First, there was the Legolas Mary-Sue. Then there were the Aragorn, Frodo, Haldir, Faramir, Pippin, Boromir, Eomer, and even Elrond Mary-Sues. But there is one who never fell to the power of the ultimate evil. Now, something that has never happened before, something that could twist everything that anyone ever believed in, is about to happen. Gimli is about tobe Mary-Sued.

A Mary-Sue of another Kind

Gimli was exausted. He didn't know how Legolas could take it. He had just fought off another one of those awful Mary-Sue creatures that had tried to attack the poor elf. It all started in Rivendell when a girl had snuck into the council and joined them in the fellowship. Then another girl appeared on the journey and the two killed each other over Legolas. Literally. After that, the girls began to multiply, and soon they were all on their guard to protect Legolas from the foul creatures. One had even tried to seduce him in his tent one night before his elven reflexes kicked in and he sliced her in two. He was shocked at killing a lady, but after a while it was his only way to rid himself of them. Stupid Sues with their color changing eyes, anorexic body, and tragic past...

"It's alright now, laddie. You can come out," Gimli called. Legolas snuck out from the tree he was hiding in and quickly scanned the area. Seeing that it was now safe, he walked foward to the dwarf.

"That one was bad, especially since I left my weapons in my room," he whispered.

"Yeah. I've only seen one other Sue fly before, and that was to catch Aragorn before he fell off that cliff in Rohan."

The dwarf finally led the shaking elf back to Thranduil's palace to get some sleep. His father was waiting for him outside of the gates with the healers ready. The Sues never failed to come while his son was wandering in the forest.

After Legolas was safely inside, Gimli decided that he would take a walk through the now peaceful Mirkwood. So he began to journey through the forest, unaware to the danger that lie in wait for him.

"Gimli's been gone for a long time," Legolas thought as he peered out the window, "Maybe I should go look for..."

His thoughts were interuppted when Gimli burst through the doors and locked them, panting heavily.

"What's wrong? You haven't breathed this heavily since our journey to Rohan!" the elf laughed.

"She's after me!" he cried, "Must escape!"

"Who?" But before the dwarf could answer, something began to bang at the door. Gimli let out a high-pitched scream and hid under the bed. Legolas stepped foward and looked through the keyhole.

"It's another Sue! Hide!" he screamed. But the girl broke down the door before he could escape. Legolas reached for his knives, but the Sue wasn't after him. She immedietly tipped the bed over and found Gimli hiding beneath it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE YOU GIMLI-POO!" she squealed while crushing the dwarf in her arms.

"Save me laddie!" he cried. But before the elf could shoot, the Sue turned around and hissed at him! Legolas dropped the bow onto the ground.

"I won't let the mean elf hurt my Gimmy! No I won't!" the girl cooed.

"Will you at least get off of me? I can't breathe!"

The girl dropped him. Hard. He stood back up and rubbed his sore backside.

"Soooo... what do we do now?" Legolas asked.

"STARE AT GIMMY!" the girl shouted.

"What is your name, by the way?" Gimli asked.

"Sidda Zirak! My family abandoned me when I was a baby and a man found me on the streets. Now I am abused severly by my foster parents."

The two males looked at each other for a brief moment.

"She's a Sue alright," they said unanimously.

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