AUTHOR: fantasylover12001

PAIRINGS: SasuNaru, KakaIru, and many others.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters, just this tiny AU idea that blew up in my face and morphed into this.

SUMMARY FOR PART III: Sasuke and Naruto head to the realm of the demons to try and stop Madara's plans for the demons. Meanwhile, they deal with the changes in their own relationship along the way.

AUTHOR NOTES: On with part III!


Edge of the four lands, beach,

Naruto stood staring in awed silence as he looked at the view around him. The blond stood on a low cliff that overlooked a long beach. Before him lay a vast ocean. Having never seen the ocean or a beach before in his life, Naruto was fascinated by it. He sniffed the air curiously, noting a new smell.

"The air smells different."

"That's because of the ocean water," Sasuke said, as he walked up the cliff, and stood next to him. "It always smells different from regular water."

"Oh," Naruto said. He sniffed it again. "I kind of like it."

"Good. We're going to be smelling it for at least a month."

Naruto blinked. "It's going to take that long? Really?"

"According to the captain down there, and it's just a rough estimate too. They've never actually sailed to the Demon Realm. Very few have."


Sasuke gave him a look that told him he was being dumb. "Naruto, demons don't like us and we don't like them. Why do you think we don't sail there often?"

It was a stupid question, now that he thought about it. He glanced down at the captain and noted he didn't look very thrilled with the idea of sailing there either. Neji stood across from him with a glare on his face and his arms crossed. The captain wasn't intimidated though. He was a big guy (way bigger then Neji in height and size) with dark eyes, a gray beard, and a thick accent that Naruto didn't recognize.

"Should we be down there?" Naruto asked, noting that Neji looked awfully close to losing his temper. Traveling with Neji in the past few weeks had taught him the signs of Neji getting irritated.

"Gaara will keep him from hitting the guy," Sasuke said carelessly. "Personally, I'm happy to be out of their hair for awhile."

Naruto smiled a little in agreement and rested his head against Sasuke's broad shoulder. This was something he had learned he liked to do in the past few weeks. It was comfortable, Sasuke smelled nice, and it was warm.

He had actually learned quite a lot in the past few weeks of travel. One, Sasuke was a great kisser and private in his affections. He may not be a big hand holder (which was fine, because neither was Naruto) but when they were alone, Sasuke didn't mind if they just lay close after making out. He also managed to get more out about Sasuke's past now that they were closer and learned what the man had been up too while he was gone. It was quite a bit.

Naruto sort of felt like his life was boring in comparison, but then he told stories of his pranks to make up for it. There was never anything dull about his pranks and he always felt better after he remembered the council members faces after said pranks. Even better was when he got Sasuke to smother a smile after telling his tales. Sasuke hadn't cared for the council members either.

Along with Sasuke, he got to know other things about their group of friends too. Which was natural as a bunch of them were with the four of them as back up. Tsunade had decided they should have two teams go with the usual four so she sent Kiba and his team: Shino, Hinata, and a black haired woman named Kurunai. The other team consisted of Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, and Sakura who was sent with them instead of their usual forth member because she needed more field experience apparently.

One thing he learned: never steal Chouji's food (or call him fat, but Naruto had learned that the first day he met him). Other things involved little stuff: Sakura was a terrible cook and therefore should not be allowed near the camp fire. Shikamaru could manage to sleep on his horse if Ino would let him. He and Shino did not get along. It wasn't anything personal, their personalities just clashed so while they did respect each other, they would never be as good as a friend as say he and Kiba were. He also was convinced Kiba cheated at cards but had yet to be able to prove it to anyone else. They just thought he was really bad at cards, which he totally wasn't.

"Hey, love birds!" Naruto jumped out of his reverie and Sasuke glared down the cliff at Kiba who smirked up at them.

"What do you want, Inuzuka?" Sasuke asked with a glare.

"Time to go! I think the captain wants to get rid of us as quickly as possible." He left and Sasuke sighed.

"Here I thought traveling with him was going to be bad. Being cooped up with him on a ship is going to be ten times worse."

Naruto elbowed him. "Be nice. He's your friend."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Your point?"

The blond shook his head. "And you call me childish."


This was actually Sasuke's first time traveling by ship and he could honestly say he detested the mode of travel now. It was nothing against ships personally. It was the fact that space on ships was limited and when you spent a large amount of time in that limited space, you tended to go crazy.

They were using a modest passenger/merchant ship that was mainly used for the royal families. There were actually a lot more rooms then Sasuke would've thought, but the rooms were still small and they still had to bunk up. Naturally he got paired with Naruto which was fine. The two had gotten used to sleeping next to each other and with the new development in their relationship, there was now a healthy amount of kissing before going to bed. That part was probably the only thing he didn't mind about the experience.

The problem with the ship was that he was bored out of his mind. There were only so many katas a person could go through and he couldn't go through all of them because there wasn't room enough for all of them and he wasn't going to make a spectacle of himself in front of the crew thank you. Besides which, the captain had expressly forbidden them from doing any of their "shinobi nonsense" on the deck so it wouldn't distract his men.

That didn't stop Naruto from making himself at home on the ship though. Unlike Sasuke, Naruto took to life at sea. He managed to talk the sailors into teaching him how to do knots, let him climb the riggings, and a thousand other things that made Sasuke nervous (especially the rigging part). At first the sailors merely tolerated his presence, but like everyone else, Naruto managed to charm them and now he was pretty much an honorary member of the crew. Sasuke was not at all jealous about the time the blond was spending with them and not him. Not at all.

"Why are you still awake?" Speaking of the devil. Sasuke glanced over at Naruto who peered up at him tiredly. It was late at night and the two were laying on the built-in bed in their cabin. Naruto had been curled up next to him, drooling on his shoulder. Sasuke looked pointedly at the mess.

"You know, if you're going to use me as a pillow, at least have the decency not to drool on me."

Naruto blushed sheepishly. "Sorry. But seriously, that can't have been all that was keeping you awake."

"The waves aren't exactly helping," he muttered.

Naruto glanced out the tiny porthole in their room. "Really? I find it soothing."

"Yes, I've realized." Honestly, the blond lay in bed and he was asleep in like five minutes. It really was unfair. "Go back to sleep. I'm fine."

Naruto looked at him worriedly. "You sure?"

"Sleep, Naruto."

The frowned at him, but rested his head on Sasuke's shoulder once again. Sasuke listened to his breathing even out and firmly told himself 'one week. Just one more week'


Sadly, it was actually a week and a half (the navigator got confused on the island's location and it cost them a few days, the captain chewed him out loudly for the mistake). Sasuke walked up to the deck and saw all the Shinobi gathered at the ship's rail. He looked where they were looking and realized they had arrived. Sasuke searched for Naruto and found him by the ship's front, looking out at the island seriously.

The Demon Realm was in actuality a large island. It was mountainous, with a long beach surrounding a forest that seemingly covered the land. At the base of the large mountain was a huge old fashioned stone castle as well as tall looking buildings here and there. Early morning mist covered it, making the island look…well, creepy.

The ship docked a little while after he woke up at a cove area on the beach. When they got off the ship, a demon stood waiting for them. They stared at him and he stared right back. The demon had eerie golden like eyes with dark red hair that fell straight down to his waist and blended in perfectly with the large fox ears on top of his head. He was dressed in a white tunic, cinched with a gold belt, dark brown loose pants and gold sandles that showed off the deadly looking claws that were his feet and hands. A sword hung at his side and nine red fox tails constantly twitched behind him.

When he finally did speak, Sasuke noticed that his eyes were trained on Naruto and frowned.

"Hello, I'm Kyuubi. Welcome to the Demon Realm."


AUTHOR NOTES: I know this is dreadfully short. But there are more updates coming this week and next (I am still trying to get this done by the end of January) so bear with me. I am sorry about the huge delay, real life holidays got the better of my plans. I'm still recovering….Anyway, thank you to all who reviewed the last part.