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Chapter 1

Severus Snape, resident Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was nervous. Not that you would be able to tell by looking at him, of course, but nervous he was. Very nervous. 'What am I doing? Oh Merlin let him accept. Let him be mine.' He thought desperately as the owls flew in with the morning post.

Severus kept his eyes trained on his breakfast until he heard the entire room become silent. Raising his head as Draco Malfoy, his godson, shouted over to Harry Potter to open the parcel he had received. After replying sarcastically he did. But not without casting a scanning spell over it first. 'Good boy. You don't know who sent it. It could be from the Dark Lord himself for all you know.' Severus thought proudly. The Potions professor watched the young man's reaction carefully. Harry looked shocked and then confused. That was understandable. It wasn't everyday you received a dozen red roses.

Severus had a class to teach so he drained his coffee cup and swept out of the Great Hall without anyone noticing. Apart from one person. A twinkling headmaster who was smiling, everyone else was busy staring at the Boy Who Lived or gossiping on who could have sent the roses. And who would send roses to a boy? A few of the purebloods were looking on knowingly or explaining the tradition to their oblivious muggle-born neighbours.

Later that night Severus was sat on his two-seater couch in his chambers. A book was lay open on his lap. It was a book on Wizarding traditions. It described the courting tradition fully and was quite informative. Most people who had been raised in a traditional wizarding family would already know about the tradition but Harry was raised by muggles. 'I'll send it to Harry tomorrow. It should answer an questions that Mr Weasley couldn't.'

You see the Potions Master had a secret. One that he tried his hardest to keep hidden from the world. Only Albus Dumbledore knew of it. 'That old coot knows everything that happens in this castle.' He though fondly. The secret that Severus Snape kept deepest in his heart. That he only dared to dream about was that he was in love. With Harry Potter.

He had sent his love a dozen roses that morning, anonymously, of course, as a token. He wanted to court the dark haired beauty. He had no idea when it was that he stopped hating Harry. When he had finally seen that he was not James and that punishing the son for the crimes of the father was wrong. Harry would never bully another student for no reason other that they were quiet and withdrawn. 'And in Slytherin, of course.' Severus thought bitterly. As a child he had been small for his age and possessed maturity beyond his years due to his unhappy upbringing.

The onyx-eyed man had kept his feelings a secret, of course, there was no way that Harry would ever want him. He hated him. 'I don't stand a chance. Hell I don't even know if the boy's gay.'

But Albus Dumbledore had seen through the mask of hatred Severus had erected to protect himself and 'persuaded' him to court the boy. He had seen how Severus had changed, for the better, because of his love for the kind young man. He also thought that they would be a perfect match. Harry had been through things that most people couldn't even begin to imagine. Severus had a dark past and he was confident that they would understand each other and balance each other accordingly. He had decided that they would be good for each other and proceeded to inform his Potions professor of that fact. Repeatedly.

Severus had finally relented and together they had planned that he should court Harry using the traditional six-week method. He would get to know Harry and allow him to know Severus without prejudice or past feelings clouding their judgement by keeping his identity a secret.

'I'll see if he is interested soon enough I suppose.' Severus thought as he walked into the bathroom to get ready for bed. 'Dear Merlin, I hope he is. Let the Prophet have been right for once. He unknowingly holds my heart in his hands. With one word he could break it. I can't bear to be alone anymore.' He thought despairingly as sleep took him.

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