Chapter 8

Harry didn't wake for a week. Severus maintained a vigil at his side, refusing to leave unless it was to eat or shower.

Finally, on Friday, Harry's eyes fluttered open. And closed immediately when the bright light hurt them. Severus chuckled.

Harry heard him because he opened his eyes again, slowly this time.

"You had us all worried Harry." Sev admonished him gently.

"How long was I out?" Harry asked croakily.

"A week. It's Friday now." Sev answered.

Harry scrutinized his courter and asked, "How are you?"

'He's been unconscious for a week and he asks how I am. Damn Gryffindor!' Severus thought fondly. "I'm fine. No serious damage. But you Harry, you took away the Mark. How?" He asked seriously. He had been searching for years to find a way to get that awful Mark of his arm and now it was. Severus was ecstatic.

"I don't know. I just looked at you holding your arm in pain and all of a sudden I knew." Harry said frowning slightly trying to remember.

"Thank you Harry."

Harry reached over to kiss Severus. He saw and moved away slightly. He watched as Harry's face fell and hurried to explain why.

"Harry, you haven't given me your answer yet. It's against tradition."

He watched with amusement as Harry now went red.

"It's been six weeks. Have you made a decision?" He asked softly, nervous.

"Yes." Harry said simply.

"Yes?" Severus repeated hopefully.

"Yes. I accept."

Severus face lit up with a smile and he lent down to kiss his love. Their first kiss. It was perfect. Severus ran his tongue over Harry's bottom lip asking permission. Harry gave it, parting his lips to allow Severus access. They duelled for dominance until the need to breathe became too strong and they broke apart panting slightly.

It was at that point the Albus Dumbledore walked into the Hospital Wing with a knowing smile.

"Ah Harry, your awake. Poor Severus has barely left your side all week."

Severus glared at his employer, embarrassed and angry. Dumbledore just looked at him knowingly and Severus, to his further embarrassment, blushed. Harry just laughed softly at the exchange.

Dumbledore moved to the other side of Harry's bed and asked him seriously, "How are you feeling my dear boy?"

"Fine, sir. Why was I unconscious for a week?" Harry replied.

"Well Harry, you depleted your magic considerably. We came very close to loosing you at one point but Severus transferred some of his own magic to you." Albus answered. His twinkle on blind. He knew what that meant and was waiting for Harry to figure it out.

Severus watched Harry. He was frowning confused. He looked between him and Dumbledore and said, "But that would mean that…"

Severus looked at the floor. He could not watch Harry. No now that he knew. 'What will he think?'

Dumbledore answered the Gryffindor, "Yes Harry. That your magic accepted Severus's means that you are soul mates. Congratulations." Then the headmaster left, humming absently. Severus continued to be fascinated by the floor design.

"Sev?" He heard Harry ask quietly.

He finally looked up.

"Thank you."

"I'm sorry?" Severus replied confused. 'Does this mean what I think it does?'

"Without you I'd be dead. You've saved my life again, love."

Severus smiled brightly when Harry called him love.

"I wasn't sure how you'd react. Our magic's have already joined together. It happened during the transfer. I didn't tell you because I wanted you to accept or reject my offer on your own. Without interference." He admitted to his love.

"Thank you for giving me a choice but my answer won't change. It is still yes for as long as you will have me." Harry told him with unshod tears glistening in his eyes.

Severus got down on one knee, "I know you have accepted my courtship and normally I'd wait before we got to this point but I'd like to ask if you'd do me the honour of bonding with me?" He asked.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Harry shouted. He burst out crying and threw himself at Sev kissing him.

Chuckling Severus picked him up and put him back into bed. He kissed his forehead.

"I love you Harry."

"I love you too Sev."

Severus headed to the door and had opened it when Harry's voice stopped him.

"He can't come back again can he?"

"No love, he can't. You destroyed his soul completely. There is no way for him to return. It's over. You did it." He answered the young man proudly.

Harry sighed relieved and Severus promised to return later. He went down to his quarters and took a shower before going to the Great Hall for dinner. The headmaster announced their saviour's awakening, not that most of them hadn't already realised it with their Potions Master being there. Severus Snape had not been seen for a week, having spent all his time in the Hospital Wing, Albus Dumbledore had taken over his classes. The children had loved it; Severus vowed that would never happen again. His beloved dungeons were most likely a different colour.

"Severus, can I have a word with you?" Remus Lupin asked as he caught up with the man.

"Very well. Follow me I do not wish to discuss this in public." He sighed and began to walk towards his office.

Remus sat down and jumped straight to the point, "Why are you courting Harry?"

"Because I wish to." He answered defiantly.

"Are you doing this to humiliate him? The werewolf asked suspiciously.

"No, I would never do that." The man sighed. It was clear that the other man would only settle for the truth and would not leave him alone until he got it. "I love him, Lupin. That is why I am courting him."

Remus Lupin stared at the Potions Master curiously. He could tell that he was telling the truth. The wolf in him however felt the need to tell the other man what would happen if he ever hurt his cub.

"Hurt him and I might just 'forget' to take my Wolfsbane. The wolf is very protective of Harry you know. He thinks of him as his cub." He warned.

"I understand."

It was a week after Harry's graduation. The day they had set for their bonding ceremony. Severus was once again pacing up and down his room, his deep blue trimmed with gold robes swirling around him. He had Draco Malfoy and Remus Lupin with him as his witnesses. He and Remus had become good friends since their talk.

"How long till the ceremony?" Draco asked Remus.

"Only ten minutes left. Merlin this reminds me of James and Lily's wedding day. James was so nervous I had to stun him. Sirius was no help; of course, he was in the corner laughing his head off. That was until I reminded him what he was like on our first date. He shut up very quickly then." Remus replied laughing at the memory. He still missed his mate but seeing his godson so happy helped.

The trio walked down to the lake, where the ceremony was taking place. Harry arrived a minute later. Severus breath caught in his throat. 'He is so beautiful.' His husband-to-be was dressed in robes of forest green trimmed with silver. 'We are each wearing the colour of the other's house.' Severus thought amused. They walked side-by-side to alter where Albus Dumbledore stood.

Severus repeated his vows first, "I, Severus Sebastian Snape, do take you, Harry James Potter, as my bonded until death and beyond. May our souls be one and our love eternal," He said confidently, slipping the bonding ring onto his love's finger.

Harry repeated the same but with their names changed.

"I now declare you bonded, soul mated and husbands in the eyes of the law, witnessed by the witnesses gathered here today. I present to you Mr and Mr Potter-Snape.


Five years later Professor Severus Potter-Snape walked into his living room to discover his husband Professor Harry Potter-Snape, the Defence Against the Dart Arts and History of Magic professor, pacing. The young man had not been feeling well lately, throwing up in the mornings so he had finally convinced his to visit the Hospital Wing.

"What's wrong love? Did you go and see Poppy?"

"Yes." His love answered standing still, looking at him with a very nervous expression on his face.

"And?" Severus was beginning to get worried. 'Is he really ill?"

"Well she said, "Congratulations"."

"Why?" Harry's mate asked now confused.

"Well…I'm pregnant."

'Pregnant! What?'

Severus's world went black and he felt the floor come rushing up to meet him.

The End