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Summary: Raven spends a lot of time in her room. She comes out and reads on the couch but is in her room most of the time. BB starts to wonder what she does in her room all the time. What will he find? Why does Raven spend all that time in her room?


Raven x Beast Boy

Starfire x Robin

Cyborg x ? (review on Jinx or Bumblebee)

Chapter 1 The Book of Poems

Beast Boy walked into the main room. He smiled when he saw Raven on the couch, reading. He went over and sat beside her. "Hey, Rae. Whatcha reading?"

Raven stared at him, obviously annoyed as she raised a brow, "Why do you care what I'm reading?"

"Cause I might wanna read it later on," he grinned. "If it's good enough that you'll read it, it can't be too bad."

"You can read?"

"Hey! I did go to school for eleven years!"

Rae turned back to her book. "What grade where you in? First?"

"No, I was in high school." He replied proudly.

"Must not have been a very good school." She ended the conversation there and started to read again.


"We're eating meat!"

"Dude, don't start man!"

"Come on BB, you know you want it," Cy teased.

Raven closed her book and stared at the wall annoyed.

"I'm a vegetarian, Cy! I don't eat meat!"

Cyborg knocked the pan of tofu into the trashcan. "Oops, my bad," he said iniciently.


"Guess you'll have to eat meat then."


The goth stomped out the door seething.

"Whoa, she was like on fire." The changeling stared.

Cyborg grinned. "You could've just said she was hot but I guess that works too."

"WHAT! I do not like Raven that way man," he blushed a cherry greenish red.

"Denial," Cy narrowed his eyes at his best friend suspiciously.

"Whatever man, I'll be in my room."

In the Hallway

That was close. I can so not let Cy know how I feel about Raven. He'd totally make fun of me. The green teen walked down the hallway and stopped in front of Raven's room. Why does she spend so much time in there? What can she possibly be doing that's better than being with her friends? He knocked on her door. "Raven?" No one answered so he risked opening the door. "Are you in there?" He looked around but didn't see her. He walked in. What are you doing man! Remember what happened the last time you went in her room! Ignoring his common sense he stepped further into the room and noticed a book on the bed. "At least I can find out what she was reading." He picked up the book and opened it to the first page. "Raven writes poetry?" He skimmed through what she wrote and read a random poem.

Dedicated to Garfield Logan

I Would Never

His smiles seem to bend

And never end

Like a knight in shinning armor

He always stands up for his friends

His trust is something I treasure

And betray him, never!

His jokes always cause me pleasure

To not show it I endeavor

His green eyes are like emeralds

Like jewels that always shine

With everything he feels

Really deep inside

The way he always tries to make me smile

Tells me that he cares

And I would run a billion miles

Before I would let his heart be broken a second time


"She likes my jokes," he grinned happily. I knew it!

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