AUTHOR: fantasylover12001 RATING: M/R to NC-17(one or two parts only)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters, this is just me playing with Kishimoto's world a bit. Okay, a LOT. But it's all in good fun.
SUMMARY: When Sasuke Uchiha returns to his home after several years he learns that he has been betrothed as part of an alliance agreement much to his displeasure. But displeasure turns into surprise when he learns that the one he's been betrothed too is his childhood friend Naruto Uzumaki who is not exactly a child anymore and very against the idea of getting married. Past issues, along with Sasuke's psychotic older brother further complicate matters. Will the two survive the trip to Konoha (and each other) long enough to get married? When they get there, will they even go through it?
PAIRINGS: SasuNaru (with lots of UST ;g;), KakaIru, NejiGaara, LeeSaku, KibaHina, ShikaIno, implied Jiraiya/Tsunade.
WARNINGS: Mention of MPreg in this though it is not going to be detailed or dwelled on that much. If you don't like that then either ignore that part of it and continue with the fic or just don't read it. PLEASE NO FLAMES.
AUTHOR NOTES: My second Naruto fic! I'm so proud of myself...This is going to be quite different from Christmas Lists for Dummies. For one thing it's more plot driven and serious (though there is going to be some humor, I can't seem to write a completely serious fic to save my life) and its AU. Alternate Universe for you new fic people. It's also going to be a lot longer and have a lemon or two (though I won't put that here on just the link so I don't get deleted). Happy reading!


The Land of Fire, Royal Palace Grounds,

Sometimes Tsunade hated being the Queen of Fire Country. It meant she got stuck with all the lousy jobs like planning banquets and dealing with noble families who thought she should dedicate all her time to satisfying their needs. Never mind that there were people in the Land of Fire who needed her help much more. Jiraiya complained that he had to sign papers all day but really, how trying was that? She had to deal with whiny nobles who hated it when things didn't go their way. She also had the unfortunate responsibility of telling Sasuke Uchiha that he was no longer single because he was now engaged to be married.

The blonde haired woman sighed and put on her best game face as Sasuke raised an eyebrow at what she had just said.

"I'm afraid I must have misunderstood you, Your Majesty," he said. "I could have sworn you just said that I'm engaged."

The Queen couldn't stop the shiver that ran through her at the deep voice. She couldn't help it, that voice was enough to make any woman, and quite a few men, swoon. Uchiha was not the pasty, gangly brat he'd been when he'd left the palace in his childhood. He'd always been rather cute but now he was just down right gorgeous. He had grown to a respectable height, somewhere around 6' 7" was her guess, and had jet black hair that hung around his face and intense eyes that were now narrowed at her. Even with the slight frown he was wearing he was handsome enough to make her wish she was about thirty years younger and single. The black Shinobi uniform didn't help matters; she had a thing for men in uniforms.

"You understood me correctly, Uchiha," Tsunade said reluctantly. She already knew by the narrowed eyes that he wasn't going to like this.

"That's not possible," he said bluntly. "I am not or even thinking of courting anyone and my parents never arranged a betrothal for me."

"Actually, they sort of did," she said slowly. Sasuke frowned further but waited for her to continue. "Before your clan...passed away, your father and mother agreed to have their eldest heir fulfill any part of the alliance agreement that needed to be fulfilled by a member of the noble class in Fire. Part of the agreement is a formal marriage between a noble chosen from Wind and a noble chosen from Fire with a heir to be produced within at least the first five years. Now, Wind has already told us who they've chosen for the marriage and normally this duty would fall on the eldest heir but your brother..." she trailed off, not sure how to continue. Itachi Uchiha was a sore subject in the Land of Fire.

Sasuke grimaced. "My brother is no longer here," he finished for her bluntly.

Tsunade nodded. "Yes. As there is no other Uchiha, the duty falls to you."

The man scowled. "Surely there is another noble who can do it. I'm not even straight."

'Ha! I win that bet Jiraiya!' the woman thought in triumph. "Yes, well, I never said that the person Wind chose was a girl."

Sasuke stared at her. "What? They chose a boy? How do they expect an heir to be produced?"

Suddenly looking forward to seeing Sasuke's reaction to the news she said, "An heir will be produced. The boy they chose is a Carrier."

The Shinobi's eyes widened. For good reason too, Carriers were rare individuals in their lands, part of why they got special treatment. She watched as comprehension started to dawn on his face. "There's only one Carrier in Wind right now," he said slowly. "That means the person they chose is...Naruto?"

Tsunade nodded, hiding a smile at the slightly panicked look Sasuke had on his face. 'I take it back, this job is fun sometimes'

"They want me to marry Naruto?" he asked slowly, as if testing to make sure he was right.

"I tried to talk them out of it, Uchiha, but they were quite insistent. They wouldn't pick any other noble from their country either; it's almost as if they're eager to get rid of him," she said with an apologetic shrug.

Sasuke sighed, getting over his surprise, "They probably are. Naruto and the council have never gotten along."

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Really?"

"No. He was constantly playing pranks on them when we were kids. Probably still does, knowing him." He looked back up at Tsunade. "You're sure there's no one else who can do this?"

Tsunade shook her head. "All the other noble families either have children who are too young, already in engagements, married, or they're involved in a relationship. I refuse to break any relationships just for an alliance treaty."

Sasuke scowled. "But you'll force me into a marriage I don't want?"

The woman shrugged. "Yes, well, you're not in a relationship are you? Besides, it's your duty to your family so unless you want to dishonor them I think you better get used to the idea." It was low to use duty and honor against the Uchiha, those were things that had been drilled into each and every clan member from the time they were babies, but a Queen had to do what a Queen had to do. Sasuke sighed and then schooled his face into his usual impassive mask.

"I will honor my family and do my duty," he said stiffly. "I will marry Naruto Uzumaki."



Carrier: A boy who is able to conceive children. They are usually recognized at birth due to strange markings on their bodies that appear. Usually the result of a human and demon mating. Carriers are seen as ways for men who are interested in men to have children which can happen quite often in noble families so they are given noble status when they are found and taken to live in whatever palace is closest. They are given lessons from birth to train them for their roles as a nobleman's spouse. They tend to be treated as pariahs though; they are given special treatment, but they are kind of seen as freaks by most people.
Shinobi: A special type of agent who works for whatever kingdom they come from. They specialize in protecting the royals and the people of the lands. They don't get involved in wars but do try to prevent them from happening, which is why there is the occasional assassination mission. Shinobi have special training using chakra and you have to be invited to learn their techniques. All Shinobi train/live full time at the city of Konaha, a place seen as neutral teritory that is literally in the middle of the five main kingdoms (Fire, Wind, Water, Air, Earth). A uniform and katana is granted to shinobi when they are recognized as a fully trained Shinobi.