Something Special On Valentines Day!

Ch.2 Naraku's Evil Sceme

All was well between the two happy couples that morning. But Shippo and Kaede thought this was weird. Miroku wasn't groping, so no sango yelling pervert and slapping Miroku - which was strange he always did at breakfast. And Kagome and Inuyasha weren't fighting so no floor boards were being broken by Kagome yelling sit, and having Inuyasha crash into the floor.

"What's going on? It's too quiet..." Shippo said to Kaede.

"I do not know child." Kaede said. "What is the matter? No yelling nor screaming today at breakfast?" Kaede asked the couples.

"Oh right you guys don't know the news eh?" Kagome said smiling.

"What news?" Shippo and Kaede said together.

"Well for starters, Miroku and I are together..." Sango said.

"And so are Inuyasha and I." Kagome said hugging Inuyasha making him blush.

"And Sango agreed to bare my child, and she is pregnant with him or her." Miroku said smirking.

"And Kagome is pregnant with my pups." Inuyasha said.

Shippo was shocked, since Kagome was sort of his mother now, that's means... "Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" Shippo said. They all looked at him funny.

"What's wrong shippo?" Kagome asked going over to him and hugging him.

"Kagome, since you kind of adopted me..." Kagome nodded. "Then taht means.."

"I'm the brats adopted father?" Inuyasha asked.

"I guess so Inuyasha." Kagome said. "Is there a problem...?" Kagome asked glaring at him.

"No..." Inuyasha said hesitently (I didn't spell that right did I?).

"Good." Kagome said smiling. While shippo was screaming no why me? Why me?

"What's wrong with Inuyasha being your father Shippo?" Miroku asked.

"He's mean to me!" Shippo said then pouted.

"Well don't worry Shippo Inuyasha won't be mean anymore, or else." Kagome said the last part in a more evil voice looking at Inuyasha. "Right Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha was scared out of his wits. "Of course."

Kagome smiled. "Good now on with breakfast!" She said too cheery whiched freaked everyone out but, they all ate their breakfast peacefully!

With Naraku

"Naraku... why aren't you going to go after Kagome and Sango? That's Inuyasha's and Miroku's weakness'?" Hakudoshi stated.

"Oh I know that. But why only go after two people's weakness' when it can be four?" Naraku said smirking.

"How will it be four?" Hakudoshi asked curious.

"Once Kagome and Sango give birth, those children will be Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha and Kagome's weakness'!" Naraku smirked.

"Ahhhh I get it... Smart Naraku." Hakudoshi said while smirking. But for once they didn't know that pnce of their own, was listenning to their conversation and thinking of a way to make it back fire on them...

With Inuyasha and Co.

Inuyasha and Kagome went for a so-called 'walk' by themsleves to the Sacred tree. While Sango and Miroku were just walking around the village thinking of what to do about Naraku and the search for the sacred jewel shards. Shippo was off playign with the village children and Kaede was gathering some herbs.

Inuyasha had grabbed Kagome around the waist and jumped into the Sacred tree with her by his side. Once on the branch Inuyasha began kissing her. Kagome had no problem with that but she had to talk to him first. She kind of pushed him away from her, and Inuyasha looked at her weird. "Inuyasha, we need to talk about a few things." Kagoem stated.

"Ok sure... What's wrong Kagome?" Inuyasha asked with worry.

"What are you going to do about Kikyo?" Kagome asked looking at him.

"Well what can I do? All that I can think of is to put her to rest. Get her ashes and burry them for Kaede, which will also mean all the souls that she has stolen will be able to crossover, and the part of your soul that she has will be returned to you, and you'll be stronger too." Inuyasha said.

Kagome looked into her lap. "Yeah, but Inuyasha won't it be hard for you to kill her?"

"Well yeah, I love her, but Kagome... I love you more, and that's the onyl way to make you stop worrying about her messing us up. And she's also already dead, and she can't live on these lands for too long. Someone was going to put her to rest sooner later..."

"I bet you prefer later don't you?"

"No, becaus ethe longer she's alive the longer it hurts you Kagome..." Inuyasha said looking at her softly.

"Awwwww, you're so sweet Inuyasha!" She said hugging him then kissing him. He blushed.

"Any more questions?"


"That's kind of a hard one. We'll just have to stay in the village here, and if he attacks, well Miroku and I will fight him off, you and Sango must stay away, and out of sight." Inuyasha said lookign at her softly. "Don't want either one of you two to get hurt."

"I was thinking why don't we all stay in my time until so..." Kagome said. "Besides in my time, it's alot better to give birth to a child." Kagoem said.

"How so?"

"Well in my time we have the technology to make sure the baby doesn't die while the mother is giving birth. And they have drugs that make it not hurt the woman so much..." Kagome said looking at him hoping he'll agree.

"but Sango and Miroku are not able to go down the well, and we can't just leave them here, I have to help Miroku fight Naraku!" Inuyasha said.

"Well we never tried getting to go to my time. Let's just try first and if we can't then we'll stay here... Please Inuyasha."

"Fine, let's go tell Sango and Miroku." Inuyasha said...