This is my first fanfic set late S4 where Syd and Vaughn go on a mission but really this is just a load of fluff. Lol.

Chapter 1

Ice sprayed everywhere as Sydney swerved to face Vaughn behind her. He just managed to stop in time at her unexpected turn.

"Whoa! Are you trying to get run over?"

Syd just gave him a classic smile and closed the gap between them with a kiss.

"Does that answer your question?"

"You know I love you, but right now I'm gonna beat you at hockey."

And with that he skated away, stick in hand and hit the puck into the net.


"I guess some things never change." He said with a smile and passed the puck to Sydney.

"Come on, show me what you got." as he started the traditional commentary:

"Bristow makes a return to the ice and the question everyone's asking is: Does she still have the skill? She's heading towards the goal, she hits the puck, it's passed the goal line and yes it's in the net! Bristow wins the game!"

Sydney laughed as she met him by the goal.

"At least you didn't fall over this time." he said.

She gave him a playful punch on the arm. "Hey, that was one time, I was…out of practise!"

"You can keep on making excuses Syd but…" He was interrupted by the ring of their phones "…but that's always going to happen." Vaughn finished as he handed Syd her cell.

An hour later Vaughn and Sydney were sitting next to each other in briefing. Sloane stood in front of them behind the central table, waiting to begin.

"Some new data has been recovered concerning Rambaldi."

"What! I thought we have every Rambaldi artefact!" Sydney exclaimed.

"We do, but page 74 of the manuscript has just been decoded."

He continued but Vaughn interrupted.

"Wait a minute, it's only just been decoded? I thought we cracked every page three years ago!"

"We thought we did, but it's actually encoded using a skip-sequence Caesar shift cipher which took us a while to realise but Marshall here," He indicated to the side of him where Marshall was sitting "has managed to find the correct code"

"What does it say?" Sydney asked, wondering if she really did want to know the answer given what Rambaldi had written before.

Vaughn felt her tense up beside him and gently held her hand trying to calm her. Sydney gave him a small smile for his efforts and then turned her attention towards Marshall who was now standing with a look of worry on his face.

"Things are still a little hazy," he began "but from what we've gathered so far, Rambaldi talks about 'The Icelandic Ghost'. He says that her DNA is buried in Iceland and that she has the power to destroy…'The Chosen One'"

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