knowing that might have been the last time to see him properly.

"What's that mu-" Fern blinked. Raine looked different. She wore pale make-up and a pretty but very old-fashioned looking kimono. The sleeves dragged off her, but the colours were magnificent, and immediately she recognized it as Raine's special carnival clothing, the one she used to always wear. "Oh! The carnival!"

"Hmm. Yup. Don't worry about it. I stayed behind until you woke up. The others are there now," Raine smiled, raising her finger to her lip as though pondering. "Where were you last night?"

Fern blushed. "With Kai."

Raine looked playfully surprised. "Oh. Blunt as ever I see-" Before she could say anything else, Fern gasped.

"Oh no! It's the carnival!" It was only just hitting home. "That means I only have until after it to decide what to do..." Raine bit her bottom lip. So she still hadn't made up her mind, then. Looking into Fern's confused eyes, she could see this was really effecting her. "What do I do...?"

"Listen, Fern. Don't feel pressured. I honestly don't mind who you choose. Just don't feel bad for the person or people you leave, alright?" Raine pulled her a soft smile. "Why don't you stay here and think about it, then when you know come to the carnival, kay? We don't want a party pooper there."

Fern couldn't help but giggle. "Thanks, Raine." Her old team mate simply nodded and left the room, leaving the red head to think for herself. What did she want? Why did it have to be so hard? 'Werex? I need your help.' She sough her bitbeast's help, and immediately she felt the werewolf enter her mind.

'It's definitely not my place, Miss. The only thing I can suggest to you is ask a human who understands you more than anyone. I can't make the choice for you...' Werex told her, and she sighed. 'I know who I'm rooting for, mind.' Fern blinked. 'Why don't you give Miss. Orla a call?'

Fern's eyes snapped open fully. "Of course!" She exclaimed out loud. "Orla! I need a good chat with her anyway."

She raced to Raine's phone and dialled the numbers she recognized as her own- and for some reason, as the phone began to ring, her heart sped. She hadn't spoken to Orla, her guardian, in a while, but hopefully she'd understand once she told her exactly the situation.

"Hello?" A voice on the other end of the line asked. Fern grinned upon hearing the familiar voice.

"Orla! It's me, Fern!" Fern beamed, hearing a squeal from the woman.

"Fern!? Oh! Hi! How are you? It's good to finally hear from you at last. I thought the tournament had gone to your head or something and I could picture you holding onto a seat while the BBA peeps tried to drag you away. You were always like that... obsessed with stadiums..."

Fern groaned and rolled her eyes, but laughed rather loudly. She loved Orla, and conversation was never hard to make with her. In fact, sometimes, she never shut up even in the worst of times. "Let me get a word in! I'm great, thanks. Yourself? Sorry I haven't called you, it's been hectic around here, but I'll tell you all about that when I see you. The thing is Orla.. I've got a dilemma, and I don't know what to do..."

"Dilemma!? Are you okay? Has something happened? Where are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine. I don't know how to say this but... the Bladebreakers. I'm on their team now," Fern bit her lip as she said it, expecting a loud roar to come from the other end of the phone.

"WHATTTT!?" Yeah, she was right. Loud roar. Orla's voice sounded awfully shocked, but she could tell she was grinning against the phone. "You met the Bladebreakers? Honest?"

Fern laughed. "That's right. As I said before, there's not a lot of time to explain how that happened, but I've got a problem and I need your help."

Orla calmed down a bit. "Okay sweetie, you know you can ask me anything. What's wrong?" Her voice lowered. "Wow... the Bladebreakers.. lucky so and so."

"Thanks! Well, you see... I'm in Asahidake Onsen with my old team and the Bladebreakers," She heard Orla cough, probably on purpose at the mention of her old team. "...And I don't know what to do. I just feel sick every time I think about disappearing and leaving my old team again. You know how much I loved being with them, and to let the chance slide would be like letting go of my dignity. But also, I've been offered the chance to head to the World Championships with my new team. I've grown very fond of them and well..." She paused.

"There's someone I like a lot on the Bladebreakers. I think he likes me, too," Fern gulped, hearing Orla gasp.

"Oh my gosh! Fern's in love! How cute!" She giggled, causing the red head to blush. "Wow. So... it's either the Dark Stars or this certain someone, right?" Fern grunted in response, a little embarrassed to talk. "Darling, as a growing lady, these type of catastrophes pop up all the time. In future, you'll on go much harder heartbreak. Are you sure you want to commit so early? You're 15..."

"Nearly 16." Fern shook her head to herself. "Orla... if only you could feel what I feel. If you felt what I'm going through right now you'd understand. The thought of leaving him breaks my heart, yet thinking about leaving my team just..." She trailed off, sighing. What a mess she was in.

"...You must really like him," Orla said, surprised. Fern was growing up so fast, it seemed.

"I do. A hell of a lot," Fern replied. "So much it... hurts."

"Then, there's only one thing you can do," Orla began. "Follow your heart."

"Follow my heart...?" Fern repeated, her mind driving into thinking mode.

"That's right. I can't make the choice for you. Whichever you choose, make sure you come visit me soon, alright?"

Fern smiled. "Yeah. Sure."

"I'll leave you then. You do know, the best way to think anything out is to do it yourself? Nobody can do it for you. As if it was that easy." Fern didn't reply. Orla sighed. "So, I'll see you soon, okay? Lovely to speak to you."

"You too! Bye!" Once Orla said her farewells Fern put the phone down slowly, thinking. Her green eyes slid shut. 'I need a walk...'

"Hey look, there's Raine!" Tyson slobbered with a hot dog in his hand, pointing at the girl running towards them. As usual, the dragon was thoroughly enjoying the carnival, despite the old-fashioned Japanese music- but the food was good enough for him, and it was free too, which was an added bonus.

"Is that girl still sleeping?" Max joked.

Raine sighed and stopped in front of them. She shook her head, looking a bit fed up. "I wish Zack had never gave her that proposal. It's not that I don't want her to stay, but it's really getting to her. He could have at least waited until after the carnival..."

Ray looked pale suddenly. "Man, it's only just hitting home here. I can't believe if she stays, we'll probably never see her again..." Kai felt uneasy at the thought and shifted his stance awkwardly, the pains in his stomach playing with him emotionally.

It was only just hitting him hard now, as well. Talking about it seemed to make the pains inside worse, pains he didn't want to have but he was dumped with them and there was nothing he could do. Why did he have to go and get such a big thing for a girl he'd only known five minutes? It was so inappropriate, but at last he'd learned to live with it and... the thought of her leaving made him curse his feelings. It probably wouldn't hurt as much if he didn't like her in such a way...

Tyson and everyone bowed their heads, their expressions glum. "I was only just getting to know Fern. It would be such a shame.." Mariah trailed off.

Max didn't like the dull atmosphere. He suddenly grinned, attempting to cheer everyone up. "Come on guys, let's enjoy the carnival. Fern wouldn't want us to mourn like widows, would she? She's not like that."

Kenny looked up and smiled. "You're right..."

"Haha, alright!" Tyson grinned, stuffing the rest of the hot dog into his rather large mouth. "Dance, Maxie?" Max smirked and replied with a thumbs up. It was then that Tyson grabbed a hold of Max's hand and to his surprise, Ray's, dragging them both off to where crowds of people were dancing traditionally to the music. "Who said we need to follow suit..."

The White Tigers, Hilary and Kai watched amazed, as Tyson started to do some sort of weird robot dance completely off beat to everyone else. People surrounding stopped and stared, pointing and all the little kids burst out laughing. Max and Ray stood staring, but somehow Tyson dragged them off into his world and soon Max was getting into the swing of it as well.

Kai hit his forehead. 'These... are my team mates...'

"Haha oh yeah swing it baby!" Tyson was grinning, swaying his arms in the air and attempting to get Ray to join in who looked so embarrassed he was about to die.

Mariah giggled. "Go on Ray! Dance! Dance!"

Lee blinked a couple of times then shook his head, turning to Raine. "Right, let's just pretend we don't know them. So Raine, where's Zack and Taro?"

Raine looked confused. "I'm not sure actually... they'll be around here somewhere. My best bet is that they'll be getting their faces painted. They're such kids..."

"Welcome to the world of my team," Kai commented casually, causing Hilary to laugh.

"Hey guys, wanna get some ramen?" Gary suggested. His eye had been on that stall all day.

Kevin sighed but smirked. "Yeah, let's." The White Tigers began to turn to wander off and Raine was following, though Kai and Hilary didn't move. Kevin turned around. "You coming?"

Hilary shook her head. "I'll keep Kai company." With that, they wandered off. It was silent for a while. Kai stood with his eyes only narrowly open, his arms folded. She noticed his muscles tensing then relaxing repeatedly, and it wasn't hard to miss the desperation circling his eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," He answered quickly, seeming to be watching the people dance, and Tyson making a prat of himself.

"Do you wanna dance or something? You've been staring in that direction for ages." Kai didn't say anything in return, instead it seemed to silence him even more. To her surprise, his arms unfolded and without saying a thing, he walked away. Hilary blinked, watching after him. She decided against saying anything else. He was such a loner, and to live up to that he wanted to be alone, to think.

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave

Kai walked to a place that didn't mean anything to him. He just kept walking, around in circles, always coming up at some part of the carnival, the very place he just wanted to get away from. "Ugh," He collapsed against a tree, gripping his left upper arm with his right hand, taking the pain he felt inside out on that one spot. He squeezed it tighter and tighter as the pain stabbed at him, and the harder it came, the harder he gripped, his shoulders slung so low they almost touched the ground.

I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

There was only so much heartbreak even he could take. He absently removed his hand from his arm, and a great throbbing pain came with it, a red blotch where it had been. Then, his hand fell onto his heart, gripping the material of his top. It was just impossible to keep it in any longer. He was always on the brink of letting go, and this was it. His crimson eyes snapped shut, a strangled moan leaving his lips.

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

'So... this is what it feels like...' Kai managed to think straight, but anger burned throughout him. 'If she liked me so much why would she even think about staying here? Yet... I suppose I can understand... can I?' The dreadful feeling that she wasn't going to turn up when they left welcomed itself inside him, decreasing his hope to a new low.

"Where's Kai? Mr. Dickenson said he wants us back on the plane..." Kenny bit his bottom lip, looking around him.

Tyson grunted. "Bah. He could have at least waited until the carnival was over..." He brought his hand up to his forehead as though he was saluting and looked around. Kai emerged from a nearby bush. "Hey! There he is! Man.. does he look rough."

"Listen, guys..." Zack drew attention onto him, the setting sun blazing beautifully through his black eyes. "I don't think it looks good for Kai. I'm not saying I'm glad, but maybe he needs your support right now. It doesn't look like Fern's going to show up, does it?"

Max looked like he was struggling for things to say, and somehow came out with, "She will! She will come to us- to Kai. Look at him!" His voice lowered as the cold-looking phoenix approached them, his expression hard and fierce. "Kai.. are you okay?"

Everyone felt so awkward as the captain walked straight past them, then stopped mid-way; it was obvious he was hiding his struggling.

"Why wouldn't I be?" He spun around, casting a hard glare on everyone- a different sort of anger lingered in his eyes. One that shocked them to no end. His hurting was inevitable. "Come on, let's go. The pilot will be waiting for us." Nobody could help but feel sympathy for Kai, and it was such a dying shame for him, in fact, all of them. Fern meant a lot to them, but they were all coming to terms in their own way why she had chosen to stay.

Ray gulped and stepped forward, his golden eyes shimmering into Kai's heavy crimson orbs. "Kai, dude... it seems she's chosen to stay here. I'm sorry."

"She's doing what she thinks is right. It's about time she did," Tyson added, sending his captain a meaningful smile. He backed down a little when Kai's gaze hit him hard, the clash between them horrendously dull and lacking the usual spark that caused their heated arguments. This really was affecting Kai, but he could only hope he'd get over it in time.

Kai's eyes trembled, his lips moving to one side for just a second. "Enough babbling. Why would I care? Let's just..." He paused, taking one last look at the carnival in hope. Nothing. "Let's just go, okay?" Kai turned on tail, and the gasps of his team mates followed, watching after him. They couldn't comprehend why on earth he wasn't going after the thing he clearly needed.

"Wait!" That voice. Kai stopped abruptly, spinning around.

There, emerging from the quiet crowd of the carnival, was an awed looking girl, running so fast towards him he couldn't stop to think- "I can't, I just can't!" It was Fern, looking hysterical and dashing to him and in a blink of an eye, shock washed through him when her arms flung around his neck, her grip intensely strong.

Kai's crimson eyes widened, so many different types of feelings running through him- shock, relief, bewilderment. He felt so weak, like his legs were turning to jelly and suddenly he had the urge to slip to the floor. Instead, he stared wide-eyed over the girl's shoulder at his smirking friends. They made gestures with their arms, telling him to hug her back.

And wherever he got it from, he just had no idea. Strength overthrew him to hug her back in front of everyone he had been afraid of all along, and slowly, wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to his delighted body. She was here. That was all that mattered now.

Kai's hands gripped her back, holding her like it was his only chance. Fern grew closer to him, letting her head slide onto his shoulder. He could feel her tears shivering against him, and he leant back a little, gaining access to her eyes. They stared at each other, rivers of passion escaping from them. The phoenix raised a hand and gently with his thumb, caught her falling tears, all the while the werewolf smiled at him.

"I couldn't do it- I thought I'd made up my mind. But it turns out I was wrong," Fern began to speak, and Kai ignored the quiet 'awwws' coming from his team mates. "The thing is, Kai... I can't live without you. I couldn't bear to leave you..."

Kai stared at her, taken aback. Something inside him brightened, which shone clearly on his face. He suddenly felt so happy- to put it lightly. All the saddened emotions he felt earlier seemed to fade away- and there was nothing that was going to stop him from declaring how he really felt.

"Good," He smirked, and she blinked. "Because I've only just come to terms with this, but never the less... I do love you."

The others must have gaped so much he didn't even need to look at them to realize their shock. 'Wow. I've just said that, and I don't care. What was I afraid of for so long..? Now it seems so pathetic.'

The words were sinking into Fern like the Titanic's collision with the sea. She closed her green eyes, swallowing them hard. "Say that again." She just needed to make sure.

Kai groaned, letting one hand part from her and scratch the back of his head, embarrassed. She always made it so uneasy for him.

"Yeah, say it again, Kai!" Tyson chanted, waving his arm. The phoenix threw him a death glare.

He looked into her eyes again. "I said... I... love you." The red head gulped. So it wasn't a dream after all. She accepted it, and more tears ran down her face, throwing her head against his chest.

"That's all I ever wanted to hear..." She trailed off, enjoying his warm body.

"You know I'll miss you, Fern," Fern's head shot up, and looked around to see Zack smiling softly at her.

She smiled. "I know. But I need Kai." Fern scanned her other friends, seeing their smiling, cheeky, but overall delighted faces. "Thank you all..." She turned back to Kai, running her hand down his face. She stared at him for a while, pondering whether she had made the right choice. When he smiled at her and leaned a little closer, their lips almost touching, she knew she had. To her shock but delight, he closed he gap, giving her a warm, sentimental few second kiss.

Cheers burst from everyone's mouths which made Fern back off a little, blushing to no end. "Go get 'em Kai hahahaha!" Once she heard Tyson's teasing voice she just had to pull away, her face redder than a tomato.

"A-Aren't you scared your team will make fun of you? What about your reputation?" She asked him with a slight smug smirk.

Kai shrugged. "Dance Like No One's Watching right?"

Fern widened her green eyes. It truly was amazing. Something she had taught him to do was being repelled back to her- and she loved him even more for it.

Kai looked cunningly at his team. "And besides, if they ever do make any remarks it'll add to their one hundred push ups at the crack of dawn every morning." Groans followed and Fern giggled, pulling Kai into another hug.

"Heh. Kai's still got them where he wants them," Hilary smiled. "You know Fern... you're really lucky." Fern glanced at the brunette and smiled, nodding in response. Yeah, she was. "So are you, Kai! And don't you forget it!" The bossy girl suddenly grinned. "Now, there's still some time left to have fun. Carnival, anyone?"

Tyson blew up into a powder of hyperness. "Hell yeah! Forget Mr. D, he'll understand that nothing can ever get in the way of true love!" Kai and Fern looked at him sceptically. "Uhm, yeah. I love a happy ending." He rubbed the back of his head. "Let's go ho ho!"

"YEAH!" Everyone grinned and ran back down the grassy field, the carnival only steps away. Immediately Tyson, Max, Kenny, Lee, Kevin, Gary, Hilary, Mariah, Zack, Raine and Taro ran for the dancing ceremony.

Max threw his fist into the air. "Let's rock and roll!"

"To slow music!" Taro added sarcastically, grinning. People stopped to watch as the over-happy teens began dancing together, all one big happy bunch. The girls seemed to group together, waving their hands in the air like they just didn't care.

Tyson leant over Max and whispered something in his ear, his gaze directed at a very nervous looking Ray. The blonde looked up suddenly and smirked, and the two boys ran up to Ray and attacked him, dragging him along with them. "Guys!" Ray blushed furiously, and when they stopped him beside Mariah, the girl stared at him playfully. She held out her hand for him to take. After much pondering, Ray finally took it, blushing like mad.

"Nice going Ray-y baby woooooooo!" Tyson hooted, shaking his butt against Max and the two boys danced around manically.

Kai and Fern stood nearby, her arm linked to his. She giggled, watching the show. In all honesty she'd pay just to see Tyson and Max monkeying around like that.

"Announcement guys! Thank you all for coming to this year's carnival," A man stood with a microphone. "The next song that'll be played is the last, so I wanna see everyone up here strutting their stuff!" Various woo's called from the crowd.

Fern gazed up at Kai, catching him off guard with her miraculous smile. "Should we have the last dance?"

Kai looked at her, a little reluctant. However, just looking at her caused him to grin. "Ironic it's the last dance tonight, because I promise you this will be the last!"

Fern chuckled, leaning close to his ear. "Oh, I don't think so. I get the feeling we'll have many more to come." Kai smirked, and just like she had to him, caught her in a read-to-go position, holding her close. She giggled all the way when he pulled her onto the dance floor with everyone else, reminding her of a time she had done the exact same thing.

To the gentle rhythm of the music, Kai pulled her close, her body rocking gently against the music. He was so serene, the way he moved, the way he held her and kept his timing so perfect. While everyone else danced their heads off like it was a disco, she was happy to just sway with him.

All so soft and passionate, when his grip on her tightened, she looked up at him, smiling. "Have you been practising?"

Kai scoffed. "As if." Fern sniggered and brought their bodies apart slightly, holding his arm so it arched to hers, and she twirled underneath, letting herself fall against him again. Kai narrowed his eyes, seeing where this was going. The girl then hurdled herself around Kai, bringing him along with her, pulling them both out from their single spot dance.

"Let's see how fast you can go," She taunted, earning herself a competitive grin. One of her hands parted from him and she locked her hand into his, starting to dance a little more upbeat, giggling at Kai. He tried his best to avoid standing on her feet, in fact he was pretty impressed by how sneaky she could be.

"Yeep!" Fern squeaked when Kai successfully stopped her dancing by tugging her close to him, gazing quite Kai-ishly into her eyes. The red head giggled. "Sorry, am I embarrassing you?" She smiled, using her hand to trail along his jaw. It was finally happening, she was finally going to be with him. It was all so hard to come to terms with but... when she leaned in to kiss him, he pulling her closer kissing her back without any hesitation, she knew it was real.

"I've got something to tell you that might embarrass you..." He whispered against her lips, and she pulled away from him, looking at him curiously. "About a so called love letter."

Fern immediately smiled. "So it was y-" He cut her off.

"No. It was Kenny."

Fern's eyes widened. "KENNY!?" She repeated, gaping.

"Shhh!" He urged, looking around. "Best not mention it to him, he's already embarrassed about it. Just thought I'd clear that up. I'm not that soppy so don't expect anything like that." Fern blinked at him. Wow. Kenny? That certainly was a new one. Shaking off her surprise, she leant in again to kiss him.

"...And I was like POW!" They pulled apart, looking across at Tyson who was showing off to Raine. "Take that Boris! Then we all thought Fern was gonna die... but she was okay! Because with my awesome superpowers,-" Fern and Kai looked at each other, smirking but sceptical. He had his yellow shirt draped around his neck, acting as a cape like a superhero.

"Hey, guys, we really should be going now," Max walked up to them.

"Yeah, in a sec, Maxie!" Fern replied, then waved her hand at Tyson. "Hey Tyson! You make a great superman!"

Tyson's eyes widened and glanced over, grinning embarrassingly. "Oh.. you weren't supposed to hear that..." Everyone laughed and as the last song began to fade, the teens all gathered around like a herd of cows, laughter filling the air.

Fern turned to Kai. "But you're MY superman, Kai."

Kai licked his bottom lip a bit awkwardly, but decided to play along. "Oh yeah? Wanna see me fly?"

Fern giggled. "You'll give me a ride?"

Everyone laughed apart from Tyson, gazing at the happy couple making daft jokes. To even think about those two being apart now was incredibly unnatural- together, a strange aura surrounded them, like they were destined to be together, like soul mates. Dranzer and Werex flashed in their possessions blessingly.

The confused dragon stared dumb-struck at them. "Hey, what do you mean? I don't get it.." Everyone laughed harder. Tyson turned to Ray. "What do they mean? I don't get it! Ride where?!"

Fern sniggered and continued to hold onto Kai. "Never mind, Tyson..." She turned to Kai and he was smirking, mischief glittering in his eyes. It looked like he was thinking the same thing. She let go of him and her hand slipped into his, the orange sunset glaring into their eyes now.

As they began to walk away, Tyson gaped. "Wait! You have to tell me the joke! I don't get it! What did you mean?!" He began to follow them. Unsuspecting, the bare field stood before Kai and Fern was tempting to run down, letting themselves break free.

They both laughed, beginning to run across the grassy ground, hand in hand, the sun staring at them. "Hey! Wait for us!" Tyson, Max, Ray and Kenny followed, chasing after them. With a few exchanged glances, the rest shrugged and didn't break the chain, dancing and running and exploring down the huge field.

Kai and Fern were still laughing, running all in good fun.

They soared towards the horizon.


75 years later...

An old, grey man stood under a roof of blazing dots, the brightest night since that night. The masses of gas twinkled. One in particular, a bright green star with sparkles of red caught the man's graceful crimson eye. He smiled.

Her star was still shining.

-The End-

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