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Stone Hearted

Chapter One

Anger Makes a Point

It had been nearly a year since Terra had met the Titans, betrayed them and become Slade's apprentice. Terra was so ashamed of herself for trusting Slade and allowing him to control her. How could she trust him over Beast Boy? Sweet, caring, gentle little Beast Boy? And after everything she had done to him, he still believed she could come back to the good side. She was able to "redeem" herself in some way by triggering a volcano and throwing Slade into the fiery pit. However, The volcano was so powerful it could destroy the city. The Titans left but Beast Boy lingered. He told her to come with him. Still, he wanted her with him. He wanted her nearby. Yet Terra couldn't bear to be with the Titans again after the terrible, terrible thing she had done. She had put the "terra" in terrible. Yeah, Terra the Terrible. That's what she's always called herself because no matter how hard she tried, she always messed up.

Terra remained to stop the volcano and in her efforts, she was turned to a stone. She was no longer flesh and blood but a statue, never to see the light of day again. And that's exactly what she wanted. But it wasn't for Beast Boy.

Ever since the day they found Terra as nothing as a statue, Beast Boy vowed himself that they would someday turn her back. Beast Boy watched every movie having something to do with earth monsters (not that Terra was actually one of those) but there was nothing that had anything about a statue turning into a person. Sometimes his wisdom of movies and television helped him, like time when Control Freak took over the television lines. However, this wasn't one of those times. Beast Boy felt helpless. He could turn into animals but what animal could make a statue become a real person? All he could do was just visit her statue and hope she could hear him. Sometime she'd change into a bird and sit on her hand. Cute. Really cute. But it wasn't enough to bring her back to him, was it?

Starfire did what she could, but being an alien, she didn't have any knowledge of turning the statue girl back to normal. Raven tried all the spells she thought would work, but to no avail. Cyborg used all his technologic know-how, but that didn't work either. It seemed that Terra was doomed to remain as stone and Beast Boy couldn't take it. He felt like he had failed Terra. He eventually stopped making jokes. He lost the reason to have a sense of humor. Terra was the only one who thought he was funny and she was gone. Out of his life. Forever.

Beast Boy kept having dreams, no, not dreams, nightmares of the time when Terra betrayed the Titans and sided with Slade. The good memories they shared were disappearing. It was as if the nightmares were adding to the proof that Terra would never come back.

"She's my apprentice," Slade stated.

"Liar!" Beast Boy snarled.

"Beast Boy, it's the truth," Terra said sadly.

How could this happen? Why would Terra go to Slade for help, of all people?

"So you it was all a game?" Beast Boy demanded. "You were just pretending."

"No," said Terra, "you said you'd be my friend no matter what."

"Slade was right," Beast Boy grunted, "you don't have any friends."

That killed her. He knew it did. Why did he say that? Why did he have to repeat Slade's words to her?

She closed her eyes and when she opened them again, they were full of hate. And then, she came after the titans again not long after that.

Beast Boy turned into a hawk, reverted to human form and landed on her flying rock.

"Terra, stop! We're your friends!"

"I don't have any friends, remember?"

She gave him an uppercut, and it hurt. Beast Boy never expected her to hit him, and so hard. Why Terra, why? The others, Raven especially, thought she ws evil, but Best By didn't lose faith in her. Beast Boy was not going to believe she was evil. She was messed up. Slade did this to her. It was Slade. All Slade.

As a tiger, Beast Boy was hanging on the side of a fissure with his paw. Terra was standing over him. Beast Boy turned to a human so he could talk to her. He had to say something, anything. But no matter what he was going to say, it wouldn't matter. She was so full of hate.

"Terra, you can't!" Beast Boy cried.

"Watch me!" Terra hissed.

The fissure closed over him and Beast Boy fell into the abyss. He should've changed into a bird or something so he could've flown out and knock Terra out. Maybe there was something controlling Terra and then, then he could've helped her.

All Beast Boy could see now was Terra's hateful face.

"Terra, no! Terra!"

Beast Boy sat up straight in bed; heart beating like it was going to jump out of his chest. His green body was covered in sweat. Beast Boy reached his fingers into his hair and groaned.

"Just a dream," he said to himself.

No, it was more than just a dream. All that stuff really happened. Beast Boy just couldn't stop dreaming about it. Beast Boy stumbled out of bed and examined his face in the mirror. He really did look terrible, even if his skin was green. His reflection changed to that evil side of him. The gray skin, the red eyes.

"Huh?" Beast Boy mumbled.

"You really are pathetic," said the reflection. "No wonder Terra dumped you!"

Beast Boy gasped and stepped away from the mirror. The memory of when he fought his evil side came so clear to him now. "Had enough? No wonder Terra dumped you! Aww, did I hurt your feelings?"

"Shut up!" Beast Boy hissed.

His reflection laughed. "Oh come on, you know it's true. She never wanted to have anything to do with you."

"You're wrong. You're wrong, dude! Terra didn't dump me. It didn't happen that way."

"Oh, sure she didn't," the gray skinned Beast Boy said sarcastically, grinning. "She just decided that Slade would be cooler to hang out with than you. It doesn't' matter any more. She's just a statue now and guess what? She's never coming back!"

"You're wrong!"

Beast Boy roared and tore the mirror from the wall and tossed it. He could still hear his evil side laughing at him. Beast Boy morphed into a gorilla and threw everything around. He changed back to human and panted to catch his breath.

"Look at the mess you made now," his evil side said, "dude."

"Shut up!" Beast Boy snarled, grabbing his head.

"Beast Boy?" said a voice right outside Beast Boy's bedroom door. It was Raven. Beast Boy gasped, looked around and ran to the window.

There was a soft rap on the door. "Beast Boy? Are you all right in there? I heard noises."

Just as the doorknob turned, Beast Boy pushed the window open, transformed into a bird and flew outside. Raven stepped inside the bedroom and looked around.

"Wow, Beast Boy, don't you ever clean your room?" Raven wondered out loud as she used her black energy to put some things back to place. She came to the broken mirror on the floor. She looked to the window and walked over to it.

She knew exactly where Beast Boy had gone. He went to see Terra again. Raven shook her head. How many times had he gone there? Too many, in Raven's opinion. Beast Boy would be gone hours at time, day and night. He'd fall asleep there at Terra's feet and Raven always was the one to find him there. She was always the one to take him back to the tower. Everyone else thought that he had good reason to stay at Terra's side. They thought this was his way of "helping" Terra and they knew that Beast Boy would miss Terra the most. Only Raven seemed to think this whole Terra thing was wrong. Raven really didn't want to bring Terra back. It wasn't because of the animosity between them, though that was part of it, but Raven seemed to think that Terra wanted to stay as a statue. Raven believed that Terra never wanted to return to the Titans. Raven wished that Terra had never come to Titans Tower. Raven paced the bedroom for a moment then entered the hall. She'd leave Beast Boy to grieve, again and she'd probably go out to get him, again. But it will be the last time. She was sick and tired of this hold Terra had over Beast Boy, even if she really wasn't there anymore.

Beast Boy put his hand up against Terra's hand of stone. It was the closest he could get to holding hands with the girl of his dreams. He talked to her as if she was listening but now it was getting harder and harder without her laughing and commenting. He was beginning to forget what her voice sounded like. The green boy was feeling unbelievably blue.

"I really miss you, Terra," he mumbled, glancing down and into her stony eyes. "Things could be so different if you've never joined Slade."

He paused for a moment then groaned. He put his hands to his face.

"You know, this is partly my fault," he said, pulling his hand away. "I broke my promise. I swore that I'd be your friend no matter what. You made me swear and I meant it."

Beast Boy made a fist. "And then I broke my promise. I told you that you don't have any friends. Why didn't I have to agree with Slade? Why did I say something like that to you? No wonder why you betrayed us. You really didn't think we cared about you."

Beast Boy fell to his knees and dug his fingers into the earth.

"I shouldn't have let Slade take you away," Beast Boy muttered, "there was still time. I could've stopped it then. Even if you did order the strike on the tower, I could've done something. I should have. If I did, you wouldn't have attacked the city, and Slade wouldn't have taken you over completely and…and…you wouldn't be a statue right now. You'd still be…here in the tower with us. It wasn't supposed to be this way, Terra. I'm so, so sorry."

Beast Boy banged his fist on the ground, tears sting his eyes. "Terra, I'm sorry!'

He could only blame himself for what happened. Terra was messed up. She was vulnerable. She couldn't control her powers so Slade decided to control her. Terra thought she had blabbed to Robin. She ran away. And he just stood there? It's not like he couldn't have caught up with her. The boy could change into animals. All he had to do was transform into a cheetah, get in her face and tell her that he didn't tell Robin a word. He would make her listen to him. He'd have Robin tell her that he just figured it out. This whole thing could've been prevented. It was all just a stupid misunderstanding. Why did Terra believe that Beast Boy told Robin about her secret? Did she really lack that much faith in him? Well, if she did, then maybe she really wasn't that much of a friend was she? Beast Boy may have had a big mouth, but he knew how to keep a secret. At least he kept one promise he made to her. He didn't tell anyone that she couldn't control her powers though he did back down on the next promise. When she needed him the most, he wasn't there. He just looked at her like she was dirt and said, "Slade was right, you don't have any friends."

Why did he say that? Why? Why? Why? He was like an animal. No wonder they call him Beast Boy.

Terra may have redeemed herself but she couldn't be with the Titans anymore. She was nothing but a statue and it looked like she was going to stay that way. The Titans did all they could. Beast Boy didn't want to give up. He hoped that someday, somehow, they'd find a way to bring Terra back. He just wanted one last chance to hug her and maybe get to share a kiss. Beast Boy would've had known what it Terra's lips would've felt like if Slade hadn't interrupted them. It would've been Beast Boy's first kiss and Beast Boy was certain it would've been Terra's too. Now it looked like they never would share that kiss.

This was the closest Beast Boy could get to her. Just sit at the feet of a statue and talk. He couldn't run his fingers in her blond hair. He couldn't hold her. He couldn't kiss her. He couldn't talk to her. He couldn't hear her laugh. Because he couldn't be with Terra, he figured he just couldn't do anything anymore.

Beast Boy transformed into a dog and settled around Terra's feet. If this was the closest he could be to Terra, then this was where he was going to stay. He didn't want to be anywhere else.

Midnight came and it was cold. Beast Boy was still at Terra's statue as the dog. He didn't want to leave. He was staying right here with Terra. Even if she was all stone, he had to keep her company. Maybe she was really alive in there. She knew what was going on. She knew that Beast Boy was with her but she couldn't speak.

I'm not leaving you, Terra. I'm staying right here.

Hours passed. It was getting colder and it looked like it was going to rain. Beast Boy edged closer to Terra. He drifted in and out of sleep.

When he woke up, a cloaked figure was walking up to him. Beast Boy set his head back down. No. He wasn't leaving.

"Beast Boy, you can't stay out here," Raven said.

Beast Boy didn't transform to human form. He pretended that he didn't hear her. Raven took her hood down and came closer to him.

"You have to come back to the tower before you catch cold," she persisted, "come on."

She put her hand on him and Beast Boy would've nipped her hand if he wasn't so tired. He shook his head.

"Beast Boy, there is nothing you can do for her," Raven said coolly.

Finally, Beast Boy changed to human form. Raven offered him her hand but he didn't take it. He stood up, turned to Terra's statue and put his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm not leaving her, Raven," he said, "you can't make me."

"Yes I can," Raven said, holding out her hand. Black energy shrouded around Beast Boy and he was pulled away from Terra's statue.

"What're you doing?" Beast Boy demanded. "Let me go!"

Raven did let go. Nevertheless, she put a black wall between him and Terra's stony form. Beast Boy growled and whirled around.

"Raven, just leave me alone!"

"Beast Boy, she's gone," Raven told him.

"No she's not!" Beast Boy yelled, "look at her! She's right here! She'll be back. I know she will!"

"Beast Boy, we've done all we can," Raven said.

"No you haven't!" Beast Boy said, pointing at Raven. "I know there are more spells than what've been using, Raven! You don't want Terra back!"

Raven didn't show any emotion. Beast Boy wasn't all surprised at this.

You can keep trying!" Beast Boy yelled. "There's got to be more spells, Raven!"

"I've done all I can," she said,

"You can heal people," Beast Boy ranted, "You brought a guy out of a book! And after defeating Trigon I bet you there are tons of things you can do!"

"It was a spell that put Malchior in that book in the first place," Raven said, "and I found out the spell to take him out. What made Terra like this wasn't a spell. It happened naturally. Our powers are not the same."

"It doesn't matter," Beast Boy said, "I know there has to be some way to bring her back! You've got to keep trying."

"They never taught me how to turn statues into real people when I was in Azarath."

"I don't care!"

"Beast Boy, listen to me," Raven said, dropping her hand on his shoulder. "Maybe what happened to Terra wasn't an accident. Maybe she meant for this to happen. Did you ever happen to think that maybe she's happier this way?"

"To be like this?" Beast Boy demanded, waving his hand at the statue of Terra. "To be a statue?" He laughed. "I don't think so."

"She betrayed us," Raven reminded him, "she may have turned on Slade but she cannot erase all the damage just like that. Terra may want to be left alone. This may be her way of punishing herself."

"You're wrong," Beast Boy grumbled, "why would anyone want to spend the rest of their life as a statue?"

"How do we know if Terra intended on becoming a statue?" Raven questioned. "Perhaps she didn't expect to live."

"You mean, she was hoping to die in that volcano?" Beast Boy demanded. "I bet that's what you would've wanted!'

"No, it's not," Raven replied, "but what's done is done. She is nothing but stone and there's nothing we can do for her now. Let's go."

"I can't leave her," he said, "I don't want her to be alone. I don't want anything to happen to her."

"Beast Boy, she's made out of stone," Raven said, "she'll be fine. Nothing can hurt her and there's nothing for her to hurt. If you stay out here any longer you'll get sick."

"I don't care," Beast Boy said again, "just leave me alone, Raven."

"You think Terra would want you to stay out here all night every night to the point you get sick and die?" Raven questioned.

Beast Boy groaned and didn't say anything.

"Come back to the tower, Beast Boy," Raven said, "I think it's going to rain."

"I don't care if a blizzard is coming," Beast Boy said, "I'm staying right here. I don't care what happens to me."

"Beast Boy…"

"Just go!" Beast Boy snarled. "Don't you get it, Raven? There's no place I'd rather be than right here with Terra! Since we can't bring her back I'm going to stay here with her. It's because of me she's like this. If I hadn't broken my promise none of this would've happened."

"You blame yourself?" Raven asked. "It's not your fault, Beast Boy. Terra betrayed us."

"Only because I broke my promise! She made me promise I'd be her friend no matter what and I let her down!"

"Didn't you promise her this before you knew she went to Slade?" Raven questioned.

"It doesn't matter," Beast Boy said, "It shouldn't have mattered if she became Slade's apprentice or if she destroyed a whole city with her powers, I should've kept my promise."

"Even if you did," Raven said, "she still would've left with Slade that day."

"I don't believe you," Beast Boy said.

"Well, it doesn't matter now, does it?" Raven questioned. "She betrayed us and now she's a statue. She's never coming back."

"You have to keep trying," Beast Boy said, "I still believe there's a way to bring Terra back. You may have given up but I haven't. Now go away."

Beast Boy turned to look at Terra's statue and he tuned Raven out. Raven paused. She so badly wanted to smack him around. Why was he pining away for Terra like some love-sick puppy when Raven was right there? Raven rarely felt any jealousy. She rarely felt any emotion at all. It really did take a year for Raven to quit hating Beast Boy and once she did she started liking him, a lot. She never wanted to admit it but it was the truth. After a while, that silly little green boy started to be funny. She'd never forget the first time she embraced him. It was right after the deal with Malchior, how he tricked Raven into setting him free. Beast Boy, though he knew she was creepy, wanted to comfort her.

"You think you're alone, Raven, but you're not."

If Raven had been the emotional type, she would've been sobbing when she hugged Beast Boy. Raven always wanted to be alone and now it was Beast Boy who was seeking time alone. Raven never expected Beast Boy to become such a recluse. Raven walked up behind Beast Boy, raised an arm up to remove the shield between him and Terra. When she brought her arm down, it went around Beast Boy's neck, crossing him over the collar bone and grasping his shoulder. Beast Boy remained still and didn't say anything, though he was a little moved by Raven's action. It's been a while since she hugged him. It felt kind of nice.

"If you really want to stay then I'll let you stay," Raven said, "but if you get sick out here, don't tell me I didn't tell you so."

"I know," Beast Boy murmured, "Thanks, Raven."

Reluctantly, Raven pulled her arm from Beast Boy and she disappeared. A moment later, it began to rain.

Raven had to mediate after what just happened. She had things to sort out. Using her mystical mirror, she entered her own mind and consulted the different aspects of her personality. Unmistakably, Happy was the first one to greet her. Why was it always Happy? Raven wasn't feeling happy. She never was in a happy mood when meditating.

"Hey, stranger!" Happy Raven exclaimed, embracing her. "Long time no see!"

"Yeah, whatever," Raven said, walking through the grassy, sunny meadow. "I need to talk to everybody. Help me find them."

"Okay!" said Happy Raven, grinning as she spread her arms out like an airplane and circled around. They collected the rest of the parts of Raven's personality. Timid needed the most coaxing, Lazy the most prodding, Brave the most bribing (she was in the middle of a dangerous mission when Raven showed up.) Once Raven consulted all the aspects of her personality, she addressed the reason why she called the "meeting." It was about Terra.

"Oh, we tried everything already," Lazy orange-cloaked Raven yawned, who was sitting propped up against Sad Raven, who had a handkerchief in her hand. "Can I go back to my nap now?"

Sad gray-blue cloaked Raven began sobbing. "Poor girl is a statue! That's…so…sad!"

Timid Raven shivered. "I know how she feels. Slade took advantage of her just because she couldn't control her powers. She must've felt so awful about betraying us!"

"So we should keep trying to bring her back?" Raven asked herself, all of her self.

"Of course we should!" Happy said merrily. "Everyone deserves a second chance! Besides, that girl is really fun!"

Yellow cloaked and spectacled Smart Raven pushed her glasses up as she took out a pencil and a pad of paper. "According to my calculations, there are still around a hundred spells for us to try."

"A hundred?" Lazy echoed in disbelief. She groaned and fell down. "Oh, that will take forever! I don't want to miss all favorite television shows!"

"Patience is a virtue," said the Patient Raven, wearing a brown cloak.

"I think we should forget it," light green cloaked Jealous Raven grunted, folding her arms. "We were fine before she came to the tower. Everyone seemed to like her more, including Beast Boy. How dare she take Beast Boy from us! We knew him first!"

"Whoa, hold on a second," Raven told her jealous side, "she didn't take Beast Boy away from us. Don't act like I've got a thing for him or anything."

Happy Raven howled with laughter, slapping Raven on the back. "Oh don't be silly, Rae-Rae! We all know you like him!"

"No I don't!" Raven exclaimed.

Rose-colored cloaked Smitten Raven sighed dreamily. "What's not to love about Beast Boy? He's funny, he's cute…"

"He's green!" Raven muttered.

"What's wrong with green?" Jealous and Smitten Raven demanded.

"A lot of good things are green," Smitten Raven told her, "Beast Boy, grass, Beast Boy, uh, trees, Beast Boy, and, and Beast Boy…"

Raven groaned and shook her head as Smitten Raven continued to rant about Beast Boy.

"Those eyes, that smile, those cute pointy ears! How can anyone resist those pointy ears? Oh, remember when he told us we weren't alone, and we hugged him? I thought was going to melt. And then, remember when Slade came back and we fought him and we told everybody about the prophecy and afterwards Beast Boy put his arm around us?" Smitten became so worked up that she sighed and fainted Tan cloaked Compassionate Raven lunged to catch her.

"You know, you've got to stop doing that," Compassionate Raven said, patting Smitten's head.

"Wait a minute!" shouted a voice.

"What's that?" Lazy Raven mumbled and Timid shivered.

"Oh no…it's her!"

From a stormy area of Raven's mind, a blood-red cloaked figure flew toward the group. It was Raven's temper.

"You forgot me!" Angry shouted, landing on the grass and marching up to Raven. "I'm part of you too, you know! I should be included in this."

"Oh, right," Raven said, "like I'll ever ask you for advice. You're my temper, not my conscience. It's because of you the world was nearly destroyed."

"Don't blame me!" Angry said, "Blame it on Daddy for making us the gatekeeper! We never asked for it!"

Angry threw her arms in the air and groaned in frustration.

"All right," Compassionate Raven said, "we were discussing whether to bring Terra back or not. What do you suggest we do—and no—we are not going to go and smash her statue into pieces."

Angry grinned. "Oh yeah, I did think of that."

Timid shivered. "You're so mean!"

"Shut up!" Angry snarled and Timid gasped.

"I'm sorry!" Timid whimpered.

"Perhaps Angry needs time to think it over," Patient Raven said thoughtfully.

"I don't need time," Angry said, folding her arms. "Oh believe me, I'd love to smash that girl into a thousand pieces and I might feel good for a while but it would still leave many questions unanswered."

"Eh—what?" Raven said in surprise.

"I wasn't finished with her when she dragged us in the mud, remember?" Angry asked, stepping to the side and dropping her hands, clenching them into fists. "I want to know why she betrayed us. I want her to feel all the pain she made us endure. I want her to pay…I say we bring her back so she can pay for all the crap she's put us through!"

"Se's a statue," Raven told her temper, "she can't hurt anybody."

"Oh sure, she thinks she can just hide out, doesn't she?" Angry demanded. "After what she just did? No way! I have some things to tell that girl. If I don't do it soon…I'll…I'll explode!"

"You want to bring Terra back just so you can talk to her?" Compassionate Raven asked.

"Well, I might smack her around if she pushes me to the edge," Angry admitted. "Who does she think she is, betraying us for Slade and after everything we did for her!"

"Slade's apprentice," Raven murmured.

"So, we're Trigon's daughter!"

"Thanks for reminding me," Raven grumbled.

"We've got to do something," Angry Raven said, almost sounding like a drill sergeant. "Where's your pride?"

"Hello!" Proud and royal blue cloaked Raven said, waving. "I haven't gone anywhere."

"Look, since we stopped dear old dad, I'm not the big red angry monster you always thought I am. Trigon was angry all the time. We're not. I think this is a good time to listen to your emotions, Raven, including me! I'm not as pointless as you think I am."

"That's true," Smart Raven said, pushing up her glasses and speaking in her knowledgeable, slight nerdy voice. "Emotions are what fuel you to do things. When you are sad, you cry. When you are happy, you laugh. Right now, you're feeling all of us, aren't you?"

"Yes," Raven admitted, "I am."

"So you must do something about it," Smart Raven stated.

"Yeah," Raven mumbled.

"Well?" Angry said, "What're you going to do Raven? You going to ignore me again? You can't keep doing that!"

Raven sighed. It was the first time her temper ever said something that made sense. For the first time, anger had a point.

"So, you think I should bring Terra back too, huh?" Raven asked her temper.

Angry groaned in frustration. "Yes, that's what I've been trying to tell you!"

"Come on, Raven," Compassionate Raven said, still supporting the out cold, now drooling Smitten. "Think of what it would mean to Beast Boy. If it will bring a smile to his face, don't you think it would be worth it?"

"But you know that Terra would take him away!" Jealousy exclaimed.

"But if we don't," Compassionate Raven continued, "Beast Boy would still be visiting her statue. He'll become sick. He really hasn't been himself lately. I'm worried he might do something really…"

"Stupid?" Raven said bluntly.

"Well, yes, I suppose," Compassionate Raven said.

"What if I can't bring her back?" Raven asked. "I've tried everything."

"Oh no, there are still plenty of spells, remember?" said Smart Raven. "We can always visit Azarath to research on it, you know. The people there should know something. And after defeating Trigon, we must have new powers. I believe we have gotten stronger."

"It wasn't just us though," said Raven, "my friends helped me."

"That's right!" Smitten popped her head up. "When Starfire was helping cute Beast Boy and big and cool Cyborg, the hot and ever so reliable Robin was coming after you!"

"Oh there she goes again," Laziness moaned, setting her head down.

"He was like our knight in shining armor," Smitten continued, "and then...then he carried us on his back! No one gave us a piggy back ride before!"

"Hey, I can give you one whenever you want," said Happy, "just as long as I get one too, okay?"

"But what if I can't?" Raven questioned, choosing to ignore her love-struck and happy sides.

"Then we know we've tried," Patient Raven said, "and we really have done all we can."

Raven paused and looked at her emotions. "All right, let's vote. Who says I shouldn't bring back Terra?"

Lazy, Jealous and Proud Raven raised their hands, with Timid looking around. If the majority was going to raise their hands, she was going to raise hers too.

"All those in favor to bringing her back?"

Everyone else raised their hands, including Proud Raven again.

"Wait," Raven said to her pride, "you can't vote for both."

"I realize that I'll still be here no matter what," Proud Raven said, picking lint off her royal blue cloak. "If you don't bring back Terra, we show that we don't need Terra back and I'll still be here. If you bring her back, we prove to everyone that we can do everything and I'll still be here nonetheless. I don't really care what we do...just as long as I stay here."

"Well, all right," Raven said, shrugging, "I guess I'll work on bringing Terra back."

"Yay!" Happy exclaimed, grabbing Timid by the hands and swinging her around.

"No, please…stop," Timid mumbled.

"I knew you could do it," Brave said, "think of how cool it will to have Terra back. Remember when we saved the Tower from falling? We could so kick butt together again!"

"Yeah, but after we kick her butt," Anger stated, "now go hurry and get working on that! I mean it, if I don't talk to that little traitor, I will explode!"

"And if you need us," Proud Raven said, "you know how to find us. Just don't ask us for too many favors all right?"

Raven turned and stepped out of her mind. Her emotions were right. She had to bring Terra back, not just for Beast Boy's sake—but for her own. Raven had some choice words for that girl. She had to get them out of her system. She had to make Terra face all the damage she's done. Raven walked to her bookcase and began pulling all the spell books from the shelves. If there was a way to bring Terra back, Raven was going to find it.


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