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Teen Titans 9

Terra's Choice

"Beast Boy," mumbled Terra as she got up to her feet. Aqualad got up as well. "What are you doing here?"

Instead of answering her, Beast Boy lunged at Aqualad, changing into an alligator. Beast Boy swatted him with his tail, knocking Aqualad in the water.

"Beast Boy!" Terra exclaimed. "Stop it!"

Beast Boy got into the water to fight with Aqualad. He swam up to Aqualad with his jaws open. Aqualad swam to avoid him.

What is your problem, Beast Boy? Aqualad asked him, using his ability to speak to undersea creatures.

What do you think? I just saw you kissing Terra! Don't you think I wouldn't have a problem with it? Beast Boy transformed from an alligator to a shark and charged at Aqualad again.

It didn't mean anything.

You liar! You've been after her from the beginning! You talked her into staying with you, didn't you?

Of course I haven't! Aqualad swam out of the way and punched Beast Boy in the gills. You're over-reacting! Terra can make her own choices!

I won't let you take Terra away from me!

I wasn't planning to!

Terra walked into the water until the water came up to her knees. She called for both Aqualad and Beast Boy though she knew it was useless. She could not see them. They were too far into the water and it was too dark. She felt the water dissolving her feet and she created a lift of earth. She flew over the water and bent down, scanning the water's surface.

"I can't see them anywhere," she muttered to herself. "Aqualad! Beast Boy! Get out of the water! Knock it off!"

She threw rocks into the water, hoping she may pelt Aqualad or Beast Boy in the process and they would stop. It didn't do a thing. She wasn't able to see them so she couldn't aim for them. Terra felt so helpless. What if they ended up killing each other down there? It would all be her fault. Terra felt guilty again. Why did she let Aqualad kiss her? As she flew over the surface and was unable to find them, there was only one other thing for her to do. Without another thought, Terra plunged into the water and she sank like a stone.

The boys kept fighting. They didn't notice Terra's sinking body right away.

Terra told me I was her best friend and she's mine too. What makes you think you can understand her more!?

I'm sorry, all right? Aqualad said mentally. All I did was kiss her!

We should've just brought—Terra! Beast Boy whizzed passed Aqualad and toward Terra. As Beast Boy caught up with her, he transformed into an octopus, wrapped four arms around her and he brought her to the surface. Aqualad followed him to the shore. Beast Boy transformed to his human self and he propped Terra up.

"What were you doing in the water?" Beast Boy asked. "You know it's dangerous to you!"

"I had to stop you guys somehow!" Terra choked. "You were acting so stupid…Beast Boy, what are you doing here?"

"After Robin told us that Black Rose is Slade's daughter," Beast Boy answered, "I started following her. I knew she wouldn't stop until she found you."

"Do Robin and the others know about this?" Terra inquired.

Beast Boy shook his head. "Black Rose is on her way to Steel City. She figured it out that you're still here. I thought I should tell you."

"That's why you came here for?"

"Someone had to," said Beast Boy. "You may have to leave again. I can take you…"

"No," said Terra, pushing onto her leg and getting to her feet. "I'm sick of running. I know I'll have to face her sooner or later. Might as well do it sooner and get it over with."

"But she's dangerous," Beast Boy said.

"I can handle her," Terra insisted. "Don't worry about me. You ought to get back to Jump City before the others start wondering where you are."

"Yeah, sure," said Beast Boy, feeling disappointed and stupid. He prepared to leave.

"Beast Boy, wait!" she ran to him and took him into her arms. "Thank you for coming to warn me. You're a good friend." Beast Boy nodded and stepped away from her.

"Be careful, Terra," he told her. Beast Boy transformed into a bird and flew off. Terra sighed and walked into the tower with Aqualad.

"You want us to be with you when she comes?" said Aqualad.

"No thanks," said Terra. "I'll go and look for her. She wants to see me so bad than I'll go to her."

"You're not strong enough to take her on your own, Terra."

"I'll be the judge of that," Terra told him. "Good night."


Terra had a strange dream that night. She dreamed about the black haired Terra. Terra was witnessing the black haired Terra about to crush a dog with a boulder. The dog was green ad mournful looking. Just as the giant boulder was about to crush the dog, Terra made the boulder break into many pieces. She recognized the dog as Beast Boy.

"Leave Beast Boy alone," said Terra.

"I was only going to put the pathetic thing out of his misery," said the evil Terra. "You broke his wittle heart." The black haired Terra laughed.

"Shut up," Terra hissed. "Leave him out of this. Quit picking on my friends."

The black-haired Terra walked up to Terra. "You think you can stop me? Go ahead and try!"

The two Terras started to battle, with the evil Terra having the advantage. The evil Terra laughed at how her counterpart was so weak.

"You can't beat me," she said, making the ground crumble beneath Terra. "You're pathetic and alone."

Terra began to fall down to her death and she fell on something large and green.

"No she isn't," said a voice. It was Beast Boy in the form of a pterodactyl

The black haired Terra launched rocks at the pair of them and then was hit with a gush of water.

"Aqualad?" mumbled Terra.

"You don't have to go through this alone, Terra," said Aqualad.

"You are all so annoying!" yelled the evil Terra.


Terra woke from her bizarre dream. It didn't make any sense except for the fact that both Aqualad and Beast Boy were willing to help her. She couldn't imagine why they would go through so much trouble for her. Why couldn't they let her alone? Did they think she really couldn't handle things by herself?

Terra went to the edge of Steel City. After being tipped off from Beast Boy the previous day, she was prepared for Black Rose. The Titans East remained nearby to give her backup if she needed it. Terra saw a rider on a red motorcycle with a black rose. She knew exactly who it was. Terra swallowed and held her ground. She had to remain in control. The rider got within five feet of Tera and got of the motorcycle.

"You certainly gave me a tough time tracking you down, Terra," said Black Rose.

"Well here I am," said Terra. "I've been waiting for you. I know why you are after me, but I had to stop your father. Killing me isn't going to bring him back you know. He's already alive."

"You killing him is only half of why I want to kill you," said Black Rose, taking the staff from her back. "He could have had me, but he chose you. He made you who you are and you killed him. Nice way of showing your gratitude!"

Black Rose charged after her, swinging her staff. The thorns of the staff cut Terra's arms as she tried shielding herself. Terra made the ground break up beneath them and she made a ten foot rise of ground for her to stand on. Black Rose used her staff to pole-vault to Terra and Terra got ready by pelting her with stones.

"He may have had his reasons for choosing me," said Terra. "Why don't you go ask him?"

"I want to deal with you first," said Black Rose. "I've waited a long time for this."

As Black Rose and Terra fought, Black Rose had the advantage. It was the same way when Terra was fighting her evil side in her dream. She was losing. The dark side as just too strong for her. Black Rose had become a more fearsome fighter and even with Aqualad's help, Terra was still losing. Black Rose tripped Terra and got on her, forcing her down with her staff.

"Maybe if you beg for mercy," hissed Black Rose, "I'll let you live."

Terra grimaced, trying to get Black Rose off of her. "This is stupid…you know that…don't' you?" she grunted.

"Can you blame me for wanting to avenge my father?"

"He's not dead!" Terra said. "There's no reason to avenge him."

Something whizzed in the air and hit Black Rose in the back. It was one of Speedy's arrows. The arrow exploded, forcing Black Rose off of Terra and Terra rolled away. She saw the Titans East standing near her.

"What are you guys doing here?" Terra demanded.

"We couldn't let you have all the fun," said Bumblebee.

"And besides," grinned Speedy, "I was hoping to get your friend's number…"

Terra shook her head at Speedy and Aqualad helped her to her feet.

Black Rose grimaced and got up, holding her side. "Back off, titans."

"No, you back off," said Bumblebee. "Terra's one of us and if youw ant to take her, then you have to take us all on."

Black rose eyed the Titans for a while then laughed. "It doesn't matter anymore…I may be Slade's daughter but I'm not Slade. If what you say is true about him being alive, then I'll go and find him."

"Or maybe you can just switch sides," added Speedy.

"Fat chance," Black Rose said, limping to her motorcycle. "I'll let you live for now, Terra. I'll leave your fate in my father's hands."

Once Black Rose was up on her motorcycle, she drove away from the Titans.

"If I ever see her again," said Terra, "it will be too soon."


Black Rose rode around for miles and for days. She didn't find her father anywhere. She came to a lake to think. She removed her white mask and looked at the black rose on the front. Slade was alive, but did she really want to keep looking for him? What would she do once she found him? A man named Wintergreen told her years ago that she had a brother by the name of Jericho. Maybe her brother would give her a happier welcome.

Black Rose tossed the mask into the water, watching the mask sink and she walked over to her motorcycle. It was time to go back on the road again, but this time, she had a different destination in mind.


Terra woke up the day she was planning on leaving the Titans East. Her abilities were strong enough to create an island in the sea. When she woke up, she saw something in her window. Curious, she stepped to it.

"I don't believe it," she whispered. The seed she had planted with Aqualad had begun to sprout. "Aqualad! Aqualad! Come quick!"

Aqualad came to her room in a hurry. "Terra, what's wrong?"

"Look!" Terra said, holding up the plant. "It's growing!"

Aqualad smiled. "I'm glad, Terra. I guess this is the start of a good day for you."

"Yes," said Terra, "I think now I'll try making a garden."

Aqualad nodded. "You may have to have your own garden if you're going to live in the middle of the sea."

"Oh, right," said Terra, placing the cup back in the windowsill. "I was going to go shopping with Bumblebee today."

Terra walked to Bumblebee's room and told her she was ready for shopping. "Already?" Bumblebee questioned. They didn't plan to go shopping until later that day.

"Yes," said Terra, "there's something imparticular I want to get."

"What's that?" asked Bumblebee.

"A new uniform," Terra said, "I've decided I want to stay on the team after all."

Bumblebee grinned. "You mean it?"

Terra nodded. "Yeah."


Terra's new Titan uniform was different to what she wore before. It was a yellow midriff shirt and red pants and black boots. Now she was part of the team again. She told the titans in Jump City about her decision to remain in Steel City and she even told Raven that she didn't need to take the spell off. Terra had learned to adjust to her new power. Raven was surprised, but impressed with her decion. All of the titans seemed happy for Terra, even Beast Boy. However, he was still sorry things did not turn out the way he wanted them too. He went to the top of the tower to think about Terra, Black Rose and everything that had happened. Raven decided to be brave and talk to him.

"Are you all right?" Raven asked. "About Terra?"

"I'm glad she's decided to stay with the titans," moaned Beast Boy, "but I was really expecting her to come back with us."

"I know," said Raven.

"Things are just going to be very different from now on," said Beast Boy. "I'm having a hard time accepting it."

Raven put her hand on his shoulder. "It's all right, Beast Boy."

"Yeah," said Beast Boy. "I know what Terra's going through. I know what it's like to switch teams. I never thought I'd leave the Doom Patrol. They were like family."

"You don't regret becoming a titan?"

"Not at all," said Beast Boy, looking at her. "I just think it's funny, how things turn out that's all." Beast Boy got up and looked at his suit. It was the same suit he wore when he was in te doom patrol. Maybe it was time for him to change it.

"Well, just remember, you're not alone," said Raven.

Beast Boy laughed, which surprised Raven.

"What?" she asked.

"Isn't that what I always tell you?" Beast Boy said, walking to his room. He got out a number of outfits, trying to make a decision on what he wanted. Then he found the perfect thing. He put it on and went to the control room to surprise the teens.

"Hey, dudes, what do you think about my new costume?" Beast Boy asked, wearing a white and purple body suit, baring his green arms.

Starfire giggled and clapped. "Marvelous!"

"Nice suit, BB," said Cyborg.

"Looks great on you," said Raven.

Beast Boy walked up to her, grinning. "Call me Gar."


Terra dug out holes outside the tower and Aqualad filled them with water. Terra shifted the dirt over the holes, patting over them gently. She took a step back to admire her work.

"I think Speedy will be happy once we're growing things organically," she told Aqualad.

Aqualad laughed. "You don't regret anything, do you?"

Terra shrugged. "Life's full of regrets but I know I made one right choice."

"What's that?"

"Deciding to stay a titan," Terra answered and she hugged Aqualad.

Aqualad hugged her back. The team was going to be more complete now that Terra's decided to remain with it.