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(Published in the Daily Prophet, 2002)

To All Concerned,

I cannot stand the way you look at me, as if I am some sort of God. I meet your eyes and you stare in fascination, and the looks on the childrens' faces, you see the same on when they're staring at the animals in a zoo – except my cage was a prophecy, the bars made out of of words. Now they are gone, you still expect me to allow you to chain me with duties that should not be mine to take. I will not take them.

This is not my life. I am not made to bear your burdens for you, nor absolve you of your guilt. I am not here to face the agony of sin, I am not here as some figure of worship. I am not here to rule for you – was that not why you refused Voldemort, so you would not have an iconic figure ruling over you? Why then, do you come asking for me to lead you? That is just another dictatorship, another Cult of Personality. And I do not want it.

I am not infallible. I have killed the wrong people, I have watched my friends fall before me. I have made the wrong decisions, and have seen people die for it. I wake up in the nights, and I see the scenes paint themselves before my eyes, in lurid, bloody details. I am not your Savior, and I am not your Christ. I have saved you from Voldemort, but I cannot save you from yourselves, and I will not try to.

So it's up to you now. It's your choices that will lead this world astray, not mine. Do not come searching for me when another Dark Lord rises. Do not send owls for 'Harry Potter', or 'The Boy-Who-Lived', or 'The Youngest Auror', or 'The Man-Who-Fought-Voldemort'. Do not scour the wizarding world for traces of my being.

I will not be there.

Because now, right now, I'm becoming someone else. And now, right now, it's time I got a chance to live for myself. Your problems can rest on your own backs. I have done my duty. This is my goodbye.

You will not see me again.

- Harry Potter.