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Chapter 20


Erik did take Corrine's advice, and moved to Corrine's parent's old suite. It wasn't easy at first. There was a lot of tension, and everyone was uncomfortable. The young ballet rats who had grown up on the wild tales of "The Phantom of the Opera" did run from him at first, but with Corrine holding his hand as he walked down the corridors, it didn't seem to bother him as much.

The year after Erik took charge of the Opera house, he and Corrine were married in the spring. It was decided by Corrine that a church wedding simply wouldn't do. She wanted something symbolic.

That is how they managed to be married on the stage of the Opera house, with Alec as best man. Everyone affiliated with the Opera house was in attendance. It was a wedding NO ONE wanted to miss. Everyone from the stable boys and set designers, to the ballet rats and the leads and the divas were there.

Corrine was true to her word. Erik did become a respected friend to everyone. Yes, Erik became someone they all trusted.

Everyone that attended the Operas reaped the benefits of Erik's talents, regardless if they noticed or not. Erik was always available to help whenever and wherever he was needed. It was not uncommon to see him discussing and creating blueprints for backgrounds and sets. Singers and musicians alike were constantly asking him to help them with that one line or note they just couldn't quite get right. Everyone strived for perfection, and the desire to please Erik was their motivation.

Three years after taking over, the Opera Populare became the most unique Opera house around. Erik would work all year on his opera that would open every July, at his July galas. His Opera would run July to December. Only the best of the best were chosen to be in his operas. HOWEVER, he did have the more well known operas performed by a cast that were talented, and had potential, but wasn't quite ready for the "original" works. This cast would take the stage Dec. Until the premire of the new opera. Those were the months that everyone in the first cast would be rehearsing for the July gala. With two separate casts and 2 separate orchestras the opera house was bursting with activity year round.

Erik made opera a very important part of his family's life. It was common knowledge that children were simply not taken to the opera. However, Erik saw to that his family was always seen in the owner's box. Along with Corrine and Alec, his two daughters attended every performance. Whether patrons approved or not, they were wise enough not to discuss it. They just accepted it.

Mme. Giry also became a mother figure to Erik and Corrine. She was a frequent and welcome visitor at every dinner.

And what about Alec? It was decided that it would be okay to call Erik and Corrine, Papa and mamma.

He continued to worship the ground that Erik walked on, and even tried to be just like him. The year he turned 13, he co wrote, with Erik's close supervision and expertise, that year's opera. Which was a grand success. By the time he turned 20, he wrote his very first complete opera. At that time, he became Erik's apprentice. As a wedding gift, Erik signed Alec as half owner of the Opera house.

Yes, Erik's life had turned out a lot better than he ever thought possible. With a devoted and loving wife by his side, 3 beautiful children he helped raise, a spectacular opera house, and the respect and acceptance he always dreamed of, he felt as though God was finally smiling down on him.

Erik's life was now pure Heaven. The Heaven he always dreamed of. And as all good stories should end,

They all lived Happily Ever After.

The point my dear readers is that THEY LIVED

The End