Something Special On Valentines Day!

Yes Kagome and Inuyasha had their little I mean HUGE afternoon fight and as usual Kagome went home. But today was different, for today was Valentines day! Kagome had explained to the others ( yes Inuyasha too.) what valentines day is about.

At The Well.

"Kagome don't go... plez don't."

"Don't worry Sango I'll be back tommorrow."

"But Inuyasha didn't..."

"I know..."


"Well you see I'm doing something special for him ok?"


"Yes,... and Sango?"

"Yes Kagome?"

"Well in an hour or so tell Inuyasha that I told you before I left to come see me?"


"Thanx Sango,... your the best!"

"Your welcome."

"K bye!"


1 Hour later.




"Kagome told me to tell in an hour which has passed, to go and see her."

"What? Why?" Inuyasha asked surprised.

"I dunno."


"I dunno!"


"Inuyasha will you just go? You're irritating the shit of me!"


"Oh and she said to go through the door... don't go to her room k?"


Kagome's House.

You can hear Kagome running down the stairs. "Inuyasha... I see you decided to come." He heard Kagome say before he was even able to see her.

"How'd ya know it was me? It could of been somebody else."

"Nope everybody in the house is outta town for 3 months... ahhhhhhhhhhh house to myslf... so peaceful and quiet..."

"You ain't staying here for very l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-long?"

"Something wrong? Is it my dress?"

"Why's it so so so short?"

"Style is all."

gulp. Inuyasha was resisting the urge to kiss her right there. Oh and if your wondering Kagome's wearing a really, really, really short strapless dress and platforms,... and one of those scarf thingies. And it's RED! Inuyasha's fav colour!

"So why'd you want me here?"

"To talk."


"Well I've known you for like 2 years (Yes this has to do when Kagome is 17! 18 in March.) now and... I really don't know you..."

"How do you not know me?"

"Well... I don't know you... like I do ... just not very well ... like I know Sango's past and her secerets same with Miroku! We've each gotten' closer all of us... that is... besides you... . Why won't you talk about it? It will make you feel better about your past and yourself."

"Well you haven't been through with what I have..."


"Save it."

"But Inuyasha it will help... and ..."


"Inuyasha will you plez just listen?"


"Inuyasha talking helps... and so does crying... I won't laugh if you cry... I've already seen you cry... remember when you thought I died in that fire?"

"Yea." Inuyasha said with disappointment in his voice. (Like it sount like when you were just proven' wrong about something.)

"See... . Plez Inuyasha speak to me... . And if you don't want the others to know... I won't tell them."

"Even Sango?"




"Look I had to raise myself since I was 7! My father died when I was 3! And my mother died when I was 7! And when she died Sesshoumaru turned on me! We used to close brothers until my mother died. And one time he stripped me of my clothes.. beat me up and through me in a rat pit! There were dead ones floating in the water that was there... and the live ones were biting me... it took me 3 days to get out of that pit. I had all sorts of diseases. Then a family friend saw me... took me in... I took off at the age of 12 of search of the Shikon To Tama.Then at the age of 14 I found the jewel... and Kikyo... she was the only human who ever cared for me!

Then two years past... and that's when Kikyo and I had that talk... about becoming human... then Naraku. Ok?"


"Yea." Inuyasha said with a very upset voice.

"I'm sorry." Kagome said as she hugged him from behind.

"Sorry? For what? It's not your fault." He said said in a very down voice.

"I know... but I stil feel sorry for you.."




"There is one thing that I realized."


"Your only 18!"


"You were 16 when you were pinned to the tree... so for those 50 years you were dead don't count for living years... 2 years ago you were 16... and now 18."

"19 March 3rd."



"Why haven't you ever told us when your birthday was?"

"I dunno. And was there another reason why you wanted me here?"

"For dinner."


"To tell you something important."


"That I love you."

"Y-you love me?"

"Yea. Do you love me back?" With those words Inuyasha turned around to look at Kagome.

"Of course I do! I love you with all my heart. Kagome I desire you... my heart desires you. Me and my heart need you in our life!"

blush blush "Really?" blush blush.

"Yes. So how about we skip dinner for this?"

"For wh... mmmmmmmmmmmmm." Kagome didn't finish her sentence because Inuyasha kissed her. One of Inuyasha's arms was around her waist and the one on the back of her head to deepen' the kiss. Once Inuyasha's lips met her's she instintly closed her eyes and flung her arms around his neck. It was passion from the heart that made this kiss count, it was aggressive too. They never wanted to part, never wanted to be apart EVER! And they hoped it would be that way... but first Kikyo must rest in peace. And they stayed like that for 4 minutes.



"That was awsome. You're such a great kisser!"

"So are you."

blush blush "But Inuyasha I'm hungry."

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr "Ok. But I'm sitting next to you and... after we eat..." Inuyasha didn't need to continue cause the look in his eyes and look on his face told it all.

blush blush "Inuyasha we can't do that unless I'm married. Sorry."



"But we still can... just get married after!"

"Well,... ok." Inuyasha just smirked.

After Dinner.

"So lets go to your room to have some fun! Shall we?"

"Why yes Master Inuyasha!" giggle giggle.

"Why'd you call me that?"

"You are the lord of the western clans are you not?"

"You can be soooooooooo silly at times Kagome."

In Kagome's room.

"Kagome... your clothes... off NOW!"

"Why don't you undress me?"

"Fine I will!"

After 20 minutes of fooling around they're both finally undressed.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Inuyasha that feels sooooooooooo good!"

"And you taste sooooooooooo good!"

blush blush "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Inuyasha don't stop!"

"But it's mating time now!"


Inuyasha put his penis at Kagome entrance and enetered slowly, trying not to hurt her. Once he was in her comepletely he began moving in and out of her slowly. Then when she told him he can go faster so he did, then faster and faster and Kagome was beginnig to cry.

"Kagome are you ok?"

"Yes except for the fact that it's my first time so it hurts."

"You wanna stop?"


"Ok your the boss." So Kagome was in a little a pain but still, she was enjoying it a little. Inuyasha on the other hand... was loving it he loved the tight feeling on his penis. Yup he enjoyed it! Like any other man would. Then finally Kagome sighed of relief that the pain had stopped so now she was also able to enjoy it as much as Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha... push mmmmmmmmmmmm harder..."

"Ya sure?" Inuyasha said while smirking.

"Mmmmhhhhhhmmmmmmm and faster."

"Ok... one speedy sex coming right up!"

"You are such a k-k-kidder... . Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Inuyasha harder!"

"Ok." So Inuyasha pushed harder. And when he did she moaned and he pushed and she moaned.

"Inuyasha... harder." She said as she wrapped her legs around his waist and made him push harder. And when she said and did all that he growled at her. Playfully growled.

Then he leaned down and kissed her... they were having a battle with their tongues. "Inu-Inuyasha?"

"Yes Kagome?"

"Wh-what about Kikyo? Mmmmmmmm harder!"

"Don't worry Kagome? Kikyo is nothing... cause you're everything to me." He said to Kagome meaning every word he said. "This hard enough?" He asked playfully.

"Mmmmmmmm harder! And do you mean that?"

"Yes... here hard enough?" He said as he went down to her breasts and began nipping at them. Then sucking... then biting.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm yea that's hard enough... mmmmmmmmm faster."

"Ok boss another speedy sex coming up!"

moan moan. "Inuyasha... are you sure this is your first time? Because your excellent at this."

"My first time... I swear!"

"Mmmmmmm this feels sooooooooo good." moan. And with their conversation all over and done with they continued with their alone time. And just when Kagome was going to reach her climax... Inuyasha began to kiss her softly. (He got her into orgasm, and he also felt orgasm too k?)

With the others.

"I wonder what's taking them so long? Sango? What did Kagome say exactly?"

"She said she was planning a surprise for Inuyasha."

"She did?"

"Yea. Why?"

"You think she'll tell him her feelings?"

"I honestly don't know Miroku."

"Well if she does... lets hope it works out."


"So Sango what were you and Miroku talking about?" Shippo asked.

"Kagome and Inuyasha and whats taking them so long."

"Yea I wonder whats taking so long."

"Maybe she told him her feelings and it worked out. And now they're making out?"

"Possible... since Kagome is 17."

"Soooooooooooooooooooooo whats there to do?" Shippo asked.

"No idea." Sango and Miroku said in unison.

Back With Inuyasha and Kagome.

They finshed their little fiasco back there and are completely tired out. "Kagome? Did you enjoy that?"



"Me sleep now!"

"Ok. I'm also tired."



THE END! and if you guys want me to continue since this s'pose to be one shot. I can turn it into a chapie story... only if you reveiw and say so.