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"Aye amor, me duele tanto…" Detective Munch sung, but he ends up humming the rest because he couldn't remember all the words. Fin's head shot up and gave his partner an awkward look. "You can't be serious."

"What's it to you? Can't a poor old-fashioned man sing some songs the young people are listening to nowadays?" Munch said enthusiastically, "Besides, that Shakira song is stuck in my head." He resumed his humming as he flipped through some case files, and Fin just shook his head.

"There are 2 things wrong with this picture," Fin started, "First thing is, you don't speak Spanish. Second thing is, I do not want to picture a 60-year-old dancing the way Shakira dances."

"Oh yeah? Watch me!" Munch stood up.

"Are you on crack!" Fin blared, but he can do nothing to stop him.

"Ay. Ay. Ayayaye." Munch sung as he thrusted his chest upward. He was not even close to how the Spanish singer dances—he looks as if he is having a seizure. Fin watched in amazement and embarrassment. He is one crazy son of a bitch, he said under his breath.

"What did you say?" Munch asked as he continued dancing across the squad room, drawing attention from the others there.

"I said, 'Watch where your ass is heading!'"

Before John could stop, his rear end accidentally lunged itself at an unsuspecting Casey and they both came tumbling down. Elliot and Olivia, who came in right when it just happened, burst into laughter at the sight of the tangled limbs. Fin almost cried in amusement from the result of Munch's foolishness. Both Casey and Munch, whose faces were turning scarlet red, regained their balance but were met with the puzzled look of Captain Cragen. "What the hell is going on?" Everyone grew silent.

"Munch knocked me down," Casey answered, eyes piercing into John's.

"With his ass, Captain," Elliot smiled, about to succumb to another bout of laughter.

"While trying to dance like Shakira," Fin exclaimed, emphasizing on the words "dance" and "Shakira".

Cragen glared at Fin and slowly turned his attention to Munch, who threw his arms up in retreat. "Do you feel young now, John?"

The detective grinned. "Younger than ever."

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